NVIDIA Snaps, ProtonVPN releases a command line tool, Microsoft launches distros and enterprise Pi is now a thing.

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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Roll your own

  • Embrace.
  • Linux has won the war!  Unleash the penguins :-D  Microsoft can’t penetrate or change the GNU because it is protected . . .
  • Now you too can break your Windows install by installing ARCH!!1! on it.
  • WSL-DistroLauncher is aimed at two groups:
    • distribution owners (so they can produce a bundle to ship through the Microsoft Store)
    • developers (so they can create custom distributions and sideload them onto their development systems).
  • Yes, you can sideload.

  • If you live in a country that blocks some sites, just saying.
  • Faster than the Google.
  • Cisco uses for their captive portal stuff.
    • That should be fun for some unlucky admins.
  • Don’t have to use freedns.afraid.org or OpenDNS anymore.



  • Am I the only person who configures their VPN in the router?
  • The thing with that is that most people run the default router their ISP provides.
  • I use the GUI client PIA provides, just because lazy.
  • It’s nice to see VPN providers offering tools for Linux users.
  • For the longest time support == “you can figure it out”



  • They install and make /w the working \:D/… kinda
  • Still have a blank login screen on the XFCE4.
  • Does not sort the Chrome herky-jerk.
  • (Does it fix the Vulcan drivers not crashing in the Serious engine? Need to check.)



  • Don’t know if I would trust Snap /w a video driver… yet.
  • This would be awesome for the Steam Snap integration that Ikey Doherty is working on :-D
  • This is one of the things I always asked how you’d keep the sandbox if the application was asking for LibGL.
  • I suppose this is how you do it.



  • Linux kernel maintainers have taken the decision to go ahead with dropping support for old CPU architectures.
  • 4.17 will loose 500K lines of code as a result.
  • Blackfin, CRIS, FRV, M32R, Metag, MN10300, Score and Tile are on the nope list.
  • Processors for older embedded systems.
  • And if you are one of the people running one of these systems, just stick with 4.15 or older.


Linux on MAC in 2020

  • First off, Apple has been getting out of the desktop business for some time.
  • Second, it will be interesting to see what kind of moon-ARM chip they come up with.
    • However, this is going to hurt existing (and future?) X86 MAC desktop sales HARD.
  • 3’rd RIP MAC gaming.
  • Also, no more Hackintosh.
  • Apple is becoming more proprietary again.  This will be the death of their higher end workstations.  Do you really think that an ARM chip can compete with a XEON?
  • Power PC is dead, long live Power PC.
  • “The shift would also allow Cupertino, California-based Apple to more quickly bring new features to …”
    • Hahahahahahah! The delusion is real.
  • Remember when game devs complained about how the PS3 was a nightmare to code for? Or the Sega Saturn before that?
    • Remember when Apple moved to X86?
  • Good on you, Apple! We haven’t seen such fine foot shooting since Microsoft announced Windows 10 S.
  • Again, Apple is getting out of the desktop business and unlike MS they have the in-house talent to build their own ARM doritos.
  • POWER9… just saying.


3D of Safe (RTheren)

  • Does this make sense outside of VR?
  • Is VR at a place where this is usable?
  • Is this spinny Cube 2.0?
  • Does anyone remember Sun’s Java based Project Looking Glass 3D Live Cd (LG3D LiveCD)? Circa 2005


Making LGC

  • If you ever wanted a particularly bad guide on using basic KDENlive functions.
  • Making LGC at its finest!


Zoom zoom on a budget

  • Not Linux related but worth a mention.
  • Cheap High Quality SSDs for the win!
  • $0.22/GB for the 500GB is pretty good!
  • Thinking about picking on up for the lossless render drive.
  • 500GB $109.99 on the Zon as of recording.


Slice of Pi


  • Heard the announcement of this at SUSE Expert Days in Los Angeles 2017.
  • The initial release had hardware compatibility issues, that I am sure have been resolved.
  • Would you like to hate how your Pi works?
  • SUSE can now offer 12 x 5 or 24 x 7 support.
  • SUSE is also planning to update I/O support so that SLES can be installed on a Raspberry Pi over a network rather than using an SD card image.




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