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Vivaldi 1.3 is here! Moto Z gets a HAT, VMware challenges the GPL, and Microsoft misplaces its keys.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu


  • If you live under a rock.
  • It’s cross platform and DRM free, just like the 16 other Indie Bundles that were released before!



  • Millions of windows rt tablet owners just cried out in joy
  • Wonder how this will affect the XBone.
  • You can already run the Linux on Surface Pro 3.
  • This is one of the best thing that has happened this year. I hope that next time Microsoft tries to enforce a similar “security” / locking measure, hardware vendors will think twice before implementing it.
  • It’s good revisit issues we covered before with good news. Especially when said good news make Microsoft look bad.
  • The leak serves as a reminder of the potential dangers in security when tech firms are pressured by governments and law enforcement agencies into producing special keys”
    • ^ THIS!



  • VMware apparently cribbed this guys SCSI subsystem for their own esxi kernel
  • The main issue is that the dev can’t point to specific lines of GPL code
  • I’m unclear on Germany s rules for evidence discovery.  Should be pretty cut and dry to get the code.
  • Its problematic to say the least.
  • it’s clear that VMware brought considerable resources to make every possible argument for dismissal”
    • Youdontsay.jpg
  • I kinda wish they could find something better than BusyBox.
  • I’m disappointed that there isn’t a statement from VMWare themselves.
  • I’m not too worried, here. The German legal system doesn’t rely as much on precedents as the US legal system does.


Oh, I’m afraid!

  • This is kind of a big issue. Mostly because there’s not much you can do on your end except run https everywhere (which you should’ve already been doing).
  • It also affects just about every single Android 4.4+ device out there.
  • The vulnerability has been patched already and the patch should be backported to every major linux distro soon
    • Until then, why not 4.7?
  • It seems to be a serious vulnerability but until there is an actual attack using it, I’d say: chill out
  • I like how this only affected the Linux since it was ahead of Win/MAC.



  • Finally tried it out, it’s a neat browser
  • I don’t get the whole “targeted at power user” thing. Yes, you can customize the UI, is that what being a power user is now?
  • Are the shortcuts Ctrl+PgDown and PgUp not enough “power user”? I had to map them manually.
  • I liked the fact that you can move the window controls to the left, that has always annoyed me in Chrome.
  • I need to use it for a longer period of time. If it’s good enough, I’ll keep it.
  • No Chrome / Firefox Sync so there is little chance I’ll ever use it has my main browser
  • Default search is Bing… minus 5 Charis!
  • Works with the chrome store.
  • O_0 the world without scriptblock


Stuck at work

  • Do you see what happens employers?
  • Stick everyone on BSD for “productivity” and you get this.
  • But they won’t have Lutris (because of all the Linux specific stuff that’s in there)
  • Get ready to download those Haiku .iso’s people. It’s only functional way to remain productive.


Blade Runner

  • Disclaimer: I’ve met the guy who wrote this (who is also a core maintainer of Coreboot) and the creator of Replicant, several times.
  • Mesa in replicant? yes!
    • CPU bound mesa though.  Them darn GPUs requiring blob drivers dun took our cycles
  • So Replicant is a version of Android minus the useful bits?
  • More accurately, it’s a kneecapped version of CyanogenMod.
  • But hey, we all need open source running on closed hardware because raisins.



  • Neat but DOA.
  • Protip: If anyone at the company meeting suggests “addons” for your mobile product throw them out the window.
  • If you absolutely must have a modular type device, chances are you’re going to be changing it often.
  • Pulling a backplate off a phone whenever you decide to change something is just going to cause you to lose or break it.
  • I like the uniformity the different backplates with the different functionality give the phone, but the kind of people you’re targeting with the ability to mod a device don’t really care for looks and care more about ease of access/replacement of a given module.
  • Someone missed the mark!
  • I find the idea neat, it certainly enables a lot more of possibilities from those devices we know as phones and are incredibly locked down.
  • I don’t expect people to change these modules every day. You know what else is modular? PCI slots. And I haven’t messed with those since I received my PC.



  • Just want to give a shoutout to this great artist who is made of bits of pure awesomeness
  • People, quit giving furries acid.


Are we still doing the grilled cheese thing?

  • Outside: butter + dried dill + dried basil
  • Inside: Cheddar + tomatoes + fresh basil
    • That is quite possibly the most French thing I have ever read.
      • I would have said Italian
        • That is quite possibly the second most French thing I have ever read.


Filth and Lies

  • A lot of what Martin is saying here is corroborated by Purism’s own blog plus, to a much sugar coated degree, the Linux Action Show 405 and Linux Unplugged 132 and also a few Phoronix posts which Larabel didn’t write.
  • Still, a few of the most egregious claims can only be taken as word of mouth.
  • I have no reason to doubt Martin but the skeptic in me is still firing on all engines.

Tops Secret


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