Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Unity No More

Canonical abandons Unity8! Xfce 4.13 learns how to OpenGL, Firefox gets a makeover, and Linux goes mainstream? All this, plus your feedback.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan


    • Don’t worry, being a Linux user is still considered weird
    • It only means more weird people go to Starbucks now
    • To top it off, add an extra layer of weirdness because Portland
    • “This may be anecdotal—and it may only really apply to my corner of the world—…”
      • Okay, guess I don’t need to point it out.
    • Make Linux weird again!
    • Keep Linux weird!
    • I don’t think running into a single Linux user counts.


New Fox

  • The last re-design doesn’t seem that old, Australis was released in 2014
  • Aside from a visual redesign Firefox 57 will also feature major changes for extensions by switching to WebExtensions.
  • Someone finally realized moving the home button to the right of the address bar wasn’t a good idea… Only took’em almost a decade!
  • Looks very similar to Chrome for Android.
    • It’s damn near a clone of the original Chrome.


Windows plus

  • Basically the open source version of WSL
  • But if it uses Cygwin then is offers win32 binaries, not ELF binaries
  • If I *had* to run Windows (and thankfully, I don’t), I would go with WSL
  • If there’s one thing Windows users love is having package managers to handle their software, am I right?


SHOT 2.3

  • The AppImage I tried wouldn’t even load a video.
  • The PPA I tried would load a video just fine
  • I’m not sure the switch to Qt is an improvement, visually
  • I really really want 2.0 to work, but it don’t.


Xfce .13

  • They finally nailed GLX compositing… I’d throw some fireworks but they’re kind of highly regulated here in Portugal.
  • One thing to note: xfdashboard. This, by itself, can make me want to use XFCE.
  • They still haven’t fixed the 1px resize border issue, which they say is a theme issue but I know it’s not true:  the problem is exclusive to XFCE.
    • Really?
      • Ya really, it’s my biggest gripe with XFCE
  • And for that reason, I will stay on Gnome Shell.



  • Next time I use KDE, I won’t have to install Plank or Docky
    • Not that you’d need to, the default KDE Panel has all that functionality and more.
  • Of course, being a KDE program, it has *tons* of options.



  • Handy little tool is handy for new users.
  • Basically a GUI for the mainline kernels from Ubuntu
  • Very handy to have for people who have a current-gen laptop where running the lastest kernel is often a good idea.
  • I got nothing other than, if you’re running Ubuntu, updating kernels, unless you need them for a specific use case like what Strider mentioned, is not the best of ideas.
  • I remember enabling the HWE thing in the LTS and everything broke.
  • Don’t use this or install newer kernels unless you absolutely have to.


Oh Snap

  • I really don’t see the Fedora community jumping on the Snap wagon.
  • Fedora is all about Flatpaks


Codeplex no more

  • Microsoft wants to move everything to Github
  • That move will either completely kill PCSX-R or revive it if they decide to move to Github as well
  • And no, I can’t think of another project hosted on CodePlex
  • Btw, I know that ugly fonts are the norm on Windows but how the hell did they manage to get ugly fonts halfway through the blog post?
  • Linus said if Microsoft ever made software for Linux he’d won, what does he call this when Microsoft is now ever more reliant on Linux based stuff?


Unity no more

  • That was absolutely unexpected!
  • And I’m more than okay with this.
  • Each time I would see Unity 8 stuff, all I could think of was: this isn’t going anywhere and I might have to switch distros at some point
  • Well, not anymore, I’ll be using Ubuntu for the foreseeable future.
  • I can only assume this means the end of Mir as well
  • Of course this happened for a reason: to refocus the company on IoT and cloud technologies, an area where Ubuntu is already strong and doesn’t have to prove itself like it would have in the mobile world.
    • This happened because Unity was a big steaming pile of NOPE.
    • This happened because no one outside of the Ubuntu development team gave a damn about Unity.
    • Why support a desktop environment on your own when you can simply not and use one that someone else is supporting?
  • Did anyone not see this coming?
  • Now, lets throw some more resources behind SNAP… a project that nobody will adopt.
  • Will they nuke Mir?
    • If they don’t have a desktop environment which will in no way in hell ever support Wayland without a complete rewrite, I don’t see why they’d keep it.

Slice of Pi


  • It’s still proprietary and you still have to pay for it but now it has 3D acceleration!
  • Should be able to run any 3D game from the 90s
  • As a result, you can now run modern, 3D graphics games such as OpenArena (Quake 3) and Minecraft
    • We have different definitions of Modern.



  • I do use apt most if the time but it’s still a stripped down version of apt-get / apt-cache
  • If you don’t need apt-get build-dep / source or apt-cache policy / rdepends / showsrc good for you but a bunch of people do use them
  • Apt is good for the basic stuff but the underlying tools are here to stay.
  • But I agree: JUSTE SUDO APT INSTALL!!!!


  • Don’t worry, Debian Sid will play your ALAC files
  • Do it. Dooooo it!


  • Running XFCE on Arch, using btrfs, on an AMD Ryzen machine is also simply known as: asking for trouble.

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