Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – 10 Cores Of Fury

Intel counts to ten! Android eats Pi, Bacon leaves Git, and Ring challenges Skype. All this, and so much more!

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Colour Key: Venn Pedro Mathieu

Android Pi

  • 1GB Android device.
  • T’was to be expected, it is an ARM board after all.
  • Could be handy for making a Plex box.
  • I was surprised that this wasn’t already a thing so I went looking for Android for the Raspberry Pi 2 and while there were some attempts to port it to the device, it all seemed very hacky.
  • That would make a neat console, for those Android games that are completely unplayable on a touch screen (a vast majority of worthwhile Android games). A Ouia 2 if you will.
    • We could call it OUYA!


For that thing you can’t buy

  • Something something Handbanana.
  • Where did they get a RaspberryPi Zero‽
  • At the end of the day you have a RC boat.
    • With autopilot, otherwise I don’t really see the point of putting a computer inside it.



  • Now, that’s a bit more affordable than the Pyra
  • Really hope someone makes a case for that, to give it a more polished look. A membrane keyboard like on the OLPC XO1 could work well
  • R8 1GHz Processor
  • Mali 400 GPU
  • 512 RAM
  • 4GB Storage
  • Blue Teeth
  • Display: 128X128 16 COLORS
  • Not shipping until june.
  • Glad to see this critter about to ship since there was some serious doubt that they could not produce the CHIP for $9.




  • End of the month Fall Off.
  • Unlike last month we didn’t clear $135 but don’t worry we’re not killing the show.
  • Hell we’re not even putting it back in beta.  
  • Buuuut the video version is only going to be available for our Patreons.
  • Special thanks to Craig H


Out of Bacon

  • Github reorganized and his position was eliminated.
  • He met with some other teams but didn’t find anything that “matched his passion”
  • Left on good terms.  
  • If we’re being completely honest, I didn’t know he was at github.
    • Same. I did hear he went to XPrize after leaving Ubuntu but had no idea he had been working for GitHub, since November apparently.
  • Some rumours have him returning to Ubuntu.
  • This guy has been at KDE, Canonical, Xprize, Github, wrote several books, hosted 3 Linux oriented podcasts, has an audio editor named after him and has a metal band featured each week on LGCW, that’s damn impressive already.
  • He did an amazing job while at Canonical, his comeback would be much appreciated.
    • He single handedly prevent a catastrophic backlash when Unity was made default and even when Mir was proposed/introduced.
  • I have nothing but mad respekt for Jono Bacon. I would not have anywhere near the necessary patience or level-headedness to handle the Unity situation, on both ends, as well as he did.



  • Runs on Android, OSX, Linux, He who shall not be named
  • Not available in Best Korea.
    • It should be. It’s one of the few places where internet is even more restricted than China.
  • Needs people in uncensored regions to use it as well.
  • I bet that even visiting the github repo makes you a suspect in a bunch of countries and gets you under surveillance.
  • Which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. Just be smart, don’t use it from your own home if you can avoid it.



  • Can anyone guess what I plan to do with this?
  • Integrate it to Lutris of course!
  • But maybe later, hard to justify spending time on this when I use Ubuntu and a Nvidia GPU and everything “just works”
  • I’m glad something came out of their decision to nuke the default runtime when you install Steam on Solus.
  • This will probably help (a lot) those people who are using the Open Sauce AMD and Intel drivers. Since they won’t have to nuke the runtime themselves and the script will take care of it.


Rang rang

  • 14.04 repo is busted.
  • I’m disappointed. I thought we would be testing this in production for this week’s show.
    • Because my initial attempts were less than optimal.
  • Seems to be a nice alternative to Tox.
  • And the project already seems ahead of Tox. The project focuses on one multi-platform client instead of letting the community implement their own at various degrees of completeness.
  • Still comparing to Tox, I wonder how the client performs on Android, battery wise. When I talked to the Tox team they said it couldn’t be avoided given their decentralized protocol.


Is this Mir? Is this Wayland? No! This is Arcan! (DEMO)

  • Why stop at just making another tiling window manager? Go whole hog and create your own display server, as well!
  • Curious to see, considering the issues Icculus mentioned he’d had with awesome and his ports, how this one (with its own display server) would handle games.
  • It already supports webcam, video decoding, some games (with retroarch, because libretro will run on your toaster)
  • The demo shows some really neat tricks, like drag n drop of a webcam feed, a video or Cave story on a real time render of a 3D model. All of this using a glorious Amiga Workbench 1.3 theme!
  • Work has already begun to make it work with the nvidia driver EGL implementation.
  • What I’m seeing is one dude, coming out from nowhere, with a full fledged display server that impressed me the same way Compiz impressed me in 2006. On the other hand, we have to large groups, Canonical and Gnome that have yet to deliver a working product after all these years. (And I have yet to see a single neat thing Mir or Wayland can do) (no, rotating windows is not a neat trick)
    • Rotating windows both anger and confuse me.


Killed by the system

  • No tmux for you (or screen if you’re really old school)
  • Distributions: it’s your job to set sane settings for your users, just do it.
  • And yet there is some discussion about whether it is better to run things as a systemd service. Sure let’s systemd all the things!
  • Systemd devs asks for tmux devs to patch their code to make it systemd compliant (
  • tmux is not going to use dbus”
  • SystemD is hardcore, man! It’s dropping bodies left and right.


Krita delivers

  • This new version ships with animation features and some speed improvements
  • I’m glad to see this project shipping after a successful kickstarter campaign, which prove quality open source software can generate some cash.
  • There’s another kickstarter currently in progress to add vector and text features.
  • Also, it’s really cool to see David Revoy’s work featured on Krita’s website, he’s a really talented artist who uses only open source software.
  • What I’m hoping is that Krita is similar enough to Photoshop while doing it’s own thing, and hopefully better than Adobe’s offering.
  • Because I’m getting real tired of being made of fun for using GIMP when the Web Design team at work asks me for something.
  • Although, they have yet to complain after I give them what they asked for.
  • They are shipping AppImages (aka PortableLinuxApps) and Snap packages, guess that people understand that shipping binaries that work everywhere is an important thing now. And speaking of which…



  • Previously known as xdg-app aka Gnome’s Snappy competitor
  • Looks very promising but still very young, give it another 6 months to mature
  • Had some OpenGL errors while opening Rhythmbox. Guess we won’t be getting OpenGL games that way anytime soon
  • Only my music folder was accessible in Rhythmbox, it’s sandboxed alright
  • Couldn’t get access to the nightly graphics repo, that was the one I was most interested in (Gimp, Gimp + GTK3)


Google wins and it killed the GPL… wait… WHAT?

  • Love Michael Tiemann’s response
  • An API specification is not code, I have never seen a spec licensed under the GPL
    • That’s what Oracle tried to do.
  • Thankfully, Google won this trial. Let’s hope it sticks this time.
  • This is just the ramblings of a lawyer that lost and is lashing out!
  • All I hope is that Google remembers their Fair Use arguments when the next round of YouTube channels gets nope on “copyright claims”.


Ico-Threaded Broadwell-E

  • I’ve lived long enough to watch Intel go completely back to F U pricing.
  • Yeah, what’s with the price? Usually they wouldn’t go above $1000 for their extreme editions.
  • All this with a 3.5GHz clock speed. Pretty sure I could outperform it with my $300 4.4Ghz 4790K on single threaded tasks. (And the benchmark show it does on Handbrake and Cinebench single core)
    • At stock clocks, yes.
    • Thing is, this is also an unlocked part. And I’m willing to bet the overclockability on the 6950X, just like the 5960X before it, is considerably larger than on the 4790K.
  • Although, with 20 Threads, 10 cores, you probably don’t really care for overclocks.





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