LWDW: Spectre Sh*tshow

Slack goes Snap! Linus gives Intel the business, Kernel 4.15 gets another RC and Red Hat dumps Spectre. All this plus your emails.

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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Ubuntu Slackers

  • It’s slack…
  • Like it or not, this is the collaboration “framework” which most others will inevitably be compared to.
  • It wasn’t the first and arguably wasn’t the best, but it was the most widely adopted.
  • Discord is like Slack for gaming.
  • I’ve never used the Slack but I hear good things.
  • Have they fixed the loopback devices showing up when Snap is installed?


Microsoft strikes again

  • Long story short, NHSEngland was in talks with Microsoft about getting cheaper licenses and when Microsoft caved, NHS lawyers shutdown NHSbuntu or NHoS the only way they know how.
  • Incompetence in the NHS merely starts with Jeremy Hunt, it goes down a long way.
  • While I would have loved to see and maybe even help with NHoS, I didn’t even know it existed until the Department of Health decided to bully them to stop.
  • The volunteer force behind NHoS wanted NHSbuntu to replace the current smart card verification system that was running on Windows.
  • Only 4 core members
  • Old people running the NHS were angered and confused by the concept of FLOSS.
  • Some could argue that the current “underfunding” issue with the NHS is really a “spending” issue.


Speaking of the NHS

  • Wanted to give this project a little love.
  • This is just a good idea all around.
  • Offline enabled.


Don’t test in production

  • It will be a little longer but hopefully RC9 will be the final before the actual kernel is good to go.
  • Considering the shitestorm Spectre caused an extra RC is had to get upset about.


Linus is our spirit animal

  • Gotta love the straightforward and uncensored comments of Linus when it comes to “garbage” being pushed inrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the kernel.
  • It’s still not a good month to be Intel.
  • 2018 has barely even started and there’s even more crap in Team Blue’s court.
  • The swipe was taken at a former Intel engineer
  • Linus does not think a software patch is a fix, it would seem?


Bricking Specters

  • And DELL just advised everyone to avoid the patches.
  • Spectre is proving to be a much nastier bug to squash than what we first read and discussed on this show.
  • It’s a wicked-serious issue and despite what WinTel is trying to get everyone to believe it will not be sorted with a few simple patches.
  • ARM is probably the only one of the chipmakers doing the right thing here.
  • Their patches might be buggy and performance heavy but at least they are being transparent about it.
  • Unlike Intel and AMD.
  • BTW: Meltdown is an Intel only problem.
  • Don’t be fooled by people who say “but ARM is affected too”.
  • None of those processors are on the market.


When you need to Windows on your Linux like device

  • I’m trying really hard to come up with a use case for this.
  • It can’t game.
    • It can, but only with OpenGL games.
  • Without Direct3D capabilities, WINE is of very limited use.
  • Could be a good idea to start on this because in5+ years the whole mobile / dock / Desktop will be a thing.
  • Regardless, support CodeWeavers.


Budget VR

  • I want to keep the ratio of things I built that end up strapped to my face-organ @ 0/0.
  • Low cost is a good way of going at it in VR “market”.
    • Emphasis on the quotes, there.
  • Arduino + display + time.


OBS Studio 21.0.1

  • A usable VU meter??? #squeeee
  • Added a “Multiview” projector
  • I’ll give it to the OBS folks, they made a bit of software which runs natively on Windows and Linux with functionality on par regardless of which OS you’re using.
  • That’s really all Linux users ask for.
  • Give us something which works just as good on Linux and has the same functionality as it does on Windows and we’re more than happy to use it.
  • Heck! Make it open sauce like OBS Studio, and you’ll have the Linux community help you develop and improve your software across the board for the price of free.
  • Added Luajit/Python3 scripting support.

Slice of Pi


  • “get up and walk around” notification?
  • “drink some water”?
  • “Don’t do crack?”


When an Athlon MP rig simply won’t do

  • 4KW
  • 750 Raspberry Pi 3s in a single box.
  • In my day we clustered NAC G4s… and Playstations.




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