Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Spreading The Load

Chromebook sales surpass Mac, Pinguy OS goes on life support, and AT&T enforces data caps.

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Colour Key: Venn Pedro Mathieu

Year of the Linux Desktop

  • That is great and all but I have never seen a Chromebook IRL. I can’t even prove they exist.
  • They would sell a lot here in Portugal if they didn’t treat us like the third world country we are.
  • The only Chromebooks currently available in Portugal are the Acer and Asus ones.
    • Oh and that crappy Samsung ARM piece of junk.
  • Chrome OS passed Mac OS X during the quarter
  • Manufacturers combined sold more than 1.8 million
  • Considering you can pick one up for $300 I’m not shocked.
  • That and school systems are noming these things up.  



  • Something something limited storage.  
  • Is Google afraid of RemixOS?
    • It’s about to be the other way around.
  • Now get this working /w Chrome on my Desktop because Skype.  
  • This would be awesome!
  • I’m glad they’re not using ARC, too.
  • ARC was a good proof of concept but it didn’t work 89% of the times.



  • *presses backspace* Huh, people actually use that method?
  • Take away my Ctrl+L and we are going to have words.
  • I think this shortcut was Windows only anyway. I haven’t used that in a long long time (about a decade)
    • Nope.
  • For those who don’t know, it’s Alt + Left arrow
  • Total non-issue for me.
  • I navigate with the left-side gerbil buttons.
    • ^


THAR Vulkan button

    • 131MB update.
    • You need to be in the Steam Beta.
      • You don’t need to be in the Steam Client beta, they just recommend you do because of the shoddy Vulkan performance with the Steam Overlay.
    • Download Vulkan DLC
    • Enable with -vulkan
    • No noticeable increase in FERPS.
    • Getting 116 /w OpenGL 118 /w Vulkan.
      • Same here, about 120FPS on all the things
      • Mneuro in shatrealm said he was getting a 20FPS decrease with Vulkan
      • Phoronix benchmarks, for what they’re worth, also show a similar decrease
  • GPU utilization:
  • 45% OpenGL
  • 70% Vulkan
  • The benefits of Vulkan won’t happen overnight, the API needs to mature, the drivers need to improve and developers have to learn how to use it


Pedro strikes again

  • Piece of advice for wannabe distro builders: Just provide a PPA and a shell script to transform a regular Ubuntu LTS to your desktop project.
  • I want to reinstall an OS about as much as I want to cut off my pinkie toe.
  • I didn’t even use this one.
    • Even the slightest thought.
  • Your Distro is not Raptor-Buss proof.
  • That, and I’m having a hard time finding the value add.
  • Not hating, just being honest.



  • Netflix says 95Mbps but the reality is closer to 112Mbps
  • I noticed that if I keep re-running the test my speed keeps increasing until it caps out at around 187Mbps.
    • Alright, I got it up to 110Mbps
  • The sample download is a bit too small for the speed to ramp up properly.
  • This is a good tool for figuring out what you really get from Qwikster.
    • Well, what you ISP allows you to get.
  • Want to use this from the command line? npm install –global fast-cli



  • You can pay them an extra $30 to remove the cap.
  • If you have UVERSE you might want to check if trueSTREAM is available.
  • The USA really needs another player in the ISP game (come on Google)


You spin me

  • Great. I’m super thrilled to learn that I have just bought the worst drive currently on the market.
  • I’m sure presenting the data like this makes sense to them, specifically.
  • It took me a bit of maths to actually get what the hell they were on about.
  • It’s still an unfair way to present data because of the wildly varying numbers of drives and their uptimes.
  • Basically, stay away from the 2 and 4TB (ALE640) HGSTs and the 4TB (DM000) Seagate drives.
  • Oh snapplesauce!
  • By random luck I’ve been picking up WD 4TB drives for FrankenNAS.
  • I’ve only had one HHD hard-nope.
  • They have all been pretty good and dropping mad hints about their demise before the fact.


Skynet begins

  • Would be great if people stopped referencing Moore’s law in 2016. It stopped being a thing years ago.
  • Surely must be cheaper than a cluster of Nvidia Titan X
  • TPU: a custom ASIC built for use with TensorFlow (an open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs)
  • AlphaGo was powered by TPUs
  • They are able to get these critters up and running /w applications within 22 days from first tested silicone.



  • You want piracy?
  • Because this is how you get piracy.
  • Oculus, leading the charge in all things VR.
  • Including introducing bullshit DRM for the sake of having “exclusives”.
  • And now, thanks to said bullshit DRM, they’re also unwittingly leading the charge to VR piracy.
  • Good job, numbskulls!



  • This first thing this project needs is someone to de-engrish their webzone.
    • I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed.
  • Also, many of the packages they currently offer are already available through other, more established and trustworthy repos.
  • Isn’t that what Fedy does already?
  • Port the Ubuntu Mate Software boutique to Fedora, that would be excellent


Still riding the Fair Use argument

    • And I’m still wondering where is that Fair Use when it comes to Youtube?
    • If Android is transformative enough to be Fair Use, why is a critique/parody/whatever on Youtube considered guilty until proven innocent?
      • I’m all in favor for less restrictive laws for music and film but there is also nothing in common between those and software implementation of an API.
    • This is like comparing apples and capybaras.
    • If you want to compare Android’s Dalvik vs Oracle JVM with something, Wine vs the actual Windows OS would be more appropriate.
    • Go on and be pedantic, strider.
    • Google is literally arguing Fair Use, which applies to just about everything that is put out for public consumption.
      • Youtube hides behind Safe Harbour.
    • They lose and APIs are officially copyrightable. It’s open season on the API!
    • And their Fair Use argument has 0 moral precedents because of the whole Youtube thing.


Shout of Out

  • No way I’m ever using that, there is only one true tagger and it’s called Musicbrainz Picard
  • It works and now we have tags.
  • Only bringing this up since someone asked me to add ze tags.
  • I added ze tags!
  • Hope it got better, I have bad memories of EasyTAG from 10 years ago
  • You can also tag your files in pretty much anything: Audacity, Rhythmbox, Audacious…



  • “Needs”
  • They manage to do without on the mobile version
  • I don’t know why it would need it. It’s already using HTML5 to play all the videos and gifs after transcoding them to mp4:



  • Hardware support like that is mostly a matter of time.
  • Linux on the Asus Transformer Book T100 (the og x86 Transformer) was a pain in the neck back in the day. Now just about everything works.

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