Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – OMG Drama

Pimoroni turns 5! Mozilla gets busy, Grsecurity sues Bruce Perens, and recording Wayland for fun and profit. All this plus your feedback!

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan


Linus kinda had a point

  • If your business relies on the Linux kernel you might reconsider poking the people who make it.
  • Seriously, they could make your “security” patches, how do I say this… incompatible.


Wayland confirmed in 17.10–guadec-2017-and-plans-for-gnome-shell-migration/


Recording the Wayland Desktop

  • It’s a GUI for Wayland recordings. I’m alright with this.
  • Until OBS starts supporting Wayland, at which point it’s going to be obsolete.


Getting the latest vivaldi made simple

  • The latest version hid all my tabs and I can’t reenable them.
  • Oh, a Noobslab article which suggest a third party repo, rather than one of their completely redundant PPAs? Well, I never!


Firefox gets busy

  • Speech to text is neat if completely pointless.
  • Oh you can take notes on the browser now? Why would I want to use that rather actual pen and paper or Gedit?
    • You know, something that doesn’t get wiped if the browser “closes unexpectedly”


Fox fires version 55

  • Does the Ubuntu Modifications plugin still cause multiprocess windows to be disabled on 16.04?
    • Judging from the lack of them even mentioning anything regarding the multi-process/extensions block, the answer is most likely yes.
  • So, if you want to use Firefox in any significant way with Multi-process, you still have to FORCE it on.


OMG Drama

  • I’m only posting this because of all the “free speech” and “censorship” posts i’ve seen.
  • For some moon-reason this post from a MOD was not stickied.
  • Also, if your business model relies on writing a blurb and linking to a source and you haven’t already started the transition to making actual content (reviews, editorials) you’re going to have a bad time on Reddit.
  • Most sites know this and have resorted to writing increasingly click-baity headlines in a feeble attempt to retain traffic.


Podcasting patent” is officially dead

  • Took’em long enough.
  • US patent law is a horrible broken mess already, it doesn’t need a slow ass judiciary system effing it up even further.

Slice of Pi

Pimoroni turns 5


GPIO Zero hits v1.4

  • Program the GPIO pin on the Pi Zero even better now.


Swap files

  • If Strider were here he’d say swap files are future because of the flexibility they offer in terms of size.
    • And if you do have limited storage like a low capacity SSD, yes you may want to use a swap file and actively manage its size so you only have as much as you need.
  • But if you have a 1TB+ warm storage drive in your box, don’t worry about it too much and just use a partition.

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