Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Stretching Debian

OpenSUSE makes XFCE pretty, Vivaldi gets personal, WPS Office returns from the dead, and Ubuntu for mobile receives a post mortem.

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan


  • Administrators and those in security-sensitive environments can be comforted in the knowledge that the X display system no longer requires “root” privileges to run.”
    • Why was this still a thing?
  • 4.9 Kernel, Firefox ESR 45.9, Chromium 59, KDE 5.8 LTS, Mate 1.16, XFCE 4.12.
  • Basically, this is the one moment in time Debian stable’s life it isn’t as stale as we often imply.
  • Iceweasel and Icedove will be replaced by Firefox and Thunderbird.
  • The Debian live images now include support for UEFI booting.
  • Debian can now be installed in 75 languages.


WPS Who Cares

  • After asking around people seemed to be split between “I thought that was canceled” and “what’s that?”
  • It tweeted that the project was going open source and deleted them followed by blaming blogs and news-sites for spreading fake news.
  • Short story long: If you are using WPS Office, STOP.



  • You can finally dock developer tools.
  • Again, sorting downloads i s a thing.
  • A few Quick Command improvements for those of you suffering from musophobia.



  • You silly silly people.
  • The appeal of XFCE is having a blank slate that you can customize.
  • Admittedly, they give some good tips for people who want to start futzing with XFCE.
  • Whisker is in fact a much better menu than the default one, if for no other reason than it has a search box.
  • I personally wouldn’t bind the menu to the Windows/Mod4/Super key. If you want to use it for other key combos, the menu will always open whether or not you want it to.
  • The suggestion about Thunar and other archive managers is also good, if for some reason you don’t want to use File Roller.
  • Instead of janking up XFCE just install Mate.


Make WTF config

  • Ever been so board that you
  • I didn’t actually go all the way with this, does it just download a bz2 with all the configs you set up?
  • This weeks challenge is figuring out a use-case for this critter.



  • Wonder what was cheaper, the 1M or having a functional and tested backup solution.
  • Windfall payment by poorly secured host is likely to inspire new ransomware attacks.”
    • I honestly doubt they will be very successful. Unless there are more people running servers from 2008 completely unpatched.
  • At that point, they probably deserve it.
  • Kida wish this host stayed down since there is no telling how many boxes were compromised… and probably still are.


Ring ring

  • 2. The user experience was bad and priorities skewed.
    • It was running Unity, that much was implied.
  • 6. The life of an app developer was too hard.
    • This will kill app development in your platform and without apps, that platform dead on arrival.
  • He also mentions creating an entirely new graphical server which no one else wanted to use, which if I remember correctly Canonical’s response to that, when everyone told them as much, was to put their fingers in their ears and go NANaNANANA!
  • I’m going to kinda miss Ubuntu doing wacky bizarre things that have a less than 1% chance of succeeding.
  • Not even MS could buy their way into the mobile market.


Okay Dragon

  • Did you ever feel like Mycroft had too much functionality and should have the face of a lady who fell nose first into the uncanny valley?

Slice of Pi

No pi

  • They are dropping these three but the upcoming Minnowboard 3 and the Curie compute module are still being actively developed and supported.



  • Vulkan is teh cexy,




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