Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Skype Alpha

Microsoft “updates” Skype! Mozilla strikes a deal, Linux turns 25, and Motherboard thinks PC gaming is way to hard.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu


  • Bisquick has a point.
  • Dude blew $100 because lazy.
    • Then again he managed to spend $2,000.
  • If you were building PCs in the 80s, heck, the 90s.. You’re probably having a good laugh at this whiny millennial failure of a human being.
  • I noped when he started talking about reading “manuals”
  • You don’t need to read manuals nowadays. Everything on a motherboard is labeled!
  • This is why the “PC Gaming Master Race” moniker is never going to go away.
  • There’s always going to be a scrub with a media platform who can’t help but make himself a martyr and fuel the PCGMR elitists.
  • Also, this entire “article” has an overt tone of whining to it.
  • I was almost willing to excuse it when I read the last paragraph, but then I read the very last line…
  • What happens in reality is that you have to spend one day and $1000 every 5 years
  • It’s not hard picking parts, just choose what’s has the best power / money ratio and in your price range.
  • Or just buy a pre-build gaming PC, there are plenty of those now.



  • 22yr master race!
  • Pick from one of three amazing anniversary dates!
  • Too bad it never became big and professional like GNU
  • I started dabbling 11 years ago, but didn’t commit until 5 years ago.


Foxfire $truck a deal

  • I was wondering why Firefox switched the default search engine from Google to one no one in their right mind would use.
  • Mayer made the deal with Mozilla in a desperate attempt to keep Yahoo relevant”
    • Didn’t work.
  • The Moz foundation is set to get $375(M) per year until 2019 or the new owners tell them to sod off.
    • Almost $400M a year for shipping a default setting which everyone will change sounds like a pretty good plan to me.
    • I mean, most people already know how to change the default search engine.
  • That’s how I learned that Yahoo was getting bought
  • It was bound to happen, their only relevant products today are the non-yahoo ones: Tumblr and Flickr
  • If I understand correctly, they could receive money from yahoo, change their default search engine to something people want and cash in from both.
  • I they decided to go back with Google, that would add up to $675million/year until 2019.
    • If the Googs will have them back.
    • Remember, they went to yahoo when they were moving away from the browser business.



  • It’s either adds or they made the web version functional on Linux.
    • Or both, I’m calling this @ 7:49 A.M.
  • It’s a WebRTC desktop client.
  • It’s missing little things LIKE VIDEO.
  • It’s ghetto skype with the video bit enabled.
    • Nope, no video Video calling is definitely one of the key features we plan to add to Skype for Linux”
    • However the main binary is an actual 64-bit ELF executable.
  • Nothing to see, here.
  • Electron app of the week!


That’s it, I’m moving to Windows 10

  • Still very experimental but Unity and XFCE were able to run on Bash for Windows
    • Don’t forget KDE, Brad.
    • KDE didn’t need the bash implementation in W10 for it to work.
  • The fact that Compiz runs shows that some kind of 3D support is in there
    • The Gallium GDI driver from Mesa does work on Windows.
    • Everything else is probably software accelerated.
  • Nothing a good coat for fire wouldn’t fix.
  • At least little Timmy can now feel like a L33T Linux HaX0R.



  • TIL ONLYOFFICE exists.
  • Commenting and integrated chat along with version history seem nice.
  • This comment brought to you by Google Docs.
  • That seems to be the only solid alternative to Google Docs in the open source world
  • They also sell the desktop version, but why would anyone want to buy that?
  • But what do I know? I hate office suites and I’ll use them as a last resort


Skyfail (to boot)

  • It seems that Intel is too blame for that, they released a faulty microcode update
  • So remember, Intel, Fedora users are not your personal QA team
  • Roll back kernel until sorted.
  • You can also disable the faulty DLR microcode in the new kernel with a simple grub flag on the kernel line.
  • Or downgrade the microcode package.
  • I remember when Fedora shipped cutting edge software instead of broken software.


Rolling Rolling Rolling

  • Looking for adventure, headaches, and borked systems?
    • They don’t necessarily need to keep to bleeding edge software in order to be rolling.
    • But what do I know, Fuduntu only died because we were pushing 12TB from the repos in a slow month.
    • We pushed 8+ last month.
  • Trying this distro is still on my todo list, for some reason it looks really neat
  • Oh, and what do I see in the new packages? Lutris!
  • I’ve always wanted to see the fallout from a distro going from LTS to rolling.


12.0 Stable

  • That’s a huge improvement for all GPUs running open source drivers
  • Turns out that my Broadwell GPU should get OpenGL 4.3 support
  • Vulkan driver for Intel Ivy Bridge \m/
  • Gen8+ (broadwell and up) now have OpenGL 4.3.
  • Which means, unless you care about performance, you can probably play all games on Steam for Linux.



  • Not a SteamOS feature (yet) but a neat script done by ProfessorKaos64
  • I wish distros implemented similar features
  • If Linux wants to gain traction in the desktop market share it needs to be able to repair itself.
  • Let’s be clear here, SteamOS rarely if ever borks itself.


It’s raining Pi

  • It sure is overkill to use a RaspberryPi for such a project but it’s cute
    • Well it was made for the A.
  • You can always use the remaining 99% of your available hardware resources by running a bunch of servers on it.
  • WHAR graphical representation for meatballs?
  • Uses the NOAA REST web service for the forecast via zip.
  • I think this project is hella neat but, Okay Google.. What is the forecast.





  • I don’t know anyone who spoofs their UA in 2016.

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