LinuxGameCast Weekly EP209 – Swordfish

Feral teases Sleeping Hitman! Super Time Force Ultra arrives on Linux, Competitive CS:GO nopes coaches, and Mad Max shows signs of life.  Then Death Road to Canada faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.


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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:


  • Alright, is a “coach” just someone watching the game calling the shots?
    • Yes.
  • I agree with VALVe, here.
  • A coach was literally a ghost keeping an eye on everyone in the team and could pay attention to other details while the players focused on the matter at hand.
  • It was literally like 6th player just spectating.
  • I never really played CS:GO on a competitive level and the 25 competitive matches I won (out of a total 28) would have been considerably easier if I’d had someone else over my shoulder calling out stuff that was happening on screen which I wasn’t paying attention to.
  • The amount of times I got killed by running to cover only to jump on the lap of an opposing player was ridiculous.
  • If both teams are entitled to a coach, I don’t see the issue. It adds a new dimension to the game and allows for some stratergising
  • No real opinion one way or the other though.

Lost keys

  • This was caused by a vulnerability in vBullitin. LGC uses phpbb
    • The same vBulletin which was used in the Ubuntu forums when those were hacked.
    • Moral of this story: don’t use vBulletin, kids!
  • The g2a guys are probably creaming their jeans right now

Public” beta, as in, you still a need a password to unlock the depot

  • Come on full engine port. COME ON FULL ENGINE PORT. DADDY NEEDS SOME JCMP2
    • It’s a WB joint so who knows.
  • Strider said on G+ that it doesn’t look like the usual Virtual Programming port.
  • Feral’s been quiet, except for the “Depth Charge” blip on the radar moving to “very soon”. (Could be it)
  • Or it could be an in-house port.
    • Don’t tease me you son of a bitch!
  • Wait and see, I guess.

Super Time Force Ultra

  • Can’t tell if I hate this one yet.
  • FKs all kind of ducks on first launch.
  • Good to see older games finally come to the Linux.
  • It’s like rose and time meets contra. Weird
  • Had to bust out PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=60 on it though. Haven’t heard those beautiful underruns in a while


  • Fixes for the Sacrificial Altar only spawning gas, instead of the 7 different things it could spawn”
    • Way to sell out, Brad.
  • This update also nerfed 16.04 installs.
    • And SteamOS and any other distro which doesn’t carry TSLib on their repositories.
    • Or libsndio
  • Though a fix was implemented in Friday’s update, according to the dev, it introduced new issues with dependencies.

Is it cool now?

  • Have a single codebase for all PC + Mac versions of FEZ. A
    • THIS! We need more of this! No different unmaintainable versions of the same game! Just a single codebase that can be compiled for different platforms
  • Fezes are always cool and the game isn’t all that bad either.
  • It’s just a shame it has a developer creator who makes our egos look well founded by comparison.
    • That was the creator.
  • Kudos on Renaud for getting this game sorted.


1000 OC


  • Don’t actually put it on your lap. You may get 3rd degree burns
  • These are not mobile versions of the GPUs, these OEMs are using for the latest batch of gaming laptops.
  • They’re using the same chips as the desktop boards.
    • The power efficiency gains with the pascal architecture is pretty significant, but you’re still eating battery life.
    • Oh yeah! If you try gaming with a 1070 on battery life, you’ll be out of juice before the game finishes the first cutscene.
  • Damn near as fast as the desktop variants.

Here we go, again

  • Guess we can safely speculate about who’s doing the Hitman port.
  • Well, it’s a squenix game. What’d you expect
  • Sleeping Dogs or Hitman?
    • Yes

Good luck with that

  • We will never get Gauntlet so this may yet become a decent alternative.
  • We need something after we Trine Again.
  • It certainly looks like a frozenbyte game
  • Also looks like it’s ripping off Magicka

Humble Indie Bundle

  • Lethal League is a solid party game.
  • SUPER HIPSTER PIXEL ULTRA looks like a borderline interesting platformer.
  • Even locked at 30FerPS Nuclear Throne is worth the $10 tier.
    • And you get all the other games as well, since the average is being kept down low.
  • Octodad isn’t too bad either if you don’t already own it. Also Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a fantastic party game

Because No Man’s Sky is popular for all the wrong reasons (Thanks Orn)

  • Beseige in spaaaaaaaaaaaace.
    • More like beseiged and ARK had a love bebbeh
  • It looks interesting and if they can at least make not as dull as Nomanssky, they have a winner.

CHAIR – Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Toronto Death Trip
Devel: Rocketcat Games
Engine: Custom “written in C and using OpenGL + SDL”
Price: 14.99 / CDN 16.99

Wazzat: Control a car full of jerks as they explore cities, recruit weird people, rescue dogs, argue with each other, and face gigantic swarms of slow zombies. Randomly generated for a new story and rare events every time you play!

Mandatory Discolure: They Sent us keys

Makes with the working


  • 14.04 LTS master race, bitches!
    • *backtracks* now I have the error after the Friday update.
  • Had to use the Cwang method.
  • Oh look, now they fixed it.
  • Local multiplayer is BUS-TED.
  • A.I. keeps taking over P2 controls and this is a KNOWN issue.


  • On fedora requires dnf -y install tslib
    • * Was working fine on Fedora 23/24 as of thursday. Now complaining about missing as of their latest update (Friday Aug 19)


  • On Ubuntu 16.04 and SteamOS it required getting the from an old install or manually extracting it from the old deb files and dumping it in the game’s root directory.
  • Someone on the Steam forums discovered that if you just create an empty text file, compile it as a library with gcc and renamed it properly, it would also work.
  • According to the dev, he updated SDL2 to 2.0.4 and forgot to check for extraneous dependencies. Like the Touchscreen lib which caused the issues.
  • They “fixed” it… on my end anyway.


Shiny / Sounds


  • Moves like an overclocked ET
  • Hipster pixel 16-bit graphics done right.
  • Film grain makes it hard to spot the sparkle things.
  • Sound is hella annoying after the first couple death trips.


  • I mean, it’s just kind of meh. Hyper light drifter has spoiled me for pixel art. I want shit at that level
  • The film grain totally looks like the focus sparkles
  • …There’s sound in this game?


  • It’s not exactly hipster pixel, since the game itself only takes 50MBs installed.
  • And the pixel art isn’t terrible.
  • What really irked me were the camera filters they had going on.
  • Thankfully, they give you an option to disable those, which I did.
  • After the first run, which took me about 20 minutes, I had to mute the sounds and just listen to something else in the background.
  • I get the game is trying to be purposefully campy. I do!
  • But that doesn’t excuse how annoying the midi grunts and thwacks get after just a few minutes.




  • Sometimes it fails to register DULR.
  • Not saying it’s busted but I found myself having to tap the directional arrow more than once.
  • Didn’t try it /w the keyboard.


  • Aiming in this is really weird. Still kind of hit or miss for me *badump tsh*


  • Everything I threw at it worked, which is to be expected when you’re using SDL2.
  • Both the Logitech F310 and the Mistress worked really well and, should you really want, mouse and keyboard is a more than viable alternative.




  • Well, you can throw chairs.
  • Another game of random luck \:D/
  • Let me use medkits.
  • Sometimes you just get noped out of the gate.
  • Why bother with a save function?
  • A.I. yoinks ALLTHETHINGS!11!
  • If you are having a good run prepare for a siege.
    • If you are having a bad one expect two, or not.
  • Love the customization.
  • Alright, I love wailing on the random button until one of the LGC crew shows up.
  • Oregon death trail with hack-n-slash elements and hipster pixel 16-bit graphics..
  • Ruined by RNG events.
  • I never died (well, twice in siege but that still counts) by anything other than a rng event.
  • Allow 4-player co-op and get to work on that netcode and we’ll talk.


  • At one point, my squad consisted of RIchard Stallman, Sailor Moon and a Luchador named El Satan
    • Only Sailor moon survived, and her car blew up, killing her
  • Yeah, you just die randomly. Ha ha
  • This was initially going to get 3 chairs, as I enjoyed it from the outset
  • As time goes on though, the game starts to drag. You get the same carpool conversations again and again, and then RNGesus rips your legs off and beats you to death with them
  • The short game time is okay for a pick up and play title, but that’s all this will ever be. A slightly less than horrible way to kill a half an hour


  • This is a new take on Organ Trail with many improvements for those moments when you’re not just reading about characters spouting memes and internet culture references.
  • Getting out of the car and exploring the stores/houses of the cities you come across is now considerably more enjoyable than those similar sections in Organ Trail.
  • But just like Organ Trail, this is a genre which doesn’t really speak to me.
  • Granted you can still get some enjoyment out of making custom characters for your friends/internet buddies.
  • In my game, I was in a party consisting of me, Scott Michaud and Venn. We made camp for the night and a moose showed up. One of the options the game gave me was “Venn wrestles with moose”. Venn lost and died because the moose bit his head off.
  • It’s also a great way to burn 20 minutes to an hour when you just want to play a run and then do something else when your characters all get munched.
  • The inability to save a run, while fitting in theme with the whole Oregon/Organ Trail type game, just makes it so I get bored and get my characters killed after a bit.



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