LinuxGameCast Weekly EP161 – Do Electric Hippies Smoke Holographic Trees

Unreal Tournament resurrects Facing Worlds! Unity releases a new build, Mighty No. 9 is available for pre-order, and AMD invokes the Streisand effect. Then Satellite Reign faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Hate Mail

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  • Justin
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  • Benjamin

Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Six of them are good

  • I have 325 games available in my library.
  • 2000 Venn thought he was ballin with seven Loki titles.
  • Check out the quote on Brad.
    • I wonder what a Sandy quote would look like
      • T̝̻̘͖͂̊o̶͇͚̱̱ͨ̈͂̉ͦ ̷͍̱̪̮̫̐͆ͭͪ̌̉̀ͬ͞ḯ̷̬̲̠̜̬̼̣̽́̄ͨ̀̀̚n̷͚̹͇̱̯̲ͦ͞v̵̫̞̥̻ͪ͌ớ̴͓͔ͣ̈͞k̵̛̻͚̖͕̣ͯ͒̈ͥͨͮ͢e̿ͣ̃͋͗̅̈̎҉̷͎̻͓ …



  • Size is one thing, but how does it feel inside…my hand?
  • I’m a little worried that the size might turn some people off.
  • I’m pretty sure I can’t hit the ABXY buttons with my right thumb, with that bigass flap in the way.
  • DualShock 4s are actually slightly smaller than the 2 and 3. I might get one of those instead.
  • Flibit has been futzing around with his for a while.   He was streaming some games controlled by it.


30FPS Windows only

  • Something something only time nerds will see balls on Merle Dandridge
  • “Up to 30FPS, PS4 Exclusive”
    • There, ftfy!


2 Tickets to Paradise

  • This is why releasing simultaneously for all platforms is hella important.
  • When this was first released /w all the wacky hype around it I was somewhat interested.
  • Months later, not so much / at all.
  • Yeah, even on sale.
  • I call it Terraria Syndrome. It takes so long for the Linux version to come out that, by the time it does, I’ve lost all interest.
  • I can think of a few other examples: Banner Saga, Carmageddon Reincarnation, Divinity Original Sin, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter…
    • It’s almost as if I’ve been burned by kickstarter promises, or something…
    • More on that in the Hatemail!
    • Two of those don’t even count because the linux versions will NEVER come out
  • They broke a bunch of mods too
  • Mac users still get the shaft


Victor Vran DLC Fo’ Free

  • It’s a weapon type.
  • So… they’re calling it free DLC when it basically amounts to a patch.
  • … Okay! As long as it’s free.
  • Not going to say no  to free shit



  • I’m surprised there isn’t a “420, blaze it” achievement considering how the rest of them were named.
  • Big steaming pile of meh


Mighty No. NOPE

  • While I’m still excited about this project I’m not touching it until someone gets their hands on it.
  • Release Date: Q1 2016
  • Yeah, the game’s pedigree is pretty neat, and it’s nice to see that the kickstarter actually went somewhere,  but 21 bucks for megaman?



  • After watching the first 15min of gameplay …meh.
  • To quote Scott Wilson “Oh, it’s that game again”
  • I still say we should get fucked up again when we review it.   Should be a rip-snortin’ good time.
  • From the creators of Penumbra and Amnesia Dark Descent, comes another first person, survival horror game.
  • In the words of Yahtzee Croshaw: “It’s good to stick to what you know and Frictional seem to be stuck, nailed and riveted to what they know.”
  • If this turns out as good as Dark Descent but with the glaringly design choices fixed (or at least dissimulated a bit), I’ll play the shit out of this one too.
  • If you pre-order, you can download the encrypted files right now and on release Steam will decrypt them.
  • That said, don’t pre-order a damn thing!
  • Frictional seems to be handling this game’s release through a different PR company, so we’ll probably only get keys on release.


NX-666 Voltron

  • So, a dumbed down version of Artemis?
  • More like a dumbed down version of Quintet, which is available on steam as a free to play game.
  • It also seems to emphasize exploring and doing general redshirt things
  • If it supports friendly fire I’m in.
  • When and if it ever comes out of early access, it sounds like something that could be interesting to play.



  • It had a Linux pre-alpha version eons ago.
  • Yeah, I noticed it went Windows only when it hit Steam.
  • The game is already DOA /w a $14.99 EA price and empty multiplayer.
  • You received $29,639 from a $23,000 goal for your Scraps: Customisable vehicle combat for Windows/Mac/Linux Kickstarter from Dec 18 2013
  • Then you pulled the Early Access double-dip and we’re still waiting on the Linux client?
  • While I’m glad you are making good on your promises I can not reccomend this project.
  • I liked the version of this game that actually looked like lego.   Because at least then I could pretend to be making lego tanks.


FGLRX 15.9

  • NVidia introduces full EGL compatibility and breaks nothing.
  • AMD has to backtrack on what it already had cuz it was fucking shit up.
  • … sigh …
  • No love for 4.x kernels either
  • Some pre release optimisations for alien isolation
    • So, not a VP port?
      • Who knows!
      • Well AMD noped it
  • Maybe won’t run like chunky corn filled shit
    • For those of you who have 4.x kernels and are stupid brave enough to run FGLRX


About that

  • Fearing reports they might actually give a flying FK about Linux drivers AMD nixes an update.
    • All about controlling the flow of information…which is already out there
    • SteamDB folks
  • OHNOES!11! People might find out a game launched on 7 October 2014 will be available on Linux.
  • It’s already on every, other, FKN, platform.
  • What’s the logic-organ here?
    • Corporate bullshit.
    • Welcome to 2013, Linux games industry!
    • Probably fearing some sort of reprisal for leaking a game’s launch.   We really don’t know what kind of shady goings on happen in the boardrooms of Sega and AMD
    • Whatever it is, I hope our friend Roy is wearing a ball gag



  • Rip Roy sounds either like a children’s toy from the 80’s or a sex toy nowadays
  • Maybe his eyebrows got so out of control that they had to put a stop to it
  • That said, he didn’t seem to be making too many friends with that account
  • Seriously though, we’ve talked about it at length.  AMD hasn’t been cutting it for a while, and it’s getting to the point that you can’t really take a defensible position as a linux user supporting them.
  • Underperforming CPUs and Shitty drivers.    Might want to get on that
  • Wanna read some posts by delusional fanboys?
    • I regretted that the moment I opened it.
    • What the hell is up with that subreddit? Is this 1996?
  • Implying some outlets may not be fair in their reviews is fine and dandy…
  • Until you’re the corporate VP of business relations.
  • At that point you’re shitting on the people who can help you and your company a considerable deal.
  • Unless you’re afraid of something.


Some food for thought

  • The X Development conference is being held by my former employers this year
    • WTH is Costco hosting Xorg events?
  • Some AMD folks gave a talk about the future of open source AMD drivers
  • And byfuture of open source AMD driversJordan means that the layer between X / Wayland / Mir and the firmware will be open source.
    • I never said it was a good future.
  • The actual rendering bits (the ones that matter, anyway) will be closed source until some point in the future.



  • Here’s the dice.
  • Even if they are in talks CD Projekt Red they would have to deny the ever living FK out of it.
  • Shite like this comes with massive NDAs because raisins.
  • It usually involves big honking fines if anything leaks.
  • I’m not trying to feed the rumour-mill, but that’s how it works
  • That said, it genuinely reads like an employee upset about a bunch of EA critters crawling around the office.
  • And besides, even if it were true, it’d have no effect on their position on linux.
    • IE: Fuck’em
  • “There was no downgrade, period”
    • GOG keeps CDPR floating fairly well, much like Steam for Valve (except CDPR still makes games)
    • CDPR may be trying to acquire an IP or subsidiary from EA.
    • There’s also the possibility that EA wants to distribute additional titles through GOG, or carry existing CDPR titles on Origin.



  • Just sayan
    • That’s totally the cover image for this episode
  • “The two developers are inspired by pen-and-paper RPGs and aim to merge what they love about such games into computer games.”
    • Arguing over who’s turn it is to order pizza simulator
    • Monty Python Reference Maker 2015
    • Secretly harboring feelings of scorn towards some of your mates simulator
    • Argue with the DM over mis-implementation of the Rules Simulator.
    • Am I getting close?
    • Wow, someone’s not a fan of Pen and Paper
    • That seems to be the dream of some game designers though.   A lofty goal that’s very difficult to reach


But can it assimilate a giraffe?

  • A bunch of crash fixes
  • It’s nice that they are updating the Linux editor… But for how long?


Saving Unity

  • It’s a bit mental that Unity does not have a premade implementation for this.
  • You have to use the binaryformatter if you don’t want players cheating using a text editor.
  • Unreal Engine 4 has built-in support for game saves, Brad.
  • This is something similar for Unity
  • I’m totally not playing /w the Linux editor …LIES!11!!
  • That is pretty weird.   Seems like a pretty significant oversight for a game engine


CTF (play video)

  • Finally a map where I can hold my own against P-man.
  • He’ll win, but it won’t be a complete slaughter.
  • I went right for the sniper rifle and BOOM headshot.
  • The physics must be damn near identical since that kill was pure muscle memory.
  • It’s been so long since I played that map I’d probably have my ass handed to me.
  • Well,  they’re giving the people what they want.   Can’t fault them for that.


I’m Baaaaaaaaaack!

  • Goddammit Epic!   Stop being so awesome!
  • We’re supposed to be hating everybody here, and you’re making it (and us) hard!
  • Seriously! Right now Epic could shoot a bunny and get a pass.

CHAIR – Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Satellite Reign
Devel: 5 Lives Studios
Engine: Unity
Price: €27.99 / US$ 29.99 / CDN$ 32.99

Wazzat: Satellite Reign is a real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open-world cyberpunk city. You command a group of 4 agents through rain-soaked, neon-lit streets, where the law is the will of mega-corporations.

Mandatory US Disclosure: The developer sent us keys.

Makes with the working


  • The tutorial (if you can call it that) is glitchy as FK and ALL.
  • I’m talking “use XYZ for thing” and it flat out does not work.
  • Fortunately it can be defeated /w a little common sense.
  • The game only uses one core, period.


  • Takes a  hell of a time to load


  • “Why is this taking so long to load?” *opens htop* “Oh, it’s maxing out 1 core out of 8”.
  • *lands in game* “Holy shit that’s a big ass map!”


Shiny / Sounds


  • I’m not a sucker for cyberpunk but this looks better than Company of Brown simulator 2.
  • Even at 1080 everything looks fine @ 11
  • Frame Rate can suffer in complex scenes because this game only uses one core.
  • When I say “suffer” I mean dropped below 60.
  • Sounds work and the voice acting is passable.


  • Looks about as good as an isometric  cyberpunk RPG can
  • Soundtrack takes a back seat.
  • The map is nice, big and detailed.   Kudos on that
  • What is with all of the holographic trees though?


  • With everything on 11 it runs at 53FerPS on the 970.
  • I’m guessing we can blame that on the fact that, out of 8 cores it maxes 1 of them and says fuck the rest of’em!
  • It’ll dip to the 30s if there’s a lot of NPCs, rain and lighting effects, but considering the genre, that’s… acceptable.
  • BGM is very subtle.
  • There were a few moments where I found myself trying to sneak by the police station and I could just hear it. And it fits, perfectly.
  • They gave the voice acting a little bit of a walkie-talkie filter and it helps disguise the fact the voice actors didn’t exactly know what kind of inflection to give specific lines.




  • Controls work.
  • Unlike J-man I used middle-click on the gerbil for map movement.


  • The mouse is a bit twitchy when you hit the edge of the screen.
    • According to roommate, this is an issue in the windows version as well
  • No wasd for screen panning.   -2 Chairs


  • If you move your mouse outside of the window it’ll scroll all the way to the edge of the map.
  • And it’s a pretty big ass map.
  • I couldn’t find an option to lock the mouse to the game, even in fullscreen mode.
  • If you go afk for 5 or so minutes, the game auto-pauses!
    • Bonus points for that!




  • It’s glitchy as FK all and the AI is pants-on-head retarded.
  • However the story is so damn solid I’ll overlook that.
  • It really has a GITS SAC feel about it.


  • It  tries to do something different.   Does it succeed?   Sort of
  • You’re given a lot of options on how to approach problems
  • Still, the controls don’t really do it any favours
  • The AI is a bit dumb as well


  • I don’t like real time strategy.
  • I liked the setting and overall story seems to be selling it for a lot of people.
  • I liked the Support guy’s mechanic of seeing how everything connects and which people have the information you need to proceed.
  • There are quite a few games that would benefit considerably from that.
    • Even if it does feel like cheating a bit.
  • You know, if this game had had the Wasteland 2 / Fallout 2 / XCom turn based combat, I would have been all over it.
  • As it is, meh!
  • I didn’t like Fallout Tactics, I never played Syndicate.
  • If you like Syndicate, this is exactly the game you want.
  • I didn’t hate it but it also did nothing to change my mind over real time strategy.



Hate Mail:

Jesus Christ

  • First off, sorry about your ADD. They have medication for that.
  • Second, we referenced an actual news source not some blog.
  • Third, and I FKN quote “I’m not saying don’t hate on Pillars, just keep in mind this is from a site that tends to only report negative Linux news.”
  • Did they go back and do damage control after the shite storm? Who wouldn’t!
  • Cherry picking indeed.
  • I specifically posted a link to the PoE forums, in the show notes, where everyone was sucking their dick and the guy who made those remarks was backtracking on what he said.
  • If you didn’t see it, that’s your fault.
  • Talk about cherry-picking the information, that article you mention (if it can be called that) only mentions that exact forum post.
  • Why, I keep asking this question, are you assuming that what WE say should in any way reflect on you or anyone else in the Linux community?
  • What we say reflects only on us… and little shits who go on the internet projecting their insecurities on whomever comes a little too close to home.



  • I fear a lot of people fail to realize that Kickstarter is NOT a store.
  • Everything you back is a FK mothering gamble.
  • The M.O. for most software devels is to promise Linux support but offer refunds to the community when they never ship it.
  • It’s a bit FKD since you are basically giving them an interest free loan.
  • In a way, this is good. As it sets a precedent of this kind of behavior and its repercussions.
  • But that’s the entirety of the promised products not being delivered, Linux ports are just part of the final product.
  • And if people start brandishing Steam hardware survey stats as an excuse to not deliver the Linux versions (you know, like EA did), the most we can hope for is like Venn said having the money refunded (interest free loan).


Enough with the giggling and self-aggrandizing humming

  • Yeah, we get it. You have a crush on the Portuguese chick.

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