webOS goes open source! KDE Connect gets good, Firefox acknowledges a nine year old bug and Ubuntu release an image… for ants! All this, plus your emails!

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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A weekly dose of all thing Linux and open source with a slice of Pi for good measure.



Colour key – Venn Pedro


Itsy bitsy

  • We should host a minimal 2 (insert game here) challenge.
  • Bionic minimal images have been shrunk by 10%, down to just 28MB


KDE Connect

  • And, as if I wasn’t dependent enough on KDE connect, remote keyboard!
    • Bring me some Synergy like control over Android and let me use my PC mouse/keyboard to navigate my phone/tablet/chromebook and I’ll forever be a KDE fanboy!
  • Also, allowing me to use my headset and microphone to listen to stuff from my phone or talk to people would be awesome!


Desktop Pi

  • It’s Debian with LXDE… I don’t… wha-?
  • Pi, more like WHY?
  • Is this wicked extra light or something?


Foxy hax

  • All of a sudden I have this sinking feeling in my stomach.
  • Like when you learn the rsync service creating backups of that one server you manage for a friend crashed like 3 months ago and you only just found out.
  • What in the actual F, Firefox?
  • Wladimir Palant, the author of the AdBlock Plus extension, says the encryption scheme used by the master password feature is weak and can be easily brute-forced.
  • This be fixed with the launch of Firefox’s new password manager component —currently codenamed Lockbox and available as an extension.


Open weebOS

  • webOS will reign once more!
  • AKA last ditch effort @ adoption
  • There’s a reason it failed the first time
  • I have a $100 Touchpad somewhere.
  • Mostly Apache 2.0


Oh, yes! Moar of this, please!

  • All the client side applications for the PIA VPN are going to become open sauce over the next few months.
  • Stands to reason they wouldn’t be able to open sauce the backend without basically running themselves out of business.
  • They’re also doing a $2.20/month price if you sub for 2 years
  • That’s just under $53 if you’re wondering… for 2 years of VPN with unlimited traffic and 5 devices!
  • Remember kids, if you are not paying for the VPN you are the product.


Silly hippies

  • Are the turbo organic farmers going to be able to know what the hell a docker is and how to use it?
  • GardenHub is building technology to enable gardeners to collaborate and act upon what’s growing, ripening, and available for harvest in their gardens.
  • Really really good idea BUT.
  • I’m overgeneralizing here but the Me diagram of people who garden and people who know what the heck a github is… yeah, that.


Open Ray

  • Right now this is more geared toward the enterprise and people running heavy duty CAD applications.
  • I’m sure ray-tracing and path-tracing will be feasible and rammed into our eye holes in the future of vidjagames, but that’s not this podcast’s job to report on.
  • I’m glad to see AMD has a Vulkan solution after NVIDIA rolled out their DX business.
  • This has been a promised unicorn since I drew my first triangle… using GLIDE.


NVIDIA 390 Chrome fix

  • Well, it works.
  • Don’t recommend it.


Slice of Pi

Wub is mainstream


Mark VII

  • I’m not entirely sure getting prodded by the GPIO pins the whole time is comfortable.






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