LinuxGameCast Weekly EP191 – Blow On It

We have a Vive! Saints Row: The Third comes to Linux, Shovel Knight sells a million copies, and Intel brings the Vulkan! Then Epistory faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail!


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Hate Mail

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Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Anne Frank Simulator (Empty Segment )

  • We all know there is no support but WTF actually works OOTB?
    • The Nvdia binary drivers recognize it as an HDMI display
    • Video displays, audio works
    • SteamVR doesn’t start, and even if it did it’s missing the HTC Vive bits… for now
      • Apparently this is the weak link on Windows, so no suprise it’s non-existant on Linux
  • How long are the cables?
    • The headset umbilical is 25′ feet – plenty
    • The lighthouse power cables are long, 10′ maybe
    • The converter box comes with a short usb and hdmi, and a way to short power cord
  • Describe the desktop experience
    • Turn on the power, boom second 2160×1200 desktop of lensed out weirdness
    • Mouse crosses the view twice… weird!
  • Did it make a grilled cheese sammich, and if so, were you able to obtain the recipe?
    • Welp, that’s as big a fuck you as VALVe could ever give me.
    • Or HTC, either or.

15 games

  • I’m just throwing this in here for Empty.
  • There are games that support VR and also support Linux, but they don’t do both at the same time


  • I like the irony of having big bold “Download Now” buttons sided by the Steam logo on both sides of the article that asks whether or not they’re too powerful.
  • We’ve mentioned before that steam’s lack of competition is doing nobody any good.   But we haven’t really seen any serious contenders out there
    • Gog doesn’t have incremental patching or a cross platform galaxy client
      • Or a sizable Linux catalogue to rival the likes of Steam.
    • Itch is primarily focused being a storefront for indie games
    • Desura…well, we’re probably gonna get some hatemail just for mentioning it in the same breath
    • Origin and Uplay?   Yeah good luck with that
  • “it’s made getting access to games for press use all the easier”
    • True dat
  • This all stems from VALVE treating Steam like it’s still some small little app only a few people use.
  • That’s my polite way of saying they care FK and ALL about customer service.
  • Like youTube, they can get away with whatevs because you don’t really have a viable alternative.
    • Yeah.  The bandwidth costs alone would be nightmarish.


  • The uninstall button works great.
  • They haven’t even released ARK proper yet and they have a new game in early access ou t
    • They’re doing the exact same thing H1Z1 and that other game, The Culling, are doing.
    • Release the battle arena mode first, so if the full game turns out to be a bust, they’ll have a reasonably mass appealing game to fall back on.
    • Two for the price of one.
  • Rocking a full 12 FERPS in the game menu.
  • 1 FERP while joining a server.
  • My experience wasn’t that bad.
  • I was able to play long enough with FerPS in the high 50’s for a solid 2 minutes before dying.


  • The benchmark is about the same but one thing I did notice.
  • Previously the bench started out in the 70’s but now it starts out in the high 80’s.
  • It’s better now.
  • The performance impact with the overlay is of ~2FerPS less than without, since the last Steam beta update.
  • That’s right in the realm of negligible, considering we’re talking high 80’s on average.

Saint EoN

  • *throws chair*
  • I had just the slightest bit of hope it would be the native.
    • Remember when they promised the native versions of 4 and Gat outta Hell and never delivered?   Colour me not surprised
  • I bought all of these games when I was still running windows.  Now I can sorta play them?  Yay?
  • Remember when Deep silver got a bunch of THQ IPs and we thought we would be getting metro level ports.    Le sigh
  • I have it from a Humble Bundle awhile back, performance goes from 130FerPS inside to 30 outside.
    • “”””Ported”””” by the lowest bidder.
  • I had to restart the game twice in the 58 minutes I played because the entire game engine would lock up, except for my character.
    • Judging by Strider’s comments, this also happened with SR4.
    • Which means is just another reason why eON is complete and utter shit.
  • Thanks Linux community. Because of certain care-bears among you, we now have to put up with shit like this on games we might’ve actually enjoyed.

Alpha 14.5

  • Apparently there are some rendering errors in the mac and linux version that need fixing
  • Also, remember to clear out those files your C:\ drive guys.   It’s super important
  • Changed: Vault hatch close sound has more ca-chunk.
    • Our long national nightmare is over!
  • How are they going to release an Early Access game on console?NOT what I was thinking
    • Every few weeks you have to go out and get a new disk

NOT what I was thinking

  • Listen, you best keep your hands off my wiz-stick
  • This looks like it could be a fun party game, but there’s no online vs.  BOO.
  • Original soundtrack full of magic and wub.
    • Venn Stone reportedly vibrating with excitement
  • It looks like a polished student game from a group waiting to take ‘online multiplayer 101’
  • It’s Lethal League with wizards.

Well, it works now

  • Missed this last week but I finally had a chance to test it.
  • First time since the launch in 2012 I was able to play the FKR without issue.
  • The shocker was finding out it has an active online player base.
  • Most of them are pissed at the lack of content and/or any kind of progression in the game.
    • Get what you pay for.
  • Also, apparently the matchmaking is fucked.
  • TIL this game still exists.   Okay then


Yolo swag 4.20

  • RadeonSI users rejoice! You now have OGL 4.2 support and are one extension away from 4.3 support!
    • Still, if you build this yourself, you can pretty much run any game on steam on your radeon card.   While not using a 2.4.12 kernel!
  • Now they just gotta worry about that performance tuning


  • Intel’s Vulkan driver has been merged into mainline Mesa.
  • It should only take AMD about 3 years to get it working on the open sauce drivers.
    • It’ll be open source eventually.   EVENTUALLY GUYS.
  • Mesamatrix should start tracking vulkan versions as well

Since we’re not getting another DOOM

  • We need someone to Pepsi challenge this one.
  • Will have to see if it works with Dhewm3.
  • Gotta love the “Attention AMD users” bulletin

Serious Lupus

  • It’s never lupus
  • This is in part thanks to our own Mike Teehan
    • And our resident Frenchy Mc French pants.
      • That’s Frenchy Mc French pantalon to you
        • It's omlette au fromage you swine!
  • Welp, it forces the UHD display to 640×480 and hard-nopes when I attempt to change it.
  • I even set the resolution in the Lutris settings and locked it to the display but it noped again.

Can you dig it?

  • Remember, PC gaming is dead.
  • Kinda shocked they sold the game retail.
    • It was a tie in.   Very popular game on the Nintendo shop, as well as they had a collectible amiibo bundled with it.  That’ll get the nerds to shovel out cash.
  • What is interesting is their plan for long term support.   It’s a good idea to keep pumping out content for the game, because it’ll attract new people to buy it long after the release and will allow for a fresh media blitz
  • So much for the Indiepocalypse…


  • Indiegogo, when you wanna crowdfund but don’t have a prototype.
  • Flexible goal plus bad 3D renders =’s hella nope.

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Epistory – Typing Chronicles
Devel: Fishing Cactus
Engine: Unity
Price: 14.99 / CDN 16.99

Wazzat: Epistory immerses you in an atmospheric action/adventure game where you play a girl riding a giant fox who fights an insectile corruption from an origami world. As you progress and explore this world, the story literally unfolds and the mysteries of the magic power of the words are revealed.

Mandatory US Filth Disclosure: They sent us keys

Makes with the working


  • Unity screen of nope.
  • So you know the in-game options menu will consists of volume sliders.
  • WHAR vsync option?
    • Alright, turns out there’s no VSYNC.
    • It can hit 70+ if you set the graphics to fugly.
  • It really struggles to maintain 60 at 1080.
  • Lacks English English


  • Seriously guys?  I thought we were done with this
  • Struggles to maintain 60 at 1080.   Some stuttering issues


  • It got to a certain point where I couldn’t type the blue words.
  • Also, whenever I hit the sprint button the fox would start so fast it was impossible to control, even though I hadn’t even spent a single point on the speed increase tree.
  • Tried setting LC_ALL=C, since this is a Unity game after all, and it reset my progress.
    • And it didn’t fix the typing issues.
  • And I’m not the only one:
  • Review time is here and they still haven’t fixed it


Shiny / Sounds


  • The overworld is FK mothering gorgeous.
  • Bright colour pallette
  • Not much in the way of voicework but the main lass does a proper job.
  • It’s got a nasty case of the jaggies.


  • I dig the origami style
  • When the unfoldy animations show up, so does the jaggies
  • It certainly sounds like a lady reading a story.  Boy does she read it


  • Whar anti-aliasing?
  • Why can’t I disable depth of field?




  • Does NOT work with my Nintendo Power Pad!
  • Is there a way to control the camera?
  • At least you can use WASD


  • Seriously, how am I supposed to play this game with the steam controller
  • It’s nice that they give you a couple options on how to move
  • The recommended navigation controls would give VI nightmares
  • The sprint button is a suggestion key


  • If I had to pick at nits on the controls is that, even though the mouse doesn’t get any use outside of menu navigation, they couldn’t figure out how to hide the cursor in-game proper.




  • It’s a game for kids O or adults that genuinely hate themselves.
  • Never thought I would rage-quit a typing game but here we are.
  • The baddy swarm at the end of the first dungeon got serious.
  • The problem with being a touch-typer is having to glance at the keyboard to calibrate my finger organs.
    • This is not because lazy but because only having 8/10% feeling in my left hand.
  • Eh, it caused me to squint and say “oh, let’s dance, FKR”


  • I haven’t had this much stress typing since my DCN 386 Final.  And that was Fifteen page essay
  • See, my problem is that I have to read what’s on screen.   That can be a wee problematic when there are dozens of things are piling at you and you’re focusing on processing the word you’re supposed to be typing
  • My fingers keep defaulting to WASD, which also adds some delay
  • At one point I literally had to type “owowowowowowowow” to unlock a chest
  • And it bugged out on me, because it’ll let me type one part of a puzzle, but not the other
    • That’s cuz it’s b0rked yo.
    • You literally can’t progress past that point because the game is broken.


  • This game will teach you the meaning of hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia.
  • Or, should I say, it would if you could progress past chapter two.
  • What this game does do, is bring out the vituperator in me.
  • Pair that with my inherent coprolalia and you’ll probably thank whatever deity you worship I’m cutting the fun segment a bit shorter than usual.
  • Just like the developers did with this game.



Hate Mail:


  • (selxy is being uncooperative for me)
  • I’m sure there’s a hi res voxel mod for minekampftest.  Nerds eat that shit up


  • The latest update for the game, which introduced the Thieves Guild, also removed the dx9, dx10 and OpenGL renderers.
  • Until WINE gets proper DX11 support, the game is unplayable on Linux.
  • And from the looks of this thread:
  • It looks like they nuked the OpenGL renderer on Windows on purpose, so that Linux users could no longer play it.
    • A MOD said OpenGL was only used as a workaround and they nixed it because it “used to much memory?”
      • That right there tells you everything you need to know, dunnit?
  • It’s a Bethesda published game, after all!
  • You want to know the best part, they’re going to introduce DX12 instead of Vulkan.
  • One of the dangers of playing non-native games on Linux is that sometimes shite like this happens.

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