LWDW: Furby Pi

Office comes to ChromeOS, OpenMandriva drops 32-Bit support, Mir needs your input and a Pi powered Furby that will haunt your dreams. All this plus your emails.

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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Colour key – Venn Pedro


Sthap, does that count as input?

  • I’m glad they are still plugging along /w it but
  • Real talk, why does Mir need to support Wayland again?
  • Did Mir gain enough traction to justify its continued existence?
  • Obviously the answer to both of those questions is a resounding no but the door is open for someone to explain to me how it’s not a Hobbit.  


That G-Drive Integration


Anyone not see this coming?

  • GRSecurity and Kees Cook drop 0 days on each other to swing their security epeen.
  • Both of them have been on the receiving end of Linus’ rants and this is just lending more credence to those stern words.
  • Grow the hell up, the both of you.
  • Seriously, that’s coming from me.


GUI gerbil manipulation

  • Similar to the Kova GUI but still actively maintained.
  • “If the program crash the mouse stop working. You have to detach and reattach the Usb cable”
    • Yeah, that’s a bit of a bug.


Chromebooks get usefull for business

  • Unless your business is so embedded in the MS ecosystem, the powers that be won’t even consider anything that doesn’t have a multi-billion dollar corporation behind it.
  • This is an example of MS putting their product where their mouth is.
  • They want their products everywhere.
  • End users (especially in business) give zero gosh darns about what OS their applications run on.
  • Microsoft knows it will be unable to compete with free when free gets good enough.


The price of freedom

    • This is only happening because of stupid monkey politics.
    • Good thing we never have to deal with politics in the FLOSS community.


  • “The council says the move to Windows 10 will make it easier to source compatible applications and hardware drivers than it has been using a Linux-based OS, and will also reduce costs by not having to run a Windows and LiMux client side-by-side.”


  • Do you know what’s not included in the €50m figure?
  • The €29.9m EXTRA on licenses—for Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, software distribution, print and profile management, identity management and related to virtualization—and €3.1m on testing and training.


RIP 32

  • One distro I was never curious about and never even tried.
  • And nothing of value was lost.
  • Some 32-bit apps like wine32 will be supported via i586 libraries.


Streaming done hipster

  • I’m only half joking.
  • This could be handy because headless.
  • Or you can add it to your collection of apps you have ran exactly once from terminal because neat and never used again.


Slice of Pi



Pi 64

  • Then, then you can run a C64 emulator on the Pi and Bwaaaammmmm!111!!



  • Corporations dare to do the stupidest things so long as they have money to throw at the problem.
  • Thing is, they don’t really go after stuff unless it already is or is in the process of becoming very mainstream/easy to use.
  • Perfect example, the MPAA went after Popcorn Time and it was very much a bittorrent client.
  • One which was so easy to use, your average person could easily download and watch pirated movies/series.

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