LinuxGameCast Reviews – Day Of Infamy

This week your intrepid heroes wait for things to load, crouch in corners, and run from Canadians. Day of Infamy faces the CHAIRQUISITION!

Game: Day of Infamy
Webzone: Day_of_Infamy
Devel: New World Interactive
Engine: Source Engine
Price: $19.99

Wazzat: The creators of Insurgency present the next installment of their successful FPS platform with Day of Infamy. Featuring tactical close-quarters WWII combat across a wide range of multiplayer and coop scenarios.

Mandatory Disclosure: We were sent keys.

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Makes with the working


  • How did you make something using the Source engine run so poorly?
  • I mean, this thing is borderline fugly (we’re talking Wolfenstein ET level) and i’ve seen it touch 30 a few times @ 1080.
  • I can run HL2 @ 2160 and never see it dip below 100.
  • Had a few random crashes to desktop but nothing inexcusable.
  • I will however ding it a Chair for the FK mothering load times.
  • Yeah, that business is only being done on a single thread for some bizarre moon reason.
  • It makes Deus Hex load times seem reasonable.


  • Thar be some bugs
  • Thar also be some serious load times.


  • Uses straight openGL so no issues
  • small crash initially, making steam not think I was playing even though I was playing for an hour
  • Holy load times batman
  • Bonus points for dedicated australian servers, not oceana, not asia, FUCKIN SYDNEY!


Shiny / Sounds


  • It looka-like-a-game built with the source engine.
  • And by that I mean it looks like something straight out of 2004.
  • I’m not saying it’s arse ugly or lazily done but wicked-dated is wicked-dated.


  • Foxy first discovered that the canadians in this game are all possessed by the void spirit
  • Other than that, it looks like a source 2 mod
  • They have some generic trumpety-war-themed menu music
  • Everything else in game is just what’s actually happening


  • its not going to win any awards for the shinys
  • Argh My eyes!!!!
  • however maybe by design as I was getting ~150fps with everything turned up and 2x AA
  • This is more of a game of sounds than visuals
  • No music but its absense adds to the tension especially in games with few players
  • constant player chatter but in a good way, you can only hear in earshot, everyone does not have magical radios
  • never heard so many fuck’s and shits




  • WASD shooter, nothing to report.


  • You definitely want to check the keymaps before you start playing. Some of the controls, like going prone or deploying a bipod aren’t immediately intuitive


  • standard FPS fair for Keyboard and gerbal
  • And fuck me there is alot of controls, and simple they are not
  • says enable controller, but all I could do was move and nothing else with the PS4 controller




  • Sorry lads, but this is (if i’m being kind) a reskinned Insurgency.
  • However Day of Infamy does introduce something new and bizarre.
  • Fast-paced action with near insta-kill weapons.
  • Yeah, that doesn’t exactly make for an authentic WWII simulation.
  • The only way I could enjoy that business would be hella-legit permadeath.
  • I tried to learn the basics via matchmaking but that system is noted doge shite.
  • Filled with campers, bots, and players WAY above my paygrade.
  • I even tried a few of the classes but at the end of the day Day of Infamy failed to bring anything new to the table.
  • It’s hard to recommend something that looks, feels, and plays like a MOD for Insurgency.


  • “Realistic” shooters don’t really do it for me.
  • I like my shooters in the quake/counter strike vein
  • While there are a bunch of different modes in this game other than run around and kill people, it basically boils down to pretty much the same thing:
    • Attempt to capture point, die, wait for respawn
  • The closes thing I had to fun was using the flamethrower guy and barbecuing whichever poor sod walked in front of me
  • All the other classes tend to get you killed pretty quickly, what with the “realistic recoil”
  • I feel maybe coordinating with friends over voice chat would improve the fun of the game, but bots and randos don’t really do it for me


  • Im am really in 2 minds about this game
  • It has moments of real fun, then times where it ends up really shit and annoying
  • It really lacks polish and tightening
  • I have found out that this game was originally a mod, then made into a game….cash grab maybe?
  • Where is the Tobruk map, if you put aussies in your game you better give us a map
  • However generally the aussie representation is pretty good, kinda had a mad max effect at the beginning but it got better
  • “Find the camper” the game
  • I have lost count of how many points i captured by sitting in a corner
  • Even won one by laying down in the back of a truck
  • However this is the first time in a very long time i have had to think laterally instead if going in fullsteam ahead guns blazing
  • By that i mean i have found myself instinctively doing flanking maneuvers
  • You need 2 people to call in fire runs, bombing runs and resupplies
  • And these are really cool and where in most games you order it in then EXPLOSIONS! But in this you can hear the planes diving down and scares the crap out of you
  • All the game modes ate just variations of “capture the point”
  • All sounds good, however there is BIG flaw….map selection
  • I have played well over 2 hours and only seen 3 maps
  • At the end of the battle everyone picks the next map and guess what, everyone only picks the map they know they can win on
  • This leads to each battle being the same over and over which is boring
  • This also allows player who play it alot make it impossible to win against
  • I would normally call this 4 chairs for fun, however with the map selection and unfair nature this creates i can only give it 2 chairs




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