LinuxGameCast Weekly 375: Prison Sized

Steam Remote Play is live! Unreal Tournament gets a new maintainer, X-Plane experiments with Vulkan, and Mesa 19.2.2 brings the DOOM. Then Runefall 2 faces, the CHAIRQASITION!



03:51 Steam Remote Play
07:35 Steam Client Beta
10:27 Revising reviews
13:50 EA returns to Steam
17:36 Besiege building guides
19:45 Dying Light + Left 4 Dead
21:39 Abandon Ship
23:49 Allspace
25:49 Sky Racket
29:17 Shameless self promotion
31:58 Unreal Tournament new maintainers
35:47 jazz2 0.6.1
38:54 Mesa 19.2.2
40:43 X-plane Vulkan
43:51 vkBasalt
46:42 RougeBox Adventures
49:08 CHAIRQASITION: Runefall 2
01:01:42 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Remote Play is live

  • Launched /w Linux support, lost that bet.
  • Could be an interesting hack for cross-platform multiplayer.
  • RIP Parsec.
  • But, will it Trine?
  • Shite don’t work, yo.
  • Didn’t work when I tried it with co-worker Dave, either.


Client beta

  • It’s starting to get usable.
  • Haven’t spite-noped back to the stable client since enabling it Tuesday.
  • You can now add custom header and logo artwork to games in your library (and position the logo) by right clicking in the header area of a game details page.
  • Some fixes for the Steam Remote Play Together but none seem to address the issue we ran into on Tuesday.
  • The library seems to be a wee more stable since this update


Revisionist history

  • I noticed this yesterday after a 2 hour session of Blasphemous, it asked me if I wanted to review it.
  • I guess it does the same after a few more hours to people who already left a review
  • 1,000 hrs on record: It’s okay.
  • Honestly this doesn’t seem like a bad thing
  • Games at release are far from what the final product actually is. Sometimes they fix things
    • Sometimes they break things too. Ongoing feedback is valuable


EA returns to Steam

  • I’m only interested in this if I can transfer my Ass creed from Origin.
  • There’s some interesting discussion regarding a possible desire for EA to find ways to monteize their stuff in steam
  • Needless to say, the best we can hope for is some additional proton fodder

Steam: Game Updates

Besiege guide updates

  • I think part of the fun of besiege is iterating through your own designs and learning organically what works and what doesn’t
  • That said, the more project focused newbies would probably benefit from having some resources that teach you how to actually build stuff
  • They do teach you how to build a plane though. That’s pretty neat

Steam: New Games

Dying 4 Brad

  • This has my attention for one reason.
  • If Valve is involved they will probably insist it runs on Linux.
  • Vague Tweet? Spool up the speculation drive!
  • It’s probably zombie bridge constructor
  • Basically, this is just the new update which comes with a Left 4 Brad themed event
  • It also comes with some new weapons inspired by Left 4 Brad 2.
    • Guitar, Frying pan and golf club
  • Now you can play Dying Light as if it were L4Brad


Abandon Ship

  • Oil painting on the high seas is live.
  • Gonna give this a yoink. MIght do a strem of it
    • As it turns out, they sent us some keys over curator connect.
    • Big kudos to Gary from Fireblade Software for the keys.
  • It’s been out for 4 days and the Linux depot is unpopulated.



  • The online multiplayer space shooter that was free-2-play during EA is out.
  • Unfortunately it was a ghost town during EA and I don’t think a $4.88 price tag will help things.
  • At least is has bots now.
  • 100 player battles sounds great, but with an average 0.2 people online in the past month, bots are going to be the only thing you play against


Sky Racket (foxy)

  • Play as RacketBoy or RacketGirl, guardians chosen by the Capybara Goddess.
  • Bizarre boss battles! No really, they’re very strange…
  • Bullet He…. meh.


OldUnreal takes over maintenance of the Unreal Tournament

  • See guise? Epic lurves open source.
  • When it doesn’t cost them anything and allows them to foist responsibility on to others
  • Still, good to see that they’re trusting enough to hand over maintenance of the original UT to the fans who are still actually playing it
  • Release the damn source code already.
  • Seriously, why in the Cinnamon Toast hell do we have to deal with another closed group.
  • How, in the world where all the relevant Quakes were open sauced, does Epic justify holding on to the sauce for this long?
  • Though, I am pretty if Bethesda had bought id before they released the sauce, that wouldn’t be open right now.


Jazz 2 0.6.1

  • It’s easier to get into a multiplayer game now, so that’s nice
  • Adding controller support is a thing because it’s mono app and not using SDL
  • Gamepad support!


Mesa 19.2.2

  • No more glitching Hordor.
    • Can confirm, with newer Mesa version the visual glitches in the lighting are fixed.
  • Doom works again
  • They also fixed the corruption when starting Rocket Cars.
  • I saw that all the time with the Steambox.


Vulkan planes

  • I’m sure Dick is excited about this
  • Laminar’s research seems to indicate that moving to vulkan helps bridge the performance gap between AMD and Nvidia, which is surprising to nobody who has been watching this podcast long enough
  • Coming to a release spoon ™
  • Years later I’m still a bit surprised when I see developers post OMGWTF Vulkan is faster!
  • That, that’s kinda the point, Brad.
  • It’s good that game developers are starting to become aware of what we and a bunch of other people in the Linux community have been shouting about for years!


Sharp Vulkan


RogueBox Adventures v3.0.0BETA1

  • Apparently this project was a wee dead for the past two years, but they back
  • Updated rendering engine, an optional main plot are amongst the things being added.
  • I’d never heard about this game until now. Looks to be a roguelike game that has some minecrafty elements like resource gathering and village/structure building
  • It’s free and done in python, so that’s neat
  • A game with anime characters where none of them get a dicking.
  • That’s… different!

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Runefall 2
Devel: Playcademy
Engine: Unity
Price: £7.19 / US$9.99 / CA$11.49

Wazzat: Return to the kingdom of Silverdale and continue the story of Rivermoor in this brand new match-3 adventure!

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys on the Curator Connects


Does It Launch

  • No issues.

Performance @ 1080

  • 60 @ 60.


  • Looks like a nice mobile game but no glitches.


  • Click, click, click, click…


Does It Launch

  • Yorp

Performance @ 1080

  • It’s good


  • The shapes you’re supposed to match are clearly shapes


  • Click


Does It Launch

  • It do.

Performance @ 1080

  • Locked at 144


  • If this were a hidden object game, I’d have guessed Artifex Mundi did the art.


  • Click, drag, rinse, repeat.
  • I’d have been amazed if they had found a way to screw that up!

QA Score:


Fun section:


  • Venn:
    • Full disclosure: I threw this in because I figured it would be fun to rip apart a simple little match 3 game.
    • I was wrong.
    • Runefall2 is a bit more than a match three since matching is merely the mechanic for traversing the map.
    • You have to explore an ever growing map, locate power ups, pickaxes, muffins, bombs, and the ultimate lifehack, teleport.
    • Oh, hello Mr. Timer.
    • Yeah, cut that on and shite get real with a quickness.
    • Something about being forced to do pattern recognition on a timer made my brain-meats positively giddy.
    • Runefall2 also contains a plot with a fully voiced cast but only in so much as a porno has a script.
    • It’s there, but we both know that’s not what you showed up for.
    • At the end of the day it feels like low-impact brain exercise and let’s face it, none of us get enough of that.
    • Good fun for a 10-spot.
  • Jordan
    • Yeah, I don’t really need oodles of story for a match three game. Skip
    • The game itself is pretty decent. Match around the map, find the stuff, use the power ups
    • Having stuff to do in terms of matching stuff is good game design, and it helps break up the monotony that these games tend to generate.
    • My autistic ass gets hung up clearing that very last chunk of grass and I end up spending a ton of time getting the right peices down there so i can clear it!
    • It;s fun enough for what it is. I don’t think I’m rushign to get back to it any time soon though
  • Pedro
    • It’s a match 3 game and I do mean game.
    • Most Match 3 games tend to do something completely separate to the matching and the matching itself is only used as filler, to give the player something to do.
    • In Runefall 2, matching is the game and outside of the cutscenes, it’s all that matters.
    • I really don’t care about the story.
    • Some dashing rogue seduced the princess and stole some runes.
    • Now you go and match 3 until you find the runes.
    • It’s a very run of the mill story and made to be very kid friendly.
    • But I do very much enjoy the extra mechanics they threw in: moving around the map while matching, having hidden areas you can only get to by filling the jump-o-meter, heavily encouraging the use of power ups, so on and so forth.
    • The mechanics are simple and the game is actually enjoyable.

Fun Score:


Hate Mail:

Kernel time


  • The only clue I have is that this was posted to the Hordor Vulkan/GL benchmark video.

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