Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Goodbye Hello

Firefox 49 is here! Plex enters the cloud, PocketCHIP gets a desktop, and someone ungoogled Chromium?

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu


Linux Foundation giving away Chromebooks.

  • If anyone pays the certification for me, I’ll let you the Chromebook.
    • WIll you let me the whole thing?
      • Yes
  • Read a manpage once in your lifetime, that’s free.
  • It’s not a giveaway, it’s just a compensation for buying an overpriced certification.
  • The funny thing is that in order to pass the certification (aka having any idea what Linux is about), you’d have to wipe the Chromebook and install a proper GNU/Linux distribution.
  • Go take the RHCE and use the change to buy a Chromebook.


Firefox 49

  • Oh, I’m in the Multiprocess Windows beta.
  • I was too but it was disabled “because of extras”.
  • So I forced it on in the craptop and blimey that’s actually much faster.
  • I am the 99% (mostly because I don’t care until it’s ready to ship)
  • You know what else I don’t care about? Firefox Hello. And that must be the same for most users since it got axed violently.
  • They recommend a few other options instead of Hello, including Jitsi which we are using right now.
  • They sure brought lots of improvements for people who don’t have hardware acceleration. Here’s a nickel, kid, go buy yourself a real computer.
  • The biggest improvement I noted was the Google Docs.
  • It’s too late, ive already switched to Vivaldi.
  • Should have noped FirefoxOS sooner and focused on your core product, Brad.


Ungoogled Chrome

  • This will prevent Google from doing all that ooky spooky data collection… that your ISP already does.  
  • Wonder how long this project will be maintained.
  • But it’s about time we got a Webkit based browser that isn’t tied to Google. Because Midori, Epiphany, Rekonq, Uzbl and Konqueror don’t count.
    • Vivaldi!
  • Choice is great, but why waste your time on something like this when there are so many other browsers already out there?
  • I also read the FAQ and the first question that popped into my head wasn’t there.
    • How is this different from regular Chromium to justify a fork?


RIP chromecast support

  • It’s time people learned the meaning of the word unsupported. Unsupported does not mean it won’t work, it means that they don’t want to hear about your problems.
  • And the people on the Google product boards shouldn’t have to provide support for Chromium at all, for any feature.
    • Googs Product Expert =’s unpaid volunteer.
  • If you got an issue with Chromium, use the Chromium issue tracker like a grown up.
  • This is yet more evidence that a certain subset of Linux users need to grow a thicker skin and keep their pants on until there’s official confirmation one way or another.



  • Protip: Amazon explicitly bans users from hosting infringing content on its servers — content such as downloaded movies.
  • That seems to be a brilliant idea, hosting pirated content in the cloud.
  • Plex does not do any file level encryption or modify your files on Amazon Drive in any way” did they really think this one through?
    • These are the same mental juggernauts that removed *.rar support.
    • We at LWDW only use Plex for our extensive ripped DVD collection and Plex believes that??


Pocket XFCE—-/10223

  • This falls under DiWHY
  • I’ve ranted a bunch about people who make useless distros, now I will rant about they should have made a distro out of this.
  • I’ve noticed that people underestimate a lot the power of the Chip but I want to remind everyone that this is a 1Ghz CPU we’re talking about.
  • If you had a 1Ghz CPU in the early 2000’s you know it was capable of quite a few things. Why would this device be any less capable?
    • Because the 1GHz Allwinner R8 processor is meant for printers and routers?
    • Tree Fiddy says a 440 MHz Sun module from 95 would trounce that sucker.   
  • Missing the Point 101!




  • TIL how to run an AppImage.
    • So chmod +x  appimage && ./appimage ?
      • That’s what the Googs said.
  • Makes me wonder what kind of GUI toolkit they used. This looks like a less polished version of the toolkit Blender uses.
    • I looks like a WINE GUI.
    • Qt5
      • Same difference.
  • The AppImage is provided by Morevna, an initiative for producing animation using open source software.
  • I’m starting to like the FlatAppSnaps.
    • AppImages are probably the most self contained of all the app containers. That’s a weird sentence.
    • They’re just chroots which depend on almost nothing other than ability to run ELFs.


SkreensOS =’s Linux?

  • Don’t know but I doubt it’s Win10.
  • One device to stream them all? One device to decode them? One device to connect them all and in pointlessness bind them?
  • At least we got something that’s better than Back to the future 2’s TVs
  • This device makes sense in the day and age of the Chromecast, Steam Link and OBS
  • This would make a wicked cheap video switcher for people doing shows on an incredibly small budget.


Tessellate! Tessellate!

  • This is a bit of old news which is only now relevant to me.
  • This is about the fp64 shader and the vertex 64bit extensions for Gen7 Intel chips.
  • The only way this is relevant is because I’d like to have OpenGL 4.5 support on my new i3 4005U cheapo calculator.
  • And proper tessellation support also means better Vulkan support.
  • This is coming from Igalia, a private company completely unrelated to Intel
  • Which shows how little Intel actually cares about Linux in general.
  • I’d switch over to AMD without any thought if they were capable of designing good products.


I don’t think “Stealth Recordings” were what killed Google Glass

  • If you’re gonna target snapchat users, making them look like hipster glasses actually demonstrates a good understanding of your audience.
  • Unfortunately, targeting the hipster crowd is going to drive everyone else away and without those, you can’t put these out there and break even.
    • Not hipsters, teens.
  • I’m too old to even get what Snapchat is…

Slice of Pi


  • Use case?
  • Mr. ROBOT EP04.



  • I don’t see how this destroy the Pi, this is just some clickbait title.
  • Small form factor x86 boards have existed for a while and this one happens to be a bit smaller than the previous ones but it’s still as expensive.
  • It’s $350 for the full package (with the most powerful board)
  • This is the second semester class, Missing the Point 102.
  • Can that stock passive Braswell Heatsink really keep it cool?




Pi-Hole 2


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