LinuxGameCast Weekly 276: Romancing The Cat

PC gaming is dead! NVIDIA springs a leak, RPCS3 goes AAA, and Steam has Ryzen. Then The Silver Case faces the ChairQAsition. All this plus your hate mail.

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:


  • Launcher mode. AKA that thing that already worked under linux more or less

PC gaming is dead

  • So, china?
  • Definitely China and PUBG.

VR still a thing

  • One million headsets, this means PSVR, VIVE and Occulus combined
  • Looks like windows gamers are picking the rift just cuz it’s cheaper
    • Makes sense, it’s not like you are going to continue using it after the novelty wears off.

Steamy RYZEN

  • Also remember that the CPU only recently came out.
  • It’s not like people were chomping at the bit to trash their systems and buy some newsauce
  • Also China. Because China
  • That is a nice linear progression, but in September the FX CPUs were still leading.
  • I was a part of that in September.
  • Almost 1% and it’s not even Doctor WHO day.
  • AMD made multi-core cheap and performant.
  • It also lit a fire under Intel’s arse-organ.
  • I think it was the Star Citizen critters that are starting to test builds on Thread Ripper.

GG Glest

  • Got the wet-stinky they needed and took it down to Chinatown.
  • There are far worse dollar bin games on steam. Give these guys some support


  • This critter still runs like arse even on the RYZEN box of business.
  • Fixed weird satchel behavior
    • The polite way of saying ballsack issues


  • Optimized CPU performance and memory usage throughout the game because it ran so poorly to begin with.
  • Improved car explosion visual effect.
  • And a new skybox system.
    • If y’all motherfu*kers are reworking the skybox you need to admit that it’s ready for release.
  • This does read like a post launch patch.


  • Something tells me Fighter from 8 bit theater would b e all over this game
  • This might actually get me interested in a dating sim, if the dungeon crawling is compelling enough
  • “Date your weapons” – I’m sold!
  • I’m with Jordan on my enjoyment of this game being very much attached to the actual dungeoneering.

Dominions 5

  • Have you ever felt other 4Xs weren’t really scratching your hardcore strategy itch?
  • Enter the Dominion series.
  • Do you want thousands of different units, each with their own stats? Hundreds of resources? Tens of management “mini-games” with different impacts on your game?
  • This is it.
  • Dominions 4 was already a massive monster of mechanical complexity, 5 just cranks that up even higher.
  • Just don’t expect Civ level graphics, though.

Black Mirror

  • Ctrl + F pig :(
  • Oh yay, another spoopy point and click game
  • This looks like it might be UE4 though


  • Seems like they are going to Linux their entire library.
  • Pictionary for horrible people
  • I’d like to see a bit more than a depot, though! Just sayin’…
  • Even if this is a hot WINE mess someone will end up gifting it to us.

Mobile game reloaded

  • Tell you this right now.
  • If you had added online multiplayer I would have just picked up three copies.
  • But you didn’t, Brad.
  • You brought it to Steam! Steamworks makes network multiplayer that much more easy.
  • Just do it!


NVIDIA memory

  • Apparently this bug was introduced late in the 378 cycle and has to do with memory allocation of textures
  • There is a bug in the nvidia memory manager that they’re expecting to have fixed in 390
    • They will have a workaround for it in 390, but according to Arthur Huillet, they have no fucking clue what’s causing it.
  • Turns out, this exacerbates the 3.5GB VRAM issue in the 970s.
  • Unless you’re strider, at which point you’re now saying: “I have a 970 and don’t see any of this.”
  • Switch between the latest 38*.** version and the old long lived branch while keeping an eye on the VRAM usage and come back to me.
  • I didn’t see any significant performance drops but with Mad Max between the current version and 375, the latest version of the driver uses almost a third more VRAM on the 1080.

Zoom zoom

  • Stuff I have and a VP port I don’t want.
  • Chances are you already have DiRT Rally at this point, if not maybe pick it up from the $15 level.

Try try again

  • Keep trying guys. Remember, if you hold your breath long enough too, CDPR will also port Witcher 3 to linux
  • How about they get some stuff like incremental updates working first
  • We have a generation that thinks online petitions accomplish FK and or ALL.
  • Might happen! Just like Carmageddon Reincarnation could still come out on Linux.


  • It’s got a Home and Back button.
  • $3.50 says it’s only running Linux if you consider Android Linux.
  • Looks nice. Shame it’ll be ditched for the handy dandy 360 controller.

Dwarven Linux

  • “I played the 64 bit version from the VM and generated a world fine.”
    • Quality assurance ladies and gents!
    • To be fair, it is dwarf fortress.
    • You can literally run it in your terminal with ncurses.


  • They have about 5 times their asking price
  • Basically a tinkerable gameboy kit for kids. And adults with free time and disposable income


  • That’s some Last of Us progress. Still won’t go in-game, though.
  • More demon souls and dark souls 2 progress as well
    • Demon Souls doesn’t have online services anymore, so you’re on your own

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: The Silver Case
Webzone: The_Silver_Case
Engine: Unity
Price: £14.99 / US$ 19.99 / CA$ 21.99

Wazzat: The Silver Case – the debut title from world-renowned developer SUDA51 has been fully remastered and localized to English for the first time ever!

Mandatory Disclosure: The Devs sent keys.

Makes with the working


  • The remaster was developed using the Unity 5 game engine
  • The main problem with the port was that the original source code had been lost, so the audio data needed to be extracted from the PlayStation disc version.




  • The game is downright unplayable in non-english locales
  • If you don’t add LC_ALL=C %command% to the advanced launch options the graphics are pitch black, you can’t load a game and you can’t progress at all.
  • This is <current year argument>
  • This kind of shit was bad enough when it first happened when Unity games started coming out, it’s even worse now.


Shiny / Sounds


  • Remaster?
  • I went back and watched some PS1 gameplay and I think a better definition would be “mildly enhanced”
  • Delicious polygons
  • That said, I like the background music.


  • I mean, “HD” remaster in this case just means that all the art assets are HD, which means fewer pixels
  • Otherwise, it kind of reminds me of some Strider-esque neue wave cinema
  • Which, you know, could work for the genre of the game, but the dialogue is super bad
  • Protip: Alternating mental cast members Bill Cosby, Snaggletooth and Frank’n’Furter make this a much more entertaining read


  • I almost wish the locale bug made it so I couldn’t hear the sound effects because goddamn, that typing noise is so annoying and loud.
  • Graphics look like something out of the PS1 era.
  • And seeing as this came out in 1999, it probably was.
  • And even then, on the i5 6200U laptop it runs at 10FerPS
  • So it’s horribly unoptimized, on top of just looking like shit.




  • Oh sweet mother of flaming nope.
  • You get a bonus soda for attempting a point-and-click in the PS1 era.
  • You also get smashed in the face-organ with a Chair for keeping that bullsh*t in place.
  • You knew the control scheme was nightmare-fuel back in 1999.
  • Yes, you added a WASD option but getting to it is the problem.
  • Hell, I’ve counted three references to how the controls “might seem confusing” in the game proper.
  • Keyboard is somehow worse.


  • Very much an early 3d console point and click game ported to PC
  • And yeah, the control scheme is a wee fucked up
  • You do get used to it though. The trick is to just not use a mouse when playing the point and click sections


  • The controls work.
  • This seems to be the sole thing which did before forcing all locales to C, system-wide.
  • They’re still bad, though.
  • It does the Myst thing of letting you spin in place and move to another square on the map.
  • Not impressed.




  • This is about as much of a “game” as Gone Home: You’re Drunk.
  • It’s a visual novel / walking simulator mixed with the occasional puzzle.
  • The criminal thing is the hot mess of what they claim to be a game interface.
  • I lasted a little over an hour before giving up.


  • #bigdickchinchilla
  • This was always supposed to be an experimental game
  • When you have time, resource and budget constraints, sometimes the answer to your problems is to go way the hell out there
  • I never really played any of SUDA51’s other games, so I don’t really have a sense of what makes his sauce super special
  • It does some visually interesting things, which again ties back to the limitations, but it doesn’t really make up for the main deficiency
  • Since this is a text game though, the experience is defined by the text of the game. And hoo boy
  • I get the sense that the dialogue is supposed to be people talking normally, but hot damn. There are some points when people start repeating shit that I thought the game was glitching out
  • I also still have no idea who any of these people talking are


  • I think I found my most hated game of 2017.
  • I thought nothing could top spaceBOUND in the “making me violently ill with anger” category, this year.
  • I was wrong.
  • This is the kind of game I hate the most.
  • The mechanics are there solely to make you work for SUDA51’s masturbatory stiffy over his storytelling.
  • The graphics barely even register, since all of the important bits are just glorified JPEGs which get smeared on screen to indicate something is happening.
  • There’s so much text on screen at any point I felt like I’d be better off with audiobook version of this game.
  • If you want to experience this game like I did, the best way would be to watch a let’s play of the original Myst on youtube (without fullscreening) which was recorded in 240×160, mute the audio, have someone tap along on an old digital typewriter right next to your ears and focus on the text below the video.
  • Are you bored yet?


Final –CHAIR

Hate Mail:



  • I’m team used 750Ti.
  • That phenom is going to give you an issue with the lack of SSSE3 and SSE4

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