Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Because 10

Windows 10 nukes Linux partitions! The FCC demands open source firmware, OSVR adds HTC-Vive support, and Raspberry Pi mixes things up.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu



  • Not sure if want, multi platform languages are good but JS if still far behind C# or Java in terms of performance.
  • On the desktop, with Java we had Minecraft and a bunch of sophisticated IDEs, in JS we have text editors for writing JS and wrappers around web pages.
  • That said, it’s still a good thing to have a little more competition.
  • Nothing like introducing one of the biggest security black holes to both Linux and OSX.
    • We’re not talking about IE here
  • Stop trying to make Edge a thing!



  • Microsoft’s reasoning for this? You already have bash working on Windows 10, you don’t need Linux!
  • Also, good! This will weed out the filthy dual booting heathens.
    • They will still claim to run six Linux.
  • And now I’m afraid to go play Doom, which I still haven’t finished because it’s on Windows.


Back on Map (GNOME Maps update)

  • Mapbox may be committed to Open Source, it’s still a closed service. It’s only a matter of time before it gets noped too.
  • But in terms of simplicity, it sure beats having to re-render and host all of Open Street Map.
  • They use OSM for some if not the majority of their data but at least their maps look good
  • Yes, I like to complain about how bad the default OpenStreetMap looks.



  • They wanted to ban Open Source systems and now they are forcing vendors to support them? Make up your mind!
  • If they want to restrict the radio frequencies, why don’t they do that at a hardware level?
  • The new rules for the 5GHz band require router makers to prevent third-party firmware from changing radio frequency parameters”
    • Guess what setting FLOSS software will bring back… with a quickness.
  • Are you saying TP-Link’s choice to block custom firmware stemmed from a faulty implementation which, right from the start, didn’t adhere to FCC regulations and they were afraid DD-WRT & Co. would shed some light on it?
  • There’s no way a company would ever be THAT shady, riiiiight?



  • Good enough for kiosks and other types of public computers.
  • The price difference with the Windows version is quite huge, someone didn’t make a good deal with Microsoft
  • $199.00 for the 4GB 64GB version.
  • Free shipping
  • Delivery Time:  26-44 days #bonussoda
  • The Zotac Pico still feels like a better alternative.
  • This does have advantage of having more ports but, in a kiosk setting, how many USB/video ports do you need?


  • Sooo is Process separation the same thing Chrome did on day 1?
  • They moron proofed the add-on system.
  • Did they absolutely have to phrase it as cringely as they did?
  • Still no full GTK3 port and thus no multitouch support
  • But they have released quite a few enhancements for WebRTC



  • Were one of those people screaming at nintendo when they announced the NES Mini?
  • Were you saying something along the lines of “why can’t I load more games?” “Why is there no network connectivity?” “What’s the point?”
  • Well, for at least two of those questions, if you have a Raspberry Pi you’re better off building your own.
  • It’s probably not going to be $35 with a controller included, but you’ll be able to play all the NES, SNES, Playstation, PSP and GameBoy games you want.
  • The RFID game cartridge thing is neat but, in a real world use case, it’s completely unnecessary. Just make sure to leave a slot for the SD card on the 3D printed shell.



  • Everyone in shatrealm should build one to spice up the LGCW drinking games
  • Requires a B
  • Each motor requires 12VDC and 300mA so you will need to roll your own power board.
  • Mix four happy liquids with an app.
  • You can almost make a Long Island.
  • Booze and electronics, my 2nd and 3rd favorite things in the whole wide world.


Get yo VIVe on

  • Why don’t we have a full test for this from Empty?
    • He’s working on it.
  • WebVR must be some kind of joke right? Something created specifically to make people sick.
    • VRML or GTFO!
  • The community made the VIVe work on Linux before VALVe did!
  • Where’s that commitment, Valve?


Electron story of the week

  • Remember last week, when I asked what the point was of having a browser be your window manager?
  • Strider called me out on it. Now he can’t.
  • That is indeed based on browser technologies but calling it a window manager is a bit of a stretch.
    • Does it manage windows? y/n
    • It does but…
  • It’s merely a lib used to create electron apps with multiple windows. It’s like saying Qt or Gtk are window managers because one can create apps with multiple windows and dialogs with them.


This week on neat but WHY?

  • Why? Because it allows to stream anything to a Chromecast?
    • So it’s PLEX with no UI?
    • And don’t start with the open sauce excuse BS.
  • No one told the developer that ffmpeg is available again in Ubuntu
    • We need a ffmpeg-nvenc ppa
    • I thought that the whole point of writing this script was that it wasn’t possible to distribute packages legally
      • thatsthejoke.jpg


Because 10

  • If this can bring more people to Linux, I’m all for it!
  • Enforcement only happens on fresh installations, with Secure Boot on.
  • Alright, this is MS so I should say Enforcement only happens on fresh installations with Secure Boot on, for now”




  • Even on Linux specific websites, Linux market is far below 98%. At some point OMGUbuntu released some stats and I think Linux was at about 50%.
  • On websites for developers, Linux has a better adoption rate, for example, W3Schools had a 5% Linux share.
  • Of course, if you’re a Linux user, you probably know better than using W3Schools



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