Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – This Looks GIMPed

Microsoft blocks Linux! Seagate releases a 10TB drive, PocketC.H.I.P. goes 3D, and GIMP 2.9.4 is looking for testers.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu

MS Cares

  • You are trying to pretend RT never happened.
  • Let people get some use out of it!
  • Why does MS hate the environment?
  • While this certainly sucks, I kinda understand Microsoft position. They want to abandon this platform so they lock it in order not to have to deal with it in the future.
    • Because sticking with Windows RT 8.1 until 2023 is totes an option.
  • And quite frankly, I doubt that a lot of people will be affected, people who are into Linux generally know better than buying a Windows RT tablet.
    • A lot of people will end up tossing these tablets in the rubbish bin.
  • This can be said for any hardware, just do some research and buy devices that will run Linux out of the box, your life will be much simpler. Contrary to popular belief, Linux does not run on everything.


Patch yo shite

  • This isn’t the first time this has happened.
  • Back in July 2013, the Ubuntu forums were also hacked and the site was defaced.
  • Guess Linux is one of the big boys, if the leading distro keeps getting its community page hacked.
  • Same goes for Linux Mint a couple of months back.
  • That one was worse. Not only did they compromise the community website, they managed to replace the live iso’s with compromised versions.
  • Good thing that the forums used Single Sign On, if not even password hash were stolen then it’s not a big deal, really.
  • They were still able to download portions of the ‘user’ table containing usernames, email addresses, and IP addresses for 2 Million users.


This looks Gimped

  • I no longer need to run nightlies of Gimp!
  • I admit I was using that development release mainly for the dark theme and the new icons
  • It’s got tiling symmetry painting! I used that on Deluxe Paint IV on Amiga and I’ve missed it so much under Linux on so many occasions. (It’s also available in Krita 3)
  • You changed mah icons!11!
  • I don’t mind the dark/Flat look but you changed the ICONS.
  • Also hella slow because debugging.
  • The visual update was necessary. It was always something I did when doing a fresh install was to install small monochrome icons and make it darker.


Image sauce

  • Obligatory reference to HBO’s Silicon Valley and Pied Piper
  • Facebook should start using that so they can stop butchering our images
  • They’ll still turn around and sell those pictures to a third party the first chance they get.



  • I like how this hard drive looks, it’s like one fat block of metal, very nice.
  • Still more expensive than smaller capacity hard drives on a per MB basis. I just noticed that Seagate has 8GB hard drives for less than $250, and I was thinking about building a new NAS.
  • 1.5GBps read speeds are respectable.
  • Unfortunately I can pick up 8TB drives for around $300.
  • Seagate is, at this moment, worse than the old “DeathStar” era of IBM.


Okay Google

  • Ah the joy of building Free Software relying on proprietary services!
  • “we are going to need our own” you’re god damn right. Please do generate your own tiles, the default OSM tiles are the ugliest thing ever.
  • How invasive would an agreement with Google be, in order to use their tiles?


This has all happened before

  • The VirtualBoy was such a good machine that they needed to make a new one!
  • Is it a requirement for all cheap VR headsets to have a Black and Red display?
  • Not really VR but VR Boy.
  • Nothing like reliving the nostalgia of the eye-strain damage inducing Virtual Boy.
  • This comes from the relative success of the Gear VR, Samsung’s VR set which you can use with their phones.
  • Thing is, those phones have quad/octo-core SoCs in them which can muster a semblance of performance to provide a passable VR-theater experience.
  • The Chip, by itself doesn’t.


I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so

  • And, hot in the heels of our RasPi Segment of the week, ARM is on the verge of getting bought by Softbank.
  • A Japanese company looking to have a hardware company under its wing to fuel their IoT efforts.
  • You gotta give it to them. I can only imagine how that meeting went.
  • What’s the most energy efficient way for us to power an IoT device?” “The ARM architecture.” ”Who are the biggest ARM players around?” “Outside of ARM itself, you have Qualcomm and Mediatek. But they have a pretty lucrative phone business.” “Let’s buy ARM directly, then.”
  • I didn’t know my computing history very well, I just learned that ARM is British and the A in ARM stood for Acorn which were popular computers in the UK back in the 80s.


Asian Soap Opera

  • Speaking of purchases…
  • They only get the browser.


Private Areolas

  • So they went from a random LCD plugged into something to a poorly 3D printed shell.
  • They secured private funding after realizing their previous kickstarter was going down the pooper.
  • Their intention is to wrap up the prototype and have it available for demo before launching their next kickstarter campaign.
  • Which, and seeing how this usually goes, they’re going to lowball this next campaign and hope some other publisher/investor will actually fund them to fruition.
  • Maybe I’m just jaded at this point, but I don’t think this will ever see the light of day.
  • VALVe didn’t even bother with the Steam Machines themselves, what kind of momentum will the SmachZ have going forward?
  • Assuming they don’t can it before getting the money they need to manufacture it.
  • The future of this project really depends on what they mean by private funds from external investors. I imagine this kind of project doesn’t come cheap
    • They must have duped some morons.
  • Who knows, that external investor could be Valve maybe? That would be the best for the SMACH but Valve has been too busy selling CSGO knifes lately to focus on anything else.


My First Fedora 24

  • If you were ever a Fuduntu fan, I highly recommend you use Korora.
  • If you want to use the KDE version, wait until Plasma 5.7 is available in the repos.
    • It shouldn’t be long now.
  • Is there a shell script to convert a base Fedora install to Korora?
  • What’s the point?
  • If you are using the Fedoras do you really need preinstalled extras?
    • It saves you a bit of setup time.


We got some competition

  • Oh I don’t know, how about we just wish them luck instead of picking apart their FK MOTHERING alpha episode?
  • LWDW and LGCW will never have competition on a technical level, so long as Venn is working his magic with the audio.
  • And both Bryan and Matt need to work on that, badly!
  • That and while having the desktop being visible the whole time is kinda cute to start, it’s just kinda lazy in an age when OBS is a thing.
  • The conversation was also a bit… stilted, but I’m assuming that’s just a symptom of starting a new show. If they keep it going, they’ll find their chemistry eventually.
  • And before any of Bryan’s or Matt’s fanboys get all up in my business, if I’m criticizing something it’s because I want to see it improved.
  • And it certainly has a lot of room for improvement.
  • I don’t think it’s meant to be as produced as LGC or other big podcasts, it’s more a spontaneous thing, kind of like Linux Tech and Gaming.
  • Still, it could use some improvements on the general presentation.
  • Bryan has a huge presence on the show which leaves very little place for Matt
  • I enjoyed the conversation with Michael Hall concerning the Ubuntu tablet, it was honest and it was a change from the usual coverage which is either rather Canonical corporate talk where everything seems awesome or people who have tried it saying it’s complete crap. Here there was balance.



  • HA! Well that’s terribly optimistic!
  • First of all, I expect when Wayland actually ships, everything will be a broken mess for a couple years. Legacy games won’t run, apps will respond with unpredictable behavior and many more horrible things. We are also likely to lose some major features.
  • Then, the display server is one issue. But there are so many more. I see broken software everyday, I see poorly designed UIs, I see things that are not automated and should be. We have SO MUCH MORE to do.
  • I already consider the Linux desktop to be way better than anything else out there, but being the best does not mean that it’s good.



  • Well, that’s simple. All that is needed is to find the cable that connects your ATAPI CD ROM drive to your ISA sound card. Or you can connect speakers directly to the front of your CD ROM drive, it should also have a volume knob and a button to skip to the next track. Also, make sure to set the master/slave jumper right, you wouldn’t want conflicts with your hard drive.

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