LinuxGameCast Weekly EP173 – Autosquirt

SEGA declares war! CS:GO nerfs a gun, Alienware underperforms, and Double Fine goes Full Throttle. Then GRID Autosport faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Hate Mail

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Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Alien Render

  • So you want to promote the DELL Alpha by pissing on your SteamOS box by showing off SoM?
  • You forgot the footage was from teh Alpha, Brad.
  • Might also want to edit the d3d9 renderer bit
    • I’m surprised the Windows version it runs that poorly on their hardware.
  • I dunno, this kind of reminds me of using PC screenshots for advertisements  of the console versions
    • Hmmmm…looks like feral might be using their own version of toGL
      • Explains most of the shite performance.
      • Confirmed.
  • I think they might be streaming it. That red text on screen looks like the In-Home Streaming debug overlay.
    • It also explains the D3D11 API.
      • See my youtube link above
        • Ah, that explains that.

Jamies in a twist

  • New weapon introduced to CS:GO, replaces the Desert Eagle when equipped, 1-shot kills on the torso and head regardless of armor.
  • I can see why people are pissed.
  • That said, the delay from clicking the mouse and it actually shooting is obscene.
  • You can do the cowboy thing of fanning the hammer, but at the cost of precision.
  • I don’t think it’s as OP as some people are claiming.
  • That said I only did a quick match against a single bot on hard using just this gun, and I didn’t die until I had killed it like 7 or 8 times.
    • tl;dnr They changed a fkn gun
  • That said, all the “nerf the R8 or IMA quit playing” threads are hella entertaining.
  • I’m more upset about those garish sweaters that they put the chickens in. Girlfriend, it’s 2015.
    • Girlfrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend
  • A friend of mine is plays a lot of competitive CSGO and he hates the thing. Says everyone’s using it now
    • Of course they are, it’s a new toy that 1-hit kills.
      • Thank you pedro.  I was missing that logical tidbit.  My entire world makes sense now.
    • And they’ve nerfed it… Wusses.


  • I can hear Venn’s squeeing from up here in Canada
  • *vibrates* …unlike my contro… init: fatal signal: Segmentation fault
  • I miserably lost my first race against Venn.
  • There won’t be a repeat of that event.
  • I spanked cybik like Josh spanked us.


  • Another SEGA title strangely not ported by Feral.
  • Performance makes COH2 look like the bees-knees.
  • Wild guess says Feral left a template for the Total War engine and Sega/Creative Assembly have just been using that to port stuff, with no optimization done.


  • It kinda sorta fixed some lip sync issues.
  • Odd that my savegame (used for recording) was deleted.
  • At least they’re trying to address some of the issues that we covered in the review
  • I’m pretty sure many of them are baked into the game’s DNA at this point.
  • I don’t see any performance improvements.
  • “before we can start to optimize, we need to purchase the graphic cards.”
    • ^ Found this in the Update V 1.02 Changelog thread.
      • You would think something like that would be Step 1, or at least Step 3.
        • Hey man, if it works on a 780, it’ll work on literally every other graphics card ever
  • Are they delusional to the point of thinking it doesn’t need any, or are they just incapable of fixing it?
    • I had to try really hard there not to call them incompetent… Damn it!


Not quite 420

  • It’ll probably take a week or two for distro package maintainers to get this QAd and out the door into ${Distribution_of_choice} if you don’t feel like building it yourself
  • Not all r600 cards will have GL4.1 support , but if you bought one within the past three years, you should have coverage.
    • If my netbook APU does, chances are most of the 5/6k series cards are too.
    • Then again, my netbook supports OpenGL 4.4 with fglrx…
  • Intel also got full GLES3.1 support this week.


  • Short version:  Cooler master infringed on an Asetek Patent for containing a pump and a cold plate in the same unit.   Infringing cooler master coolers are being shipped on R9 Fury Xs and some GTX 900 Series Cards.   Asetek wants the companies making these cards to stop.
  • The article includes some speculation that they want Gigabyte to switch to using their parts vs Cooler Masters.
  • AMD immediately goes for the investor pacifying statement: “The cooler on our flagship was not found infringing. Even though the article says so…”
  • It looks like Asetek is already getting wet-stinky from Cooler master.
  • HTH can they go after AMD for using Cooler Master products?

Scam Z

  • Ah, I remember the 2014 E3 teaser for the Steam Boy Smach Zero Smach Z.
  • The product that was supposed to launch in 2015.
  • They still have nothing but 3D renders.
  • All their Kickstarter video shows is a LCD screen hooked up to a video source.
  • The game gear failed for a reason guys.   You can cram as much hardware as you want in a handheld, but if it’s too unwieldy or power intensive, it’s not gonna go anywhere.   This is both
  • And once again, mobile gaming has moved on to tablets.  If this was some sort of accessory, I could maybe see it going somewhere.
  • 5hrs running X86_64 cpu/apu that’s playing games @1080?
    • 720.   They’re saving the 1080P one as a stretch goal that they’re probably never going to hit
      • Oh, 720? I take everything back! not really
  • BS meter *explodes** *unless they are talking about how long it can idle.
  • The swappable button faces for the areolas are a neat idea, until you realize the page references using emulators.   Yes, because emulating an entirely foregin hardware architecture on x86 is going to do wonders for battery life

Everyone saw that coming

  • Still have my DOS CD… somewhere.
  • Ah, the game that laid the groundwork for Brutal Legend.

Click export to port simulator

  • They need to focus on making it lazy developer proof.
  • Some of those known issues seem pretty severe.
  • Ooooooh, a multi-scene editing tool!
    • Wonder how it works with lightmapping?
  • Oh yeah,   Push that metal renderer.   Because devices that use metal as their graphics API are such a huge percentage of game playing hardware.
    • iOS, $on.
      • eeeeeeeeeeeeh
  • They’re also switching to a opengl4 based renderer.   You can still fall back on the 2.x one though
  • In-app purchases made easy
    • know thy market
  • But will we see a linux version?


  • Money says they’re using an Intel processor.
    • *checks video description* Of course.
  • So, on a 4790K, which he says it’s 8 cores moon technology, overclocked to 4.4, with a Zotac GTX 780 and 16Gigs of RAM, running the game on medium-low settings you can still barely manage 60-70FerPS.
  • It’s certainly an improvement over Unity 4, but at those settings it’s still atrocious!

After a 12-Year Wait

  • Oh, FK building this mother.
  • Added a bunch of stuff from UnNetHack and NetHack 4.
  • They are looking for people to test the release on “historical OS versions”

Lutris 0.3.7

  • Frenchy’s trying to buy some love with steam keys in shatrealm

Daggerfall Engine Re-Implementation

  • They usually use Open Source engines to do this. Not this lad, no!
  • He’s using Unity.
  • Whar Oblivion engine reimplementation?
    • ummm…Whar Skyrim Engine reimplimentation?
  • Umm…daggerfall is free and works fine in dosbox.   Good effort though

– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: GIRD: Autosquirt Canadian Pro Am
Devel: Codemasters Racing / Feral Interactive
Engine: EGO 3.0
Price: 39.99 / CDN 43.99

Wazzat: It’s all about the teams, the rivals and the race in an intense new world of professional motorsport. Racing alongside a teammate, you must overcome key rivals and satisfy team sponsors in ferocious races where every pass and position counts.

Mandatory US Disclosure: Feral sent us keys.

Makes with the working


  • Go ahead and select 4K while running 1080 in big picture.
  • It will show you 1080P and that’s it!
  • Yes, Ferals version of the Unity screen of NOPE will allow you to select 3840X2160 (if you are running that res at the time) but it will, at MAX, start in 1080P.
  • THEN you can set a proper 4K res in-game making you wonder why they wasted your time in the first place.
  • Averages 40 @1080p on Ultra
  • 39.25 @2160 Ultra


  • When it runs, it runs well.  But it’s a wee crashy at 4K.  And 1080.  If steam nopes, this nopes with it, overlay or no


  • Starting the game before disabling Feral’s version of the Unity NOPE Launcher resulted in it getting stuck at the racist screen with the game’s logo in the middle.
  • It would still peg 2 cores at 100%, but wouldn’t go past that.


Shiny / Sounds


  • Even without the 4K texture pack the game looks more than a bit of alright.
  • The cars look fantastic (albeit a bit shiny) and the track environments get the job done.
  • Now, Jordan and Pedro will bring up the crowds but if you’re focusing on that, well, you shouldn’t be driving.
  • The sound of P-man sliding about behind me during our first online race was… satisfying.
  • The engine noise is a little weak but definitely passable.
  • Can’t say much more since I zone the hell out while racing and only pay attention the the aforementioned engine racket because shifting.


  • the people in the crowd are all doing the robot though.


  • Yeah, I got to see a very good distant render of Venn’s car during the first race.
  • I also got to hear the screeching of tires the two times I spun out during that same race.
  • It’s very good looking where it matters.
  • Like Jordan mentioned, don’t pay too much attention to the crowds around the track or you’ll be taken out of the experience.
  • You’ll also probably run yourself face first into the nearest wall if you do.
  • Car engines and screeching tires sound good.
  • Wasn’t a big fan of the background music, though.
    • The only racing game which had background music I enjoyed was the original Need For Speed Underground.




  • Works OOTB /w the Xclone controlla.
  • I got to ding it a chair because there is no way to adjust turning sensitivity on the cnotrolla.
  • This is an issue since I like to leave paint on the wall.
  • The photo you’re about to see was J-man after a “demo” race.
  • I touched him once, the rest was self inflicted.


  • I r gud dryver
  • apparently I can’t physics bruh
  • Doesn’t work with the steam controller.   Thinks the B button is the start button and vice versa


  • Recognizes both the F310 and the SHIELD Controller ootb
  • It taught me to treat the analog stick as though it were a nipple in need of fondling.




  • This is not, in any way, an arcade racer… and that’s a complete lie.
  • You see, it’s a mix of simulation with a bit of arcade physics tossed in.
  • Some people have a problem with that, and rightfully so.
  • If you purchase this title expecting “realism” you’re going to be put off by the little things
    • the lack of pit stops
    • no mirrors
    • competent AI
    • and most importantly, accurate physics.
  • However, if your taste leans toward the arcade side of things prepare to be equally disappointed, albeit for different reason.
    • physics.
  • That’s right ladies and gents it’s a simcade!
  • The racing genre single handedly responsible for teenagers parking their first proper motoring vehicle in a ditch, while attempting to navigate the local bendy bits.
  • I attempted the career mode but immediately noped upon noticing the XP based progression system.
  • Alright, that’s a lie.
  • I really noped when the game insisted I finish a drifting stage.
  • I feel somewhat qualified in saying in no moon-universe does it work like that.
  • Theoretically you could rig a car to handle like that much like you could fill a basketball.. with cheese.
  • At this point you might be wondering how I managed to put four hours in.
  • Simple, multiplayer and time trials.
  • Learn the track, learn the cars, go online and have at.
  • With everything from open-wheel to lead-sled demo racing you will find something to latch onto.
  • Unfortunately that’s not enough to justify the $39.99 price tag on Brad.
  • Especially for a game that has $140.90 of DLC.
  • That said, it’s another fine port from the lot a Feral


  • 1.5 Hours in time trials later
  • There’s probably a good reason why I don’t get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle
  • The physics in this game take a good while to get used to, if you’re not that experienced with racing sims
  • The multiplayer is where it really shines though.
  • The demolition derby DLC is free, and it’s fun as well
  • All in all, not my sort of game, but it’s competently done.


  • So this is what a Codemasters more sim type racing game plays like
  • It’s a dad game.
  • It’s that kind of games your dad plays because it requires a degree of commitment that only someone who’s had a kid has the patience to put up with, for longer than a couple of hours at a time anyway.
  • I did a 6 event championship and halfway through I just wanted to stop.
  • I didn’t because I wasn’t sure if the game would save my progress if I left the season halfway.
    • I really didn’t want to learn by trying, though.
  • But, as far as dad games go, this one fits a genre I like very much.
  • And since, other than the crappy performance on AMD processors (I know…), I can’t really complain about anything else.
  • As someone who played a LOT of Need for Speed World, I find the customization options for cars in the online mode to be far too limited in this game.



Hate Mail:


  • Why, in 2015, are you still including flash?
  • The hht is interesting. It’s like a souped up pharlap.
  • It also makes it so that if you have an NVidia Optimus system, it’ll automatically prefix Steam and PlayOnLinux run scripts with primusrun.
  • Are those features plus media codecs included out of the box enough to justify a several month difference with the appropriate Fedora release?
    • You decide. Not for me! I learned that with Korora and, even though it saves you an hour of work on a fresh install, it doesn’t really matter much in the long run.


  • Because when VALVe and Feral do it, it’s a Graphics translation layer.
  • When Virtual Programming does it, more often than not, it’s a binary wrapper of the Windows version of the game.

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