LinuxGameCast Weekly EP201 – Pink Glittery Smoke

Valve places a bet! Mighty No. 9 gets delayed (again), Quake turns 20, and tiny Build calls out G2A. Then RC Mini Racers faces the CHAIRQUISITION!


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Colour key: Atomic French Venn

Steam News:

Wanna bet?

  • Basically the same as suing winter because people gamble on hockey.
    • Who said Hockey?! Since when is it Valve’s job to hunt down people who are gambling? Besides I consider the internet international waters.
  • Betting skins and selling them for cash.
  • Anything that can remind Valve that they’re a game publisher that should sell games, not virtual hats or gun skins, I’m okay with.
  • Seriously, if it weren’t for these virtual pieces of crap, Valve would have released several new games by now (or would have closed the shop had they failed to ship anything)

  • The sad part being is the lack of Linux support.
  • I personally expect the VR experience to be very bad if there are ANY framedips, or input latency.
    • You expect them to actually release it on Linux?
      • Yes  #ValveTime
  • No, wait, I KNOW it will be bad.
  • <Insert framerate rant here>
  • With the exception of the really graphically-undemanding games, an SLI setup is required to get the framerates up to snuff, which is not an option for us.
  • I’m theorizing that Valve understands this, and chose not to release on Linux at this time, for that reason.  They (Windows users) get to work out the bugs, we get the polished product. /theory
  • A third of Valve employees is huge for a technology that has yet to prove itself to be viable
  • Reading between the lines, I understand that their next games will have solid VR support. Yes. I’m talking about Half Life 3. And Left for dead 3. And Portal 3. Bring out the threes!
  • I just hope that these games don’t rely too much on VR because most gamers will play them with the good old keyboard and mouse.



  • Is this a real issue?
  • Cheaters gonna cheat.
    • ELIV how this is used for cheating.
      • Cheaters use accounts with no personal details to cheat so that their main accounts don’t get banned.
      • But if they can’t gift to that account from their main account, (which has personal details), then they need to buy at full price and gift, or
  • I understand why Valve wouldn’t want to turn down money but any game bought more than 5 times with the same credit card is very sketchy



  • Delayed on launch day, impressive.
  • Unlike Carmageddon this will actually be released.
  • However…
  • Bad reviews abound.
  • With all the hype I was actually planning on picking this up, but with those reviews…  Not so much.  We’ll see if they sort the gameplay issues out first.  And bring it out on the correct platform, of course.
  • It wouldn’t be Mighty No 9 if it didn’t get delayed a bit more.
  • We’re facing a dilemma here: should games that have planned Linux support get a SteamOS icon on the store page? After all, Windows games that are not yet released do get a Windows icon. I think that what’s missing is an indicator that the game is only available on Windows. However, I think it’s good that they acknowledge the Linux version.


Going the

  • Don’t get me right, I love this game but they need to cut off the EA spigot.
  • Three years in EA is a bit much IMNSHO.
    • I agree. This game needs to leave EA already. Its already cutting it close to the “Year and a half” mark.   
  • Nitronic Rush was so new and innovative that when Distance came out, I was… disappointed.
  • They’ve added quite a lot of features and kept it steady, but at such a slow pace as to only tame my disappointment.
  • They could just as well take it out of EA, they’re more complete than many games at full release anyway.
  • That’s one of the dangers of Early Access, if it stays too long, people will already have lost interest in the game by the time the game is properly released.
  • I don’t really understand what they expect to bring more in the game, it’s already very solid.


Waka waka

  • Dear  BANDAI NAMCO… WHAR Dark Souls?
  • Whar Project Cars?
    • Yeah No Shit. I have been waiting for that Jem (and the Holographic promises) for a little while as well. But anyways Whar, DBX2?
  • Bandai Namco is not a Linux unfriendly publisher. If the developer team wants to add Linux support then they’re fine with it. But they’re not going out of their way to push Linux support if the developers don’t care about it.
    • Then people need to their call their offices to get answers.
  • Given that From Software is a Japanese studio, I doubt we’ll be seeing a Linux version of Dark Souls any time soon.
    • We need to start organizing mission trips to Japan, so they we can teach them about our lord and savior, Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds.
      • (LGC + Japan) =  Pedro and Sandy + Anime Costumes = Winning!


Level Hotline

  • This has been out for some time in beta but HAR is is.
  • Now please go make Hotline Miami 3!”
  • I see what you did there Brad.



  • Shut up and take my moniez!
  • If you’re one of those people with too much money, you might want to consider donating to the show on Patreon!



  • It’s published by Square Enix? I wasn’t expecting that!
    • With Hitman Go Having been developed at SE Montreal and now this being published. I think it is safe to say the corporate organization as a whole at SE are taking notice to cost savings from being Digitally Multi-platform friendly.
  • It does not look bad but the fact that you play as a ghost and the game looks very static does not bring a lot of personality in the game.
    • It’s a point and click.  That’s kind’ve how they work.  It’s not for everyone.


7 Mages

  • Fresh out of EA and added Linux support.
  • Did their graphic artist nope halfway through development?
  • Everything in this game looks horrible



  • People keep ignoring this issue because greed.
  • G2 is still using the b-b-b-ut we’re Ebay for keys” defense of BS.
  • While G2A’s business model is discutable, the main problem I see here is people being able to buy hundreds of keys with a fraudulent credit card and getting away with it.
  • There’s no reason to let users buy hundred of copies of a game with the same credit card to begin with, legit or not.



  • Good thing the end-users were properly compensat… wait.  
  • Good thing I can still run Linux on my full-fat PS2.  Just need to find a 40GB PATA HDD.
  • Sony now owes the US Air Force $100k or would owe them that if the PS3s actually were upgraded.
    • Yeah, I doubt Sony noped their boxes.
  • All the clusters built with PS3s were unlikely to be connected to the PSN


New Quake

  • Wonder how hard they tried to find a way to make it not work on the Linux.
    • I don’t if they tried but if they did, they failed
  • Only a 15MB download.
  • Gave it a try yesterday, it’s hard! Very hard! And I finished Quake.



  • Finally, I can finish Super Mario Sunshine
  • They fixed the zFreeze bugs!
  • A build is available from Lutris! (It seems to have issues with the Lutris runtime so you should disable it for Dolphin games)


Knight Attack

  • GG them!
  • So is this a free DLC? An update to the game? A paid DLC?
    • Yes.


Damn lies

  • I made some stats based on the release dates from major porting studios
  • What does this show us?
  • Aspyr is either slacking off or preparing something big!
  • I want whatever the Feral devs are having for breakfast
  • Based on probabilities only, we should see games from all of these studios during the summer.

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: RC Mini Racers
Devel: Decane
Engine: Unity
Price: $4.99/€4.99/£ 3.99

Wazzat: RC Mini Racers is a fast paced and explosive racing game with 20+ remote controlled mini cars, lots of missiles and mines, turbos for an extra boost as well as great hard rock music.

Makes with the working


  • Ah, the Unity scream of nope.
  • Controlla only works while racing, fascinating.
  • It doesn’t claim to have Big Picture support but don’t let that stop you from complaining.


  • The controller configuration is bad enough to impact the overall experience
  • Default controller config from Big Picture didn’t even work
  • What’s the point of bringing a game to SteamOS if it doesn’t support SteamOS?
  • Other games have had their SteamOS icon removed for less than that


  • How many fucking games am I going to have to deal with that still use ALSA in 2016?
  • Other than that, it maintained 120+ ferps at 1440p.


Shiny / Sounds


  • It’s not fugly, just simple (because mobile) and dated.
  • The soundtrack can best be described as a Kidz Bop version of 90’s rock minus the vocals.


  • Graphics were boring when the game was released in 2012, they are not better today
  • Re-volt, which was released in 1999 looks better.
  • In-game menus are clearly developer graphics (and a tasteless developer that is)


  • The graphics are hella meh.
  • And the music is EXTREMELY generic rock.




  • Ah, ‘partial controller support’ an ancient Aztec word meaning “I don’t know how to Unity on Linux, bro”
  • Yep, this is the old skool good fkn luck remaping anything Unity pray-and-spray.
  • Pressing forward to accelerate… yeah, ima just leave it at that.   
  • Oh and that only works /w the left stick so going straight is challenging for all the wrong raisins.


  • The game gets all mixed up when a Xbox 360 and a Steam controller are plugged in at the same time.
  • Controller is not supported in the ingame menu
  • It’s a racing game dammit, you expect me to play with the keyboard?
  • I made a Steam controller profile for the game since there was none, should be available for everyone now.


  • Partial controller support is really not an option these days.  I should be able to navigate the menu with a controller, period.
  • Having accelerate/brake/reverse on the same analog stick as steering is Assinine.
  • And no rebindable controls (why the fuck did I even expect them, oh wait, that’s right, I should #entitled)
  • The steering is also difficult in a really not fun way.




  • Well, the first thing you notice is the decided lack of multiplayer.
  • However, the AI is so pants-on-head retarded it’s difficult to tell that you are not racing against randos online.
  • After the first few races it becomes hella apparent that RC Mini Racers started life as a mobile pay-to-win app.
  • The point of the original game was to make you buy coins with actually $$$.
  • And the problem is that mechanic was built into the game’s DNA from genesis and it’s nigh impossible to remove.
  • So you have this bizarre ‘coin race’ mode where you drive about (alone) and collect coins one at a time.
    • Yeah, that was the solution. Can’t make this shite up, kids.
  • Then you can exchange coins for cash allowing you to unlock new cars and tracks.
  • But VENN, is it fun?
    • Not really. It’s basically a shite arcade racer done with minimum effort.
    • The only real “fun” to be had is trying to maintain control of your vehicle.
    • Fortunately I found that rather amusing.
  • If you see on on sale for 0.99 or below pick it up.


  • This is an Android / iPhone game ported to PC without giving it any care.
  • They have removed microtransactions, which means you’d have to play an unrealistic amount of time to unlock everything.
  • Some multiplayer support would have been nice, either split screen or online.
  • A little bit more effort put into this game would have made it quite fun but you can’t just take your mobile game and click “Export to Linux”.
  • I kinda enjoyed it in 2012, now I can’t even be bothered if the controls are going to be that broken.


  • I earned $42,000 my first race, so I’m thinking “yeah, I can buy a lot of shit!”, except no.  Unlocking the second track costs $45,000, and upgrades in the car department are done in coins, which you have to trade your wet stinkies for.  You can buy 5 coins at a time (and no less) for $250,000.
  • Are you fucking serious?
  • If it had achievements, that would encourage me to play more.  #AchievementWhore But after 21 MINUTES…


Final –CHAIR

  • If the developers of a game can’t be bothered to ship a proper game then don’t bother buying it.
  • They were so close from delivering a fun little racing game, they could have fixed all the major issues in a matter of days.
  • After playing this game I wanted to compare it to Re-Volt so I made a Lutris installer for RVGL, a native port of Re-Volt, and it is better in every way.
  • What Frenchy said.  Do it right, or don’t do it all.
  • I wouldn’t buy this even on sale.

Hate Mail:


  • Why? Really? Do you have to ask why Valve would display 100% of their catalog to customers instead of just 20%? Valve isn’t here to display pro-linux ideologies, they’re here to sell games and the more the sell, the better for them.
  • It’s not like if it was very complicated to filter by OS anyway.



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