LWDW 126: Dual Booting Heathens

Kdenlive tests the future, GIMP receives a speed bump, hipster-pixel browsing and Pi powered rovers. All this plus your emails.


Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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A weekly dose of all thing Linux and open source with a slice of Pi for good measure.



Colour key – Venn Pedro Jill


Anti-RISC-V smear

    • Really ARM?
    • That was some 90s era FUD that would make Microsoft blush.
  • “RISC-V is an open-source processor core specification, overseen by the non-profit RISC-V Foundation, with freely available implementations”
    • 5 attack points
      • Cost
      • Ecosystem
      • Fragmentation
      • Security (I’m not joking)
      • Design assurance.
  • “Our intention in creating a webpage to offer key considerations around commercial RISC-V based products was to inform a lively industry debate,”
  • Well, no matter your intentions all you did was give RISC-V a gang of free advertising.


KDENLive Testing

  • Still has issues with the A/V thumbnails disappearing on the timeline.
  • Finally, like the more industry standard editors, the video and audio seperate automatically in the timeline!
  • Overall, seems much faster at previewing video clips.
  • Now you can preview clips with lower resolution playback.  This is essential for editing high res video.


Openshot update

  • There is an appimage available.
  • It don’t work, but it’s there.
  • Works for me on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
  • One of the reasons why I don’t like using OpenShot–the audio editing is not good.
  • The creator, Janathon Thomas, knows that audio editing is a weak point with OpenShot  and improvements are being worked on.
    • Audio playback and editing is so much better.
    • Auto Audio Mixing works well.
  • The beauty of OpenShot is that it is easy to learn and use.
  • It has to be STABLE to be useable.
  • Moved their development to GitLab.
  • Better export dialogue.
  • 7 new effects.


Dual booting heathens

  • Sooo it lets you create a windows VM with Virtualbox?
  • Is there a distro that you can’t do that with?
  • I remember playing around with this several years ago and thinking that it’s easier to teach someone how to use VirtualBox in Linux, then installing a seperate distro for it.
  • Wait, the author tested this in a VM? Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.
  • They have something called Stealth VM that offers a semi-automated VM install.
  • I agree /w Jill.
  • If you have the know how to install Linux setting up a VM is no longer outside your wheelhouse.


Speedy GIMP

  • Much faster start time, because the font library doesn’t have to load before GIMP loads.
  • Thanks to Jehan Pagès and Ell, GIMP now performs the loading of fonts in a parallel process, which dramatically improves startup time.
  • Font Tagging added.  This is a feature used a lot in Photoshop.
  • Better PSD support.
  • A common use case for the Measure tool is getting GIMP to calculate the angle of rotation, when horizon is uneven on a photo. GIMP now removes the extra step of performing rotation manually: after measuring the angle, just click the newly added Straighten button in the tool’s settings dialog.
  • You can try out the new hotness wicked-easy by using the officially maintained flatpak from Flathub.


Modern text-based browser (RTheren)

  • Didn’t make with the working on Antergos (ARCH!!1!):
  • Crashes on 18.04 as well.
  • Headless firefox from a VT is still a neat idea.
  • Works for me on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS in XTerm.
  • Loads Firefox APIs in the terminal, which allows it to view HTML5, CSS, Javascript, videos etc, of modern day browsers.
  • Reduces bandwidth and memory usage while browsing.
  • A nice alternative to the CLI browsers lynx or elinks, but not as fast.
  • Oh, pretty, it looks like it calls to libcaca for rendering!
  • If you ever wanted to know what a particular webzone looked like with a hipster-pixel filter well, there you ho.


Ubuntu GERTY

  • AI Assistant for Astronauts on the International Space Station that runs Ubuntu!
  • CIMON (Crew Interactive Mobile CompaniON)
  • CIMON can see, hear, understand and speak with astronauts.
  • And is voice controlled, so it frees up hands when important tasks need to be performed.
  • Awesome use of IBM Watson.
  • And, yes, Ubuntu has been replacing all those Windows laptops on the space station the last few years, so linux is not just in the backend anymore.
  • CIMON uses the cloud and that brings up an important question.
  • Should we call it the Space Cloud?
  • Nexus has a nice ring to it.


Lock bug

  • Something something disk encryption.
  • Works by removing the hard drive while the system is suspended.
  • Instead of using Ubuntu’s default screensaver try running XScreenSaver standalone.
  • This is similar to the bug that hit OSX several years ago, but that one didn’t require you to remove the hard drive.
  • “We’re unlikely to fix this, since having physical access means an attacker could simply access the hard disk directly or replace the password on it and unlock the computer.”
    • A whole lot if THIS!

Slice of Pi

Turtle Pi

  • Have your very own Mars Rover here on earth!
  • Starting at $1049 for a kit you can build and $2,199 preassembled.
  • Soon STL files will be available for 3D Printing.



  • $200?
  • Hahahahahahahaha yeah, no.
  • Might as well buy an Intel NUC.
  • If I’m going to drop that kind of coin might as well pony up the extra $200 and pick up the AMD Ryzen V1000 APU board from Sapphire.




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