Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday – Firefall

Firefox marketshare is on the decline, Ubuntu 16.10 reaches EOL, and going green with OBS. All this plus your feedback!

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Colour key – Venn Pedro Mathieu Jordan

Flathub is a thing

  • I agree that SnapFlatImages are all the craze but they have a loooong way to go before they replace ppa’s on my Ubuntu system.
  • Flat has the best chance of becoming a universal standard but it will never happen.
  • At least there’s now a central-ish hub from which flats can be gathered up and pushed down to people.
  • Which if we’re being serious about this whole redundant universal package thing, there needs to be one.


Ubuntu 16.10 reaches EOL

  • 9-month support cycles are among the myriad of reasons I run LTS.
  • Remember kids, 17.04 is also a non-LTS.


GNOME leaves a bad taste

  • a tool to generate thumbnails from Windows executable files”
    • Ah, no worries on this end.
  • For successful exploitation of the vulnerability, an attacker can send a crafted Windows installer (MSI) file with malicious VBScript code”
    • ALL VBScript is malicious.
  • So… Another Linux vulnerability caused by Windows?
  • Basically, get rid of the gnome-exe-thumbnailer, if you want to be safe.


The Fox is Falling and it can’t get up

  • Huge fan of the work done by the Mozilla foundation but I quit using Firefox as my daily quite some time ago.
  • Googs never told me to switch my browser but it wanted me to make my homepage and default search engine.
  • Firefox did not lose because of Google, nay. It lost because of Firefox.
  • Seriously, Firefox had become such a bloated pile of nope a new browser (without plugin support) was able to drink its milkshake.
  • Firefox is a perfectly usable browser nowadays, if you force enable multi-process so that you can use it with plugins.
  • Thing is, public perception is also very important and Firefox was never the mainstream. It was, at one point, the darling browser of most geeks.
  • But most people were still using IE, many people kept on using IE until Chrome finally won.


Mozilla wants your vibrations

  • Mozilla is crowdsourcing 10,000 hours of audio so anyone and everyone can use it to train and build voice apps.
  • Does not require you to submit any personally identifiable data.
  • Honestly, the idea behind it is enough to get me to help them.
  • Take the voice recog monopoly away from Google and other such companies and let the rest of the community benefit.
  • Of course, one mistake on Mozilla’s part, and this is going to be misused like crazy.


Ring Ring, it’s 1.0

  • Just like regular Ring but now with more stable.
  • Does it still do that un-muteable voice loop with echo cancellation?


Seriously, it needs to die!

  • Three more years until they kill something that should have died five years ago.
  • Adobe will stop updating and distributing Flash but people still gonna use it.
  • If Mozilla, Google, Microsoft and all the others don’t pull an Apple and say “Bye, Flash!”, 2020 will have come and gone and we’ll still be talking about it.


Going green with OBS

  • This is what happens when the only instructional video I could find was a poorly recorded ramble-fest.

Slice of Pi

Raspberry Pi meter extension

  • $185 for the kit.
  • While the ability to monitor over the network is nice you can pick up a Kill A Watt for $20.


Amiga mini

  • You put a PI 3 in a custom case and installed amibian, got it.
  • WinRAR, really?! With 7zip being actually free and supporting so many more formats, you’re actively recommending WinRAR?



  • Linux and politics ladies and gentlemen.

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