Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday: Minty KDE

Everyone gets angry at NVIDIA, Mozilla squashes Firebug, Skype is still broken and Mint kills KDE. All this plus your emails.


Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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Colour key – Venn Pedro

Are “spins” needed in 2017? (RTheren)

  • Having an iso come preloaded with your favorite DE is value added to a distribution.
  • I can understand Mint getting rid of KDE when Neon exists and it too is based on the LTS.
  • And I’m guessing they didn’t have enough people downloading that iso to justify the time to create it.
  • That and the fact that Plasma 5 is still very much iffy at best and a broken PoS at worst, leaves me a person actively still trying to use KDE not blaming Mint in the least.
  • “There are official Ubuntu versions featuring both Mate and Xfce, so Mint should ditch those too”
    • I completely agree and disagree with this statement.



  • If you think a little ranty hissy fit like this is going to get the single biggest player in the GPU market to support your Wayland compositor, when NVidia themselves have been butting heads with Wayland people about how to do compositing, you’re so wrong! So wrong!
  • I’m with the Reddit comment, don’t go after the end user.
  • I don’t really need some petulant child judging the entirety of my consumption habits based on a video card purchase.
  • Speaking of which…


EGLStreams of NOPE

  • I understand why he wants the workaround to come from NVIDIA.
  • I don’t see NVIDIA doing it but stranger things have happened.
  • EGLStreams are not a proprietary NVIDIA thing BTW.
    • But their implementation of it is very much reliant on the proprietary code in their drivers.
      • EGLStreams are not a proprietary NVIDIA thing BTW.
  • It wouldn’t be the first time NVidia had to provide patches to make their stuff work.
  • Heck! It took them a long time before they even implemented a vendor neutral GL dispatch.
  • During that time they basically had to fix their own issues regularly.
  • TLDR; Nothing has changed.
  • The real test will come when/if someone outside NVIDIA creates a patch.



  • Something else Chrome has been doing for a while now.
  • Firebug will be dropped with next month’s release of Firefox Quantum
  • Firebug has been around for 12 years.
  • Firefox Quantum will have this business built in.


Skype is here, like it or not

  • I don’t like it!
  • Then again I may be biased against electron apps in general.
  • Old skype still works, people.
  • They really want to turn Skype into a Slack / Discord type social app but that ship has sailed.
  • All MS is doing at this point is irritating the people who use Skype for its intended purpose.


Still waiting for the source

  • You want me to create an account to download a beta that’s crippled until I give you $$$.
  • Yeah, no.
  • Added support to adjust RED R3D RAW metadata parameters.
  • 16-bit GPU precision
  • Support for Quicktimes with Alpha Channels


It’s a virtue

  • Decentralized communication and collaboration software gets a dedicated desktop client.
    • And by dedicated I mean Electron.
  • Notice I didn’t say native!
  • Everything is a webapp these days, Steve Job got his wish.


Fdroid update (truggy)

  • It has pretty colors and shiny pictures now.
  • Apparently that’s all something needs nowadays to not be labelled as belonging in the previous, decade, century, millennium, etc.!
  • Much needed since the old UI was clunky at best.

Slice of Pi

Power Pi

  • Decided lack of M.2 port.



  • When you absolutely positively need to out hipster the hipsters.
  • No plans are available as of yet but they are in the works.
  • 3/10 on the TSA scale.





  • Alright, someone stop me if i’m right here.
  • I checked the comments and could not find one person having problems using Ubuntu 16.04.
  • I don’t watch an install video on replacing the waterpump for a Mazda Miata and complain about it not working on VW Jetta.

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