Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Fire BAD! DRM BAD!

Kdenlive goes on a diet, Ubuntu developers question the viability of Wayland, and openMeet makes video conferencing dead simple. All this plus your feedback!

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan

Is it really?

  • Well, Android is as much Linux as if you were using Windows in a KVM on a Linux host.
  • The underlying kernel and some drivers may be Linux, but the rest isn’t.



  • Again Linux is as vulnerable to rootkits (once they’re up and running) as any other OS, no one is questioning that.
  • What I am questioning is how exactly is this deployed?
  • Is it like the other one from last week which needs a third party exploit to even stand a chance?



  • It doesn’t work.
  • They do say it’s for testing purposes only, since part of the code still hasn’t been backported and this may cause a lot of crashes.


DRM is bad, mmmkay

  • Blink and you missed it or, in my case, move to another country and spend a few days not going on the interwebs in any significant measure and you missed it.
  • Biggest surprise here was not 1 but 2 Portuguese sponsors in 2017!


Ls shinies

  • Just in case you thought ls wasn’t shiny enough, here’s some more bling for your CLI.


Dead Simple video

  • “Then I realized people are willing to pay for such a service because no one wants to go through the trouble of setting up a Video conference applications like Jitsi”
    • Yes, going to is so difficult you guys!



  • The only way this is ever going to happen is if all the major distros go full-Wayland.
  • It’s not going to be pretty and there will be growing pains but it needs to be done.
  • I say this as someone who will have their production chain JACKED.
  • I do like the hypocrisy of considering “all those poor millions of users” for Wayland and yet no such considerations were made when Unity was introduced back in 11.04 or when Mir was supposed to become the default by 18.04 before it got canned.

Slice of Pi


  • Seeing as how the Pi can be “underpowered” for some tasks, having a 32core ARM cluster plugged into your PiTop is actually kinda awesome sounding.



  • Sucks all the sport out of it.




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