Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Pi 9000

Build your own voice controlled HAL9000! Chromebooks reach EOL, mlocate gets ANGRY, and everyone gets a snap.

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Colour Key: Venn Pedro Mathieu


  • That’s a nice idea.
  • The only thing I’m iffy on is having both Android and Debian running on top of a phone.
  • Especially if it’s running what seems to be a VM on top of Android.
  • The Nexus 5 has a lot of humph but I don’t think it’s enough for that kind of workload.
  • Aaaaaand it only works on the Nexus 5.
  • Watch out Ubuntu, you got some competition on the convergence
  • Anyone remember Ubuntu for Android? That seems very similar and it was a very neat idea. The main problem with Ubuntu Touch is that isn’t not compatible with Android apps. Add that and you got my attention.
  • Looking at some Nexus 5 devices on ebay. Less than $150. Very interesting indeed.
  • Is this really shipping with OpenShot 2.X? Why?
    • Nevermind, it’s running the four year old version.
    • Yes, that’s a good thing.



  • Up next, MS QNX.  
  • This is all leading to Microsoft resurrecting BeOS
  • Another *NIX OS for people forced to use Azure.
  • the majority of the investments we make at the kernel level to enable network and storage performance were up-streamed into the FreeBSD 10.3 release”
    • Didn’t expect that.
  • When it comes to providing support for Azure, Microsoft will contribute.
  • Remember when they submitted patches to the Linux kernel a few years back? Exact same thing.
  • There’s nothing to complain about, they got the right attitude. You use Open Source, you contribute. I wish more Linux users adopted that same attitude.



  • Yoinked by Daetwyler Holding AG, a Swiss industrial component supplier.
  • For the low low cost of $871 million.
  • At the very least this will help with meeting demand.
  • Someone got tired of waiting for a RaspberryPi Zero to be available, they bought the whole company.
  • Now, don’t do anything silly with that, ok?
    • MS will buy the Swiss company and force them to preinstall Win10 on every device.


Pi 9K

  • Neat looking but completely useless.
  • Would be better off installing the Amazon Echo hack.
  • I don’t get it, it really doesn’t seem to do much…
  • Make this a custom case for the Mycroft and we’re talking


GG Moz

  • Where was this when the in-browser pdf reader was exploited to read the contents of .ssh and other such folders?
  • Mozilla, paying for security audits, because the companies who make millions using open source software won’t do it.
  • They are being extremely generous, and a bit too optimistic when they say they are hoping that corporations and governments will join them.
  • Corporations using open source (those who are not active contributors) are a bunch of freeloaders expecting efficient and secure software without spending a dime.


RIP Cromebook

  • The x86 ones are about as dead as any other laptop is dead.
  • Boot up a live USB with your Fedoras or Ubuntus, install it and Chrome and you’re done.
  • Five years of support sounds reasonable but killing security updates is borderline Bird culture.
  • ChromeOS is based on ChromiumOS, right? So we should expect some kind of community support from the community, right?
  • The whole point of having an open system is that you are tied to a particular vendor
  • That said, the target audience of Chromebooks is not going to install an alternative OS on their machines.



  • Sorted a few security issues.
  • Now supports external subs and audio over the network.
  • Should now be able to detect ChromeCast from the QT interface and stream.
  • For people without media servers?
  • Hey! Jean Baptiste Kempf! I met this guy, he’s cool!
  • I wouldn’t expect less from VLC, if there’s one thing that can handle network streaming it’s VLC.


If you bought one

  • Google themselves praised NVidia for the SHIELD Android TV console type thing.
  • And its sole purpose is to be a media box, so having Plex on it just makes sense.
  • I was originally confused/impressed because I thought it was for the NVIDIA SHIELD not the NVIDIA SHIELD.



  • Nope. Sorry but not interested. The only thing I would expect of a Reddit related software is to notify me of replies on posts or comments. I still haven’t found a good solution to that and every Reddit app fails at providing it.
  • This could be useful if you use the Reddits for breaking news.
  • Or you could, ya know, use Twitter.


Grr mlocate

  • Looks cool but do we need yet another file indexer on Linux?
  • I already have 2 file indexers on my system: locate and tracker
  • On Unity, you can have pretty much the same thing by pressing <super>+F
  • Can we show XKCD 927 “Standards”?
  • Can’t remember the last time I used anything outside of locate.
  • I gave it a shot and it works.
  • Better/faster than the Search plugin/function most DEs include.
  • It does take sometime to fully populate the DB and if you want to map everything you need to give it sudo permissions, as is to be expected.
  • Though, to be honest, the only search function I use is the one in the menu or Alt+F2.
  • If I’m looking for a specific file I’ll just do the old find / | grep thing


Extra Snaps

  • The Ars journalist who begins his article with “Goodbye apt and yum” seriously doesn’t get the point of snaps.
    • “””””Ars journalist”””””
  • Snaps (or appimages or flatpacks) complement the shortcomings of distribution packages.
  • Universal distributable binaries are much needed in the Linux ecosystem but classic packaging systems aren’t going away!
  • Static link all the things in all distributions.
  • So the keystroke security issue will only be fixed when it’s running MIR? WAT?

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