LWDW – Babby Skinny Linux

Linux turns 25! Fedora promises Wayland, Epic gets hacked, and PowerShell embraces the penguin.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan


  • vBulletin strikes again!
  • They properly seasoned their passwds but don’t take chance.
  • People need to keep their BBS systems *checks Shatrealm Static* yeah, UPDATED!


Yeah, bitch

  • Babby Linus is so skinny
  • Considering the linux kernel is arguably one of the most important pieces of software today, this should come as no surprise
  • Intel is spanking RH?
  • Didn’t expect that but it’s understandable.
    • I guarantee all of the qualcomm, intel, etc commits are just pure hardware support.
  • AMD made 2,100 changes? For what?


This is not a repeat from F24, 23…

  • it’s unlikely we can get the level of exposure and testing desired without keeping Wayland as the default.”
    • Trial by fire, bitches!
  • Someone has to do it so we can nope the chicken-and-egg issue with the drivers.
  • If they’re actually going to do this, they need to be damn sure that the implementation plays nice with Nvidia’s EGL Drivers
  • Xwayland also needs some work.   Otherwise step one of the F25 Post install is dnf -y install xorg*



  • Work on reimplementing solaris zones in linux continues
  • The lxc command now has some unix style subcommands for easy container management
  • Is this really better than virtualization?
  • I spooled up the demo and my first thought was “how can I break (out of) this thing”



  • Step 1, download and install the desktop client.
  • I don’t know if you need the client for things to work but I’m not installing the filthy animal.
  • After 30+ seconds of ¯\_()_/¯ it finally loaded the writer.
    • Imagine using X11 forwarding to load/use OpenOffice… over dialup.
  • Does not maintain Links, colour, or bullet points when executing a copy pasta from Googs Docs or Open Office.
  • If it’s unable to manage that I really don’t care about additional “features”  
  • On the bright site it does offer you 20GB of storage that could disappear at any moment.


Snowball fight

  • Outside of trolling coworkers what actual use would someone have for this?
  • I can see this being useful in heterogeneous systems where you  want to have a management centralized to a single windows box
  • Powershell requires modules to handle specific pieces of software (ie exchange, SCOM, etc), so unless someone is writing these specifically for unix services,this won’t do all that much for you Unix admin types
  • Embrace…Extend…
    • But if we open sauce some things Linux users will pick up Win10!


Read a book once in your lifetime

  • Linux command line book at the $1 tier
  • Lisp, Haskell, Erlang, Clojure and F# for all you functional hipster programmers
  • Learning Erlang and the greater good should not be mentioned in the same sentence
  • Learn to annoy people on Stack Exchange in five exciting languages.



  • Well, it is more powerful than the original PSP.   Can’t deny that
  • Another use for the Raz0
  • Gets 3-5 hours of use per charge (new one uses 2 cell phone batteries in parallel for extended play time)
  • Uses GPIO for button input



  • Alright, not actual “keys” more like golden hotdogs.




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