LinuxGameCast Weekly 292: Horse Juice

Humble gets Jumbo! HiDPI comes to Steam, Dark Souls in space is headed to Linux and PS4 emulation is now a thing. Then Trials of the Gauntlet faces the CHAIRQASITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:

Fugly stable (RTheren)

  • Now everyone can experience the lazy half-arsed HiDPI solution VALVe came up with.
    • Now all they need to do is add a toggle to turn it off!
    • Fuck setting environment variables!
    • A lot of people are going to learn new Linux skills.
  • “What’s the quickest most dumb way to get scaling on Linux?”
  • Stop using GNOME shit!


  • Still not going to drop $499 on the MKI.
  • 800 gets you the fancy new headset if you’re just in the market for that.

M’LadyOS (RTheren)

  • This speaks to me for some reason. I can’t quite put my finger on it
  • Can we also get the Solus Steam Integration snap thing working to ensure it uses the system libraries at all possible corners?

Forever Launch

  • Well, they have added in-game menus and a Store page on Steam.

There it is

  • Man, I’m really hoping that the proceeds from this game are being funneled into something good that’s gonna blow my mind
    • I’m also holding out for that taco-farting blowjob robot

Unity Derp Souls

  • I was wondering what ever happened to this critter.
  • Only requires a 2gb stick of ram. Technology
  • One of the few Dark Souls clones to make it on linux, I guess they actually finished the game. Kudos
    • Also a kickstarter game that got released in a relatively timely manner. Also kudos
  • They say it will be out in 2019.
  • Honestly, I’m down for something Dark Soulsy.
  • As much as I wished The Technomancer or The Surge came to Linux, I’m totally down for a sci-fi type of dark souls.


  • How did this make it to 3?
  • Not saying it’s a horrible game but, really?
    • The Steam reviews will do that for you.
  • Apparently, releasing a sequel to a cult hit by attaching the number 3 at the end is not such a good idea.
  • As it turns out, if you fuck it up, the fans will tear you a new ass hole.

Lethal Grass

  • Still wish my lawn was emo.
    • The keyboard layout is a great way to get your fingers broken by some less than scrupulous players
    • Might as well break out a Nintendo Power Pad, and a blindfold.
  • Competitive lawn mowing doesn’t really strike me as being particularly fun
  • Could be good for a laugh, but that’s about it.



  • Decent if you want to support haemimont and grab all of tropico 5 for 5 buckos
    • It’s the closest we’ll ever get to Sim Dictator.
  • Fuck Cyan for not bringing Obduction to Linux.
  • I’ve been dying for a good Myst style game on Linux!

So it begins

  • This shite is going to be intresting because X86.
    • Especially cuz this seems to be based in Qemu.
    • Might be necessary what with the strange hardware design the ps4 has. The main processor is an x86 boy, but as failoverflow revealed, it’s not actually PC architecture.
  • I see this as one ah ha” moment followed by “Everything works now yo!
  • You need a processor from the last 10 years and 16GB of RAM
  • Nothing runs, save for maybe just booting the kernel itself and even then, only if you got the binary dumps correctly.

Moment of Xen

  • Should have called it YABM – yet another black mesa
    • Yeah, but would you bet against it being finished before Xen?
  • Also, HL-2 remakes

Unreal Paragon

  • This is an interesting move from Epic.
  • The game these assets are from tanked, so I guess they’re trying to derive some value from the time spent developing them.
    • Make high quality content available for game devs so they can put stuff out faster, hope their stuff gets big and rake in those licensing fees
    • I don’t think it tanked so much as Fortnight took the hell off.


  • It’s a bit neat.
  • Ye may or may not need some java
  • You need the roms from all of the gen 3-5 games to get the full experience

It’s Wiki

  • The little thing at the bottom to notify you when a new version of an open source game is out is nice
  • Idea: Open source Steam-like client for FLOSS games.

CHAIRQUISITION: We’re here to rip your soul game apart!
CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Trials of the Gauntlet
Webzone: Trials_of_the_Gauntlet
Devel: Broken Dinosaur Studios
Engine: Unity
Price: £1.69 / US$1.99 / CA$2.29

Wazzat: In Trials of the Gauntlet, You wake up in the courtyard of a Steampunk mansion, your arm replaced with an electric grappling hook. You use your new arm to solve puzzles, traverse the mansion and fight your way to the top of the clock tower where you confront the mad scientist who did this to you.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys

Makes with the working


  • Unity scream of NOPE! -2 Chairs.
  • No cursor on the main menu.
  • Does not hold cursor in windowed mode.



  • There is a cursor, it’s just a teeny tiny 2×2 pixel square.


Shiny / Sounds


  • I’m not even going to say this looks good for a first effort.
  • This is placeart+ and that’s being kind.
  • Colour palette is brown mixed with varying shades of dark.
    • …kinda like a turd.
  • It has some wannabe chiptune synth going on in the background.
  • Dude kinda makes a noise when he swings his thing.



  • There’s very little in the way of feedback when you get hit by enemies.




  • No controller support, for a platformer… in 2018 -2 Chairs
  • Again, it does not lock gerbil input and the main mechaning is jerking the gerbil.


  • Oh god that swinging mechanic is hot garbage. And yeah, needs some controlla support real bad
  • Also on separate X screens, if you accidentally swing your cursor out of the window, the controls get fucky


  • It picked up on the 8bitdo NES30 pro, it’s just a pain in the neck to use it.
  • This brain made my haywire go game.
  • I beat the game using mouse and keyboard, so it’s not broken
  • It’s just fucky and the default mapping didn’t bind the up arrow to reel in the grapple.




  • Moves slow.
  • Controls like refried arse.
  • Level design would make a 3 year old /w Mario Maker look like a FSM damned master.
  • Yeah, a student project is neat and it’s not bad for first effort.
  • The thing is, Brad, you put a FKN STUDENT PROJECT up for sale in the Steam store contributing to the endless waves of bullshite we have to wade through on a daily basis.
  • You spent a whopping three months on this, and it shows.


  • It’s a student game. The guys emailed us and said it. My expectations can’t be that high
  • I played a lot of the GBC bionic commando back in the day, so I like this sort of genre of swingy adventuring. But damn, the swinging is bad
  • I got through the first boss, got back to the other side of the library, quit to take a break and accidentally hit new game. Didn’t care enough to restart and make any progress after that
  • If I were grading the assignment, I’d probably give it a B. It meets the criteria for a class project
  • Unfortunately, school’s out son. This is the chairQAsition.


  • I honestly enjoyed the 40 odd minutes it took me to beat it.
  • I guess, in a world full of big open sandboxes, a little, self contained story is something you need every now and then.
  • There are plenty of bugs and the swinging physics are absolutely infuriating, but it didn’t overstay its welcome.
  • I’m guessing that speaks more to the fact I beat the game in under 50 minutes, but I didn’t regret those 50 minutes.
  • I would like to play more of this.
  • But with better controls, feedback, audio bits, graphics, and a bit less buggy.


Final –CHAIR

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