LinuxGameCast Reviews – Party Panic

Your intrepid heroes enjoy pixel good goodness, scream about slowdown, and wonder what went wrong. Party Panic faces the CHAIRQUISITION!

Game: Party Panic
Webzone: Party_Panic
Devel: Everglow Interactive Inc.
Engine: Unity
Price: £12.99 / US$16.99 / CA$18.99

Wazzat: Party Panic is a crazy online and local-multiplayer party game. Compete against your friends in 30+ rapid fire minigames, race through the brutal Gauntlet, or complete the trophy challenges on Trophy Island. There is even a built in drinking game! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’s stupid. Grab your friends, pick your characters and get partying in this exciting and panic filled game!

Mandatory Disclosure: The dev sent us keys.

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Makes with the working


  • I hope you like playing @ 30 because you’re going to be playing @ 30.
  • 2160, 1440, 1080, 720 nope, don’t matter 30.
  • Worse, it struggles to maintaining THAT even with a GTX 980.


  • Hoo-wee that UI is busted
  • I think this game might have an issue with 700 series nvidia cards
    • Both Empty and I had severe performance degradation on the 750TI and 780TI that wasn’t there on the 980


  • If you try to uncap the framerate in full screen mode, the game will break.
  • Uncapping the framerate is a bit useless, at least on my box since it only took the FerPS up from 30 to 35-36.
  • 35-36 FPS for a game with no textures running on a 4.5GHZ FX8370E and Geforce GTX 1080.
  • I thought we were done with Unity games having really terrible performance on Linux…


Shiny / Sounds


  • It looks, primitive.
  • Clay like beings and wicked simple levels.
  • Nothing lazy, just primitive.
  • It has some once and wub soundtrack but that can be largely ignored.


  • Yeah, the graphics are just kind of there
  • Nothing particularly striking. You can customize your dudes with costumes. I picked a weiner man


  • The graphics serve their purpose and nothing else.
  • The sounds… most of them are also perfectly fine for what they are, but the random screams and guttural interjections by the are completely uncalled for!




  • The controls are slippery and we have a word for people who say otherwise, liars.
  • That’s when the game bothers to register input in the first place.
  • How the hell are you supposed to play this thing drunk?



  • On more than one occasion I noticed the game outright ignored my input.
  • I’m not entirely sure if it was because of Unity shitty default input handling, the crap performance or a combination of both.
  • I’m going to guess the latter.




  • Unless you have IRL people to play this with look elsewhere because the online community for Party Panic is D E A D.
  • Runs like arse.
  • Bugs and glitches galore.
  • Shite controls.
  • Minigames are not well explained and what explanation there is live on the wrong screen.
  • “Built-in drinking game” is nothing more than telling the loser to drink.
  • This might appeal to streamers who want to play something that’s busted but still technically playable.
  • But even then they might have a hard time with the pricetag.


  • I was never really a fan of mario party
  • This is mario party, without the board game element, generic characters and a tacked on drinking game
  • I suppose if you can get a couple people to play it with you, you could theoretically milk some fun out of it by shit talking each other
  • This game makes that incredibly dificult by having a very poorly designed UI that magically resets your preferences and shit performance
  • The combined couch-network multiplayer is a nice feature, but it doesn’t really help the game all that much


  • I’m a big fan of Yahtzee Croshaw, that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone at this point.
  • Unless this your first time watching, at which point I’d have to ask why.
  • He says that a game should be able stand on its “single player” to justify its price.
  • I never really agreed with that.
  • I think if a game is designed from the ground up with multiplayer as its core concept, co-op, competitive, whatever, then it’s perfectly acceptable to judge those games for what they are.
  • And Party Panic!, as it is, is a perfectly serviceable party game…
  • …If you have a 30Hz TV and have music blaring over the rest of the house to drown out the stupid screams the plasticine men make.
  • Otherwise most people will play a, singular, minigame with you and tell you they’d rather help you do the dishes.
  • Unless they’re like me and have this reputation of not being terrible at videogames to uphold.
  • At that point I’d play the game with you for the sole challenge of it.
  • But that has nothing to do with the game specifically.
  • It’s a bit of friendly competition, the game doesn’t really matter.
  • And at the end of the day, that’s Party Panic!’s worst shortcoming.
  • It doesn’t really matter.


Final –CHAIR


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