Coming up on Linux Gamecast Weekly: Black Mesa might me coming to Linux? What the hell happened to Ubuntu Vibes, open sauce drivers get Direct3D 9 support and this is not the Trackmania port you were looking for. Then we throw the chairs at Private Infiltrator. All this, plus your hate mail.


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro



TrackMania Android / Linux Port




  • At best this an unofficial port stealing NADEO IP. L.G.C. does not condone game piracy.

  • Worst? Well, best I co.uld tell it tries to connect to a .pl server and asks you to login. Login to what?

  • This “hack” is a Unity port so the “web” version would use the unity player. There would be no need to log into a Facebook app.

  • Yeah it’s not a “Linux” port but we do cover Android bundles.

  • FKR even works with my old ARCHOS G9

  • Works on my TF300T.

  • The game is using Nadeo’s assets, whether it is official or not will come to light soon enough.

    • In form of a Takedown notice or lack thereof.

Steam News :

Steam allows publishers to list multiple Linux distros.

  • ‘bout goddamn time!

    • Fuckin’ eh!


Sven Co-op goes standalone



  • Holy shit, I remember playing this in high school.  Talk about a blast from the past

  • Never knew my brother had a game named after him.


Could happen?

  • Well, I’m keeping my fingers crossed

  • I wouldn’t hold my breath, cross my fingers or do any sort of physically straining activity while waiting for this.

  • I remember how long the original Black Mesa Source mod took.

  • Here’s a twitter screenshot to illustrate my point:


DOTA2 no longer in beta

  • Zero, fucks, given.

  • The fanboys are already on it, the rest of us. Meh.



  • EDGE and RUSH are also in 0byte download form in the Linux library



Strike Suit Zero enters closed beta

  • It’s running but fails to capture the mouse with separate xscreens.

  • Keyboard+gerbil is playable until you get the Stike Suit.


Humble Bundle weekly Crap # 3.1415926535

  • Only one game that everyone already owns?

  • And only if you pay more than the average

  • I wonder if this was what Desura foresaw happening when they decided to go their own way.

WTH happened to Ubuntu Vibes? (no update since April 14)

  • I’ve sent an e-mail, no reply as of yet.

  • I’m honestly curious since we had nothing to do with it.. For once


Arx Libertatis v1.1

  • It works and with no more frame-rate drop during the cutscenes! Wooohooo.

  • Time to beat this!

  • I really dig these engine ports.  Plays alright as well.


Operation Smash

  • Whar demo? I ain’t payin’ €6 for a retro-platformer if I can’t try it first.


Direct3D 9 Support Released For Linux ..kinda

  • This makes most open-source 3d drivers speak Direct3D natively, on par with OpenGL

  • And suddenly my will to drop fglrx altogether has increased tenfold.

  • RPMFusion or Fedora peeps should totally make this available through a yum install.

  • Very cool stuff.   Shame nouveau is a bit shit (But thats no fault of the devs)


‘Sir, You Are Being Hunted’ Alpha Opens August 19 to All Pre-Orders and Kickstarter Backers

  • The most dangerous prey of all….MAN!

  • It was looking very good, until I read the blog post about buildings not being enterable. 2001 called, they don’t want their limitations back.


Not sure if want
Check it out

Game: Private Infiltrator


Devel: Espionage Noir Productions

Engine: Unity

Price: $9.99

Makes with the working





  • Quit your zippin’!

  • Ain’t no Linux version on Desura, either!


Shiny / Sounds


  • Cock tease. Intro graphics looked hella sweet but the actual game looks like something from 1996.

  • Sounds? Yeah, I guess it had sounds.


  • Was Pretty choppy on ze steambox

  • Looks a bit like butt to be honest.


  • The graphics and sounds work. Of course, they would have worked a lot better if it was in first person.

  • The Linux world needs a Thief: Deadly Shadows type game. Hell, I’d be happy with Dark Messiah of Might and Magic at this point. Ubisoft! Get on it!




  • Moving from first to third person is absolute shit.




  • Oh, the camera is just fucking atrocious

  • The controls are unresponsive as balls


  • Oh, WASD only. I can’t reassign the controls, can I? Well then…






  • Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupe


  • I will not submit myself to the standards of a right-hand dominated society!!1!

  • In all seriousness, if I can’t move the character with the arrow keys I ain’t playin’ your game.



  • What a turd

Hate Mail:

Some hate mail or what have you


Intel GPU

  • A very good point.  A lot of what draws people to linux is that it runs very well on less than stellar hardware.   Lots of people are interested in gaming on linux and a lot of them don’t have gobs of money for gigantic stupid rigs like Venn and myself

    • ^ this!

  • Your compassion for the little people is.. sickening


How about some WINE in your steam

  • what about limiting platinum rated games to be downloaded? But nothing else.

  • Works outhabox? Here, install it! It needs hacks? Sorry!



  • We did experiment with some tickle me Venn prototypes.   We lost one of them and apparently it caused an issue trying to import a cuban missile into north korea

    • Also, put me down for 5 “fuck you pedro” shirts

  • The “whatever the hell elks” shirt should have demonic deer on the front – kudos to AngryUnit for the drawing.

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