LinuxGameCast Weekly EP213 – Attention ARCH Users

Deus Ex is coming to Linux! Steam cracks down on reviews, CRYENGINE chooses Vulkan, and NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti specifications get leaked. Then AM2R faces the CHAIRQUISITON!


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Steam News:

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam reviews

  • I was wondering how VendettaCurse of Ravens Cry managed a “mixed” review.
  • This also prevents reviews from Humble or Kickstarters from being counted.
  • I can see this being a mixed blessing. Stops devs from reviewspamming, but removes the voices of cheap gamers who like their humble bundles.
  • Still, the ability to filter the reviews does something to mitigate the issue. Something…
  • Basically, your reviews don’t count unless Steam gets a cut.
  • It also makes it so we and other outlets who get keys from the devs/publishers, can’t influence the Steam rating.

Dev reviews

  • Most devels get why it’s being done but agree it’s a daft way to go about it.
  • Alexis Kennedy brings up a good point. Valve might reverse this if enough outcry is present
    • Na, this is VALVe trying to get out of using humans. They never back down from that.
  • Notice how most of the shovelware games that came out this week are sitting /w 0 reviews.
    • This right here is exactly why I agree with VALVe’s move.
  • It does in fact curb some legit reviews, like 3rd party shop purchases and kickstarters.
  • Those people effectively payed for the game and their opinion is about as “legit” as people who bought it on Steam itself.
  • I feel like the good outweighs the bad, here.
  • And if it does take a major outcry to get VALVe to screech back on this, I’m not seeing it happen.
  • And it does make sense for the store owner to value the opinions of people who bought the goods on that specific store.
  • I sense the possibility of some key tracking software coming down the pipe.

The Big Announcement

  • I am jack’s complete lack of surprise
  • Later this year” You gots three months, Brad.
    • Could also be code for “if we can’t hit our deadline they’re going to Arkham Knight the fucker”
    • But I mean, who gives a shit about release dates anymore. The mercurial nature of software development means that they are really just best guesses
  • People bitching about Denuvo in 3.. 2..
    • I’ve already seen people bitching about the telemetry the game collects
  • Everything you do in-game, from button presses, cutscene or dialog skips, etc., is sent to Square Enix.
  • Which is probably not ironic, given the issues the game tackles.

Rocket Fix

  • Seems to have fixed both the lack of AA and the framerate cap.
  • Remains to be seen if it still crashes and/or freezes at specific points.
    • Still nopes randomly if it feels like you’re taking it for granted.
  • Runs without issue on this end minus starting in a minimized window.

Worms of Massive Buggery

  • Still have to keep the export LC_ALL=C and the export PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=60 in the file for the game to work properly.
  • Did they fix the little Fedora bug?
    • They did not. Still 1 Chair
    • Which kind of pisses me off. I totally wanted to play that fucking game

You don’t say

  • So someone was playing metal gear solid and thought to themselves “Man, all this epic storytelling and challenging gameplay is really weighing this series down. Let’s strip it to the basics: Chasing people around in cardboard boxes”
  • For Five bucks, this could be good aftershow bait

Good idea Bad idea

  • Speaking of aftershow bait
    • ^
  • Game starts you off with 200 questions. For another 500 you gotta shill out about tree-fiddy



  • This week on rampant speculation.
  • Slower clock but more nodes.
  • That’s cute. They’ve binned a slightly less crippled Quadro P6000
  • Remains to be seen what the MSRP is going to be like.
  • Because if this turns out to have the same price/performance delta between it the new Titan X as the 980ti did from the old Titan X, most people won’t touch it.
    • I think NVIDIA learned from having the 980Ti match the TitanX.
  • It’s nice to see they also went back to the 384bit memory bus, that was the one reason the 780ti would curb stomp the 970.
  • We’re missing the big question on everyone’s minds though
    • Can you throw more than two of them in SLI? I have about 3 grand to burn and I want all the performance I can get on….doom 3?
      • And Serious Sam 3. How could you forget your favorite game also supports SLI on Linux?

GG Epic

  • Rite of Ilk, Research and Destroy, All Walls Must Fall, Kabounce, Allright Rig, and MEG 9 will split $100,000.
  • Epic has set aside 5 (pinky finger) million in grants to spur UE4 adoption.
  • While handing out money doesn’t hurt adoption, UE4 was already in a pretty good situation to begin with

Spock Cry’s

  • Vulkan first, DX12 whenever.
  • Makes sense. Lots of android devices that people like to play games on. And they support DX12 bruh. Right? Right?
  • The release is coming in november, so don’t get too excited just yet


  • IOquake3 always had a pluggable graphics stack, so this is just updating it to openGL 3. Their naming is very confusing
  • Why not vulkan, you ask? That’s a damn good question.

Someone needs a marketing department


  • Sister Na’tosha is preaching the good word
  • But will it end the scream of nope? Stay tuned
  • Oh look, you’re doing something you should have done in the first place.
    • Sometimes baby needs to touch hot stove to learn not to touch hot stove

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: ASMR2
Devel: Milton Guasti
Engine: Game Maker Studio
Price: You have to install Lutris.   Quelle domage

Wazzat: AM2R, short for Another Metroid 2 Remake, is an unofficial enhanced remake of Nintendo’s Game Boy game Metroid II: Return of Samus. It includes several new features, including redone graphics and music, a map system, and new areas and minibosses.

Makes with the working





Shiny / Sounds


  • Hipster-pixel perfection.
  • This is what’s possible if you target what games actually looked like.


  • They wanted this to look like super metroid. Mission accomplished


  • They set out to make a game which looks and sounds like an improved version of Metroid 2.
  • They succeeded.




  • Worked OOTB /w the Xclone controlla.
  • I don’t like the micro-freeze of forward movement after each jump.


  • It works with the steam controller using sc-configure
  • However, as you’ll discover quickly, this is a game that requires a d-pad
  • So one seeks out the controller with the best quality D-pad, the sony dualshock
  • Unfortunately the game doesn’t recognize it. Or any of the third party xbox controllers I have
  • It does recognize my old raged-on 360 controller, and that works fine. The controls feel a bit muddy sometimes. And I’d REALLY like that PS4 Dpad


  • Doesn’t work with the Logitech F310 or the SHIELD controller
  • Managed to get it to work with sc-config, as per Jordan’s notes.
  • But even then it’s not ideal because there isn’t a proper D-Pad and neither the analog nub or the left areola give you the same sense of precise feedback.
  • Tried playing the game with the keyboard until it was painfully obvious I wasn’t enjoying the time I spent playing it.
  • But more on that later.




  • If you enjoyed the original Metroid ( the only one I ever played/owned) this will hook you, ard.
  • If you didn’t enjoy the original Metroid you are damaged, rendering all of your opinions invalid.
  • You don’t play a game like this looking for innovation. Quite the opposite, really.
  • You play a remake/ohmage (and judge) on the devels ability to recapture what made them so damn special in the first place.


  • The game that best exemplifies a perfect remake is Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver
  • It didn’t take away anything from the previous games, just added new stuff and made the existing shit better
  • I feel that this game sort of misses the mark. That I feel the same way playing this game as I would playing actual metroid 2
  • Mind you, having never owned metroid 2 on the gameboy, I can’t really vouch for how apt a comparison this game actually is
  • It’s not a bad game by any means, but it just feels like a gameboy game with prettier graphics
  • And muddier controls


  • I have mentioned that I’m tired of 2D platformers before, haven’t I?
  • I will excuse it if it does something different, like Starbreak, Salt & Sanctuary, or even Awesomenauts.
  • Each of those examples of games I just mentioned are 2D platformers which outside of the typical platforming mechanics, they add something else to the mix.
  • Starbreak is an “MMO” of sorts, Salt & Sanctuary has the whole Dark Souls clone going for it and Awesomenauts is a MOBA.
  • The 2D platforming is just a stepping stone in those games for the rest of the mechanics.
  • Now I know what you’re going to say “But Pedro, Metroid is a classic. It was this series and others that refined the platformer genre.”
    • And I’d agree with you.
  • Except we’re not throwing chairs at Metroid 2, we’re throwing chairs at a fan remake.
  • As such, I can’t help but feel like this would have been time better spent in a new game.
  • Take the Metroidvania subgenre and the platformer mechanics if you must, but do something original or at the very least different with your limited time on this planet.
  • I used to enjoy platformers. I loved Castlevania on the Mega Drive, I loved Symphony of the Night on the PSP, I beat Alex Kidd in Miracle World on the Master System.
  • But those were the days of technical limitations. Those platforms had severe technical limitation which people were forced to get creative to work around.
  • A fan remake of a gameboy game for PC which adds very little of notice, is the literal antithesis of creative.
  • In fact, I don’t even see why Nintendo would waste time and money DMCA’ing this project when it literally does nothing other than fuel the nostalgia-riddled people, who’d rather reminisce about the time when their bones didn’t creak and had the brain cells to appreciate something new.



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