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Fedora goes Flat, Krita learns an expensive lesson, Gedit needs a maintainer, and should Adobe open source Flash? All this plus your feedback!

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan

Open source Flash?

  • That’s a great idea. Open source it, reveal all its shortcomings, dirty hacks, security pitfalls and who know what other fudgery Adobe loaded it with over the years.
  • Watch Adobe’s stock price plummet.
  • Watch as every single website still using flash crashes, burns and infects everyone visiting it before the community can go in and fix those issues itself.
    • True, but think of all the unknown exploits currently in use.
  • Flash, even in its dying state, is still a golden goose for ill intentioned people on internet.
  • Let it die, burn its corpse, bury the ashes and salt the earth where it was buried.
    • Then take a bulldozer and dump that patch of land into an active vulcano!


Gedit Text Editor is No Longer Maintained

  • It’s a baked piece of software.
  • Yeah, and if there is a security issue or some bug that crops up, I’m pretty sure it’ll get patched and fixed in no time even if it’s not actively maintained.


Raising money for a RISCy idea

  • To answer the first two questions posed in the article, probably not and nope.
  • If they pull this off it will be the equivalent of a really big Pandora.
  • Yeah, no.
  • In the age of the Raspberry Pi, and ARM is the progression of what PowerPC was trying to do, this isn’t going to fly.
  • Why not sell a RISC V/Power 8 laptop too, while you’re at it?
  • I already have an ARM lappy, it’s called a tablet.
  • POWER on the desktop will never happen.


Things that make you go crash

  • It’s 2017 and storage is cheap.
  • You don’t get awarded extra penguin points for not having swap enabled.
  • The kernel likes having swap and it helps improve performance.
  • Swap will buy you time if something is noming all the memory.
    • That’s what saved me both times Chrome sprung a leak.
  • And something else I inadvertently learned from those experiences, put SWAP on a hard-drive.
  • You’ll learn to identify the obnoxious ruckus it makes, when it starts swapping constantly when you run out of RAM, as an unmistakeable alarm.


ListenBrainz (OSS alternative to enters Beta stage

  • You lot really need to do a better job of explaining your projects.
  • I read the entire post and quite honestly have little idea exactly what a ListenBrainz is.


OpenGL v. “We have a bunch of loose extensions”.6

  • And because NVidia sucks and NVidia is the worst, they’ve already put out a beta driver with OpenGL 4.6 support:
  • This is just a quick mention since we’ll go into more detail come Saturday night.


Krita learns an expensive lesson

  • Krita Foundation messed up on taxes because VAT.
  • Ended up with a 19K Euro bill.
  • For the future, they’ve separated the sales of training videos, artbooks and sales on the Windows Store and Steam out to a separate company.
  • Private Internet Access brought some good will and sponsored Krita to the tune of 20,000.
  • And the project picked up €9562 in donations.
  • 24’000 is a pretty fat stack to pay for what to my mind is a pretty minor screw up.
  • Then again, I’m not into the whole financial side of things so it could very well be a major thing.
  • But, then again, they did manage to negotiate it down a full €9k. So my point still stands.


Fedora proposes going Flat

  • Flatpak in Fedora 27 would be a welcome addition.
  • It would be a good way to see how RPMs and Flatpak get along.
  • Concerns have been raised about Flatpak distribution and sandboxing.
  • Ideological differences over packaging formats are ideological.
  • FESCo unanimously approved the proposal.
  • If these “Universal” packages are to be taken seriously, we actively need to start seeing them being adopted by the big distros.
  • SteamOS, arguably the one distro that every other distro is actively compatible with, they support flatpaks.
    • It was first pushed as a BETA two weeks ago and that support is now in the stable repo.


Microsoft Linux leaves beta

  • It will no longer be marked as beta when the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is rolled out.
  • Run Linux Command-line tools for development and (basic) administration
  • Linux files are NOT accessible from Windows
  • NO current plans to support X/GUI apps, desktops, servers, etc. at this time
  • This, besides the whole mindblowing aspect of MS providing a Linux susbsystem, through the official store, actively supporting it and advertising it, is a good thing.
  • If you’re stuck with Windows at work, as I predict I will in the not too distant future, this is a way of you having a familiar command line prompt and ameliorate the fact you’re still stuck with Windows.

Slice of Pi

Don’t build a 486

  • 2015?
  • I’m bringing this up since someone was pondering build a 486 retro gaming box.
  • Protip: Don’t.
  • This should provide the same amount of headaches.  


Best selling British computer in the world hits another milestone

  • That’s a lot of Pi!
  • But that also means we’ll never have a shortage of stories for this particular segment.




  • If you’re not going to install Ubuntu I’m not going to install elementary OS.

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