LinuxGameCast Weekly 300: Quad Jesus in Dual Channel

We take the Steam Link app for a test drive! Half Life 2 co-op mod Obsidian returns from the dead, WINE 3.0.1 Reacts and Duck Game receives an unofficial Linux port. Then Apocryph faces the CHAIRQASITION!

All this, plus your hate mail.

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:

Controllers controller controllers

  • They’ve added a steam input style configurator for vr
  • This is also to help devs easily predefine and push out configuration profiles for games.
  • Means they don’t have to have the game engine support all the various vr controllers
  • Using this does make steam a hard dependency though which some devs won’t like


  • They’ve finally fixed the stupid overlay freezing bug! Fuck me!
  • Only took’em over a year.
  • I guess this was never a problem for those of us over in Compton / XFCE land.

New Steamzone

  • Hiring a writer are we?
    • They “hired” an entire dev studio.
      • Their OpEng position’s piqued my curiosity
  • Valve doubling down on hardware is an interesting proposition.
  • Mind you with the cash Steam brings in, they might just try to nintendo it

Android Lank

  • It connects… and crashes to remote desktop.
  • It’s like Moonlight for Linux.


  • That would make sense for a LAN party.
  • Also for internet cafes or areas with poor networking. Like space Tanzania
  • 250MB/s because it pegged one of the threads on the Ryzen server.

2 Steamy

  • Oswald Heist once said “The opposite of war is fucking”
  • You’re allowed to have as much war as you want. The opposite doesn’t hold true
  • Steam’s priorities about what games are allowed on their service is pretty skewed these says. See Asset flipper.
  • No more easy access to anime tiddies.
  • Want to disembowel a nun with a frying pan while sodomizing a kitten with a shotgun?
  • Shite son, go right ahead!
    • Just don’t show no titties.

Steam: Game Updates

Apocryph 1.0.1

  • Was changing the game text to Russian a feature?
    • I guess so, cuz everybody got it.
  • Poo, still runs like it.
  • Monster AI significantly improved?
  • Geez, I would hate to see the original AI.
  • Fixed some of the savegame glitches?
    • Some, not all of them.
    • More on that @ 11.

Farming Gordon

  • Seriously, farming & fishing included.
  • So it’s Synergy with a load of custom modes, maps and NPCs.
  • We could go fishing and reenact Of Mice and Men.
    • Fuck your alfalfa
  • It’s cool that this mod is getting resurrected. Maybe a should meet the freemans renewal is in order


  • A whole whack of performance and ui improvements
  • A bunch of multiplayer bug fixes as well
  • I could never really get into Broforce.


  • The latest in payday’s neverending stream of updating stuff!
  • They sorted and improved such a gang of stuff I zoned out reading it.

Steam: New Games

Right In the Bum

  • If done correctly this could be good, really good.
  • Has a POSTAL vibe about it.
  • So, it’s Goat Stimulator but as an FPS?
    • And urine.
  • Pigeon taming and rat people. I have to say, I’m a bit intrigued
  • Do you get a shotgun?


  • What the hell kind of aesthetic were they going for here?
  • I know it says 90’s but I don’t recall anything looking like game from 6 years ago.
  • A bit of Outrun with some V-Rally inspirations.
  • Much like 90’s arcade racers this too lacks online multiplayer.

Uridium Hyper Pixels (Foxy)

  • Straight up that trailer music made me want to stab someone in the bum
  • galaga with orientation flipping
  • 1GB for a pixel game though



  • Do you think they will stop doing the Linux ports…
  • <dalek>SPEC-U-LATE!</dalek>
  • I think homeboy probably just got a better offer.
  • Its fairly uncommon to see lifers in the industry.
  • Because them ports weren’t few and far between enough, lately.
    • This, this right here is the thing.
  • Don’t get me right (we love Feral) but they deliver one or two games a year and there is a 60% chance of them being niche as all hell.
    • Total WAR, F1, bullsh*t teen drama simulator etc.
  • I don’t like the lead Linux human bouncing when ROTT is still a wee bit busted.

Jam results

  • A lot of Godot and a nice amount of SDL
  • Some of those games look half decent. Good jerb guys

0 Wood

  • They got that good kush
  • The application can now be associated with mod files, so you can double click on the mod and 0ad will just load it
  • Also got a handy dandy mod downloader
  • Speaking of something that needs to get its arse on the Steam.

WINE 3.0.1

  • I spotted a lone ReactOS fix in there.
  • It’s always fun going through the bugfix notes and seeing the random ass application specific fixes

Indivisible Delayed

  • They got some more $$$ so they are making more game.
  • Probably no baring on the Linux release what with cybik porting their engine
  • Linux users are already used to waiting for lab zero games anyways
  • The screenshots look nice, I just hope they will blend the 3D models with the 2D sprites better by go time.


  • Erm, y’all just made a big arse-Steam controlla.
  • With a metric fuckton of ports and connections on the back.
  • All of which can be mapped as individual buttons or combinations thereof.
  • Honestly, I wouldn’t mind trying it but it is fuckin’ huge!

Cold engine

  • Hell knight with a Fu Manchu style blood beard!
  • Custom ascii model with a blender export script what

Unofficial Quack

  • It works!
  • This is a good example of someone pointing out that there’s literally no reason for game X not to have a Linux port.
  • What’s cool about this is that this is the end result of a lot of the work that Flibit is doing. Basically 0 effort ports for XNA games

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Apocryph
Devel: Bigzur Games
Engine: Unity
Price: £14.99 / US 19.99 / CA 21.99

Wazzat: Apocryph is a FPS set in a brutal dark fantasy world. It takes it’s roots in old-school fantasy shooters, so prepare for intense sword-and-sorcery FPS action amidst forgotten castles, evil shrines and decrepit dungeons!

Mandatory Disclosure: Them devs sent us keys

Makes with the working


  • Performance: @ 1080
    • 70/74 LOW
    • 50/60 HIGH.
  • Launch Control:
    • Fullscreen:✅
    • Big Picture: ✅
    • Windowed: ❌
      • It’s not even an option, Brad.
  • Quicksave, does, not, work.


  • Performance: @ 1080
    • Average 56fps on high
  • Launch Control:
    • Big Picture:✅
    • Fullscreen:✅
  • No quicksave either


  • Performance: @ 1080
    • 47/78
      • Regardless of High or Very High settings, the performance is anywhere from 47-78 FerPS
  • Launch Control:
    • Fullscreen:✅
    • Big Picture:✅
    • Windowed: ❌
      • Windowed mode requires editing the unity Prefs file.
  • Crashy crashy crashy
  • Quicksaving jacks up the brightness like crazy


Shiny / Sounds


  • Three main modes: High, fugly, EXTREME fugly + pixels and graphical glitches.
  • Seriously, the pixel mode is one step above Quake ASCII render.
  • I don’t hate the background music?
  • The monster noises do a really good job of keeping me on edge.
  • It looks good but you quickly notice the baddies are on the maps, not in them.
  • Level design is half decent and have a solid Quake vibe.


  • The background music is overly distored guitar noodling. Seum had a better soundtrack though
  • Yup, this is a hexxen clone. It looks the part, but that’s not saying much given the performance


  • The amount of particle effects on screen is detrimental to my ability to play this game.
  • Pixel mode made me, someone who played Quake on the Saturn, feel queasy.
  • The background music is alright, if a bit too loud by default.
  • Like I mentioned earlier, when you quicksave the gamma gets shifted to the brightest setting and it makes the game look god awful.




  • WASD default layout is workable.
  • Agree /w P-man on the random stickies.
  • Homeboy has a serious problem with certain stairs and other various areas.
  • Collision issues and a byproduct of lazy dev being lazy.


  • If WASD ain’t broke, don’t fix it
  • Did everyone else basically forget there’s a bullet time mode. I kept getting killed a bunch in a couple sections, then I realized that was a thing
  • Other than that, yeah there are some collision issues
    • Also inconsistent invisible walls


  • Protagonist character has this nasty habit of getting stuck in random bits of terrain.
  • You can tell the developers were aware of this but, instead of fixing it, they just lined the levels with various bits of invisible walls at different angles.
  • The hitboxes on enemies are very poorly represent by their model.
  • And by very poorly, I mean you’ll be fucking miles from one of the melee enemies and the fucker will still damage you.




  • I had to dial this FKR down to easy after 30 minutes of getting killed to death.
  • I did this because the AI == trigger + bum rush and they would get stuck on just about everything imaginable.
  • I found myself triggering them, getting them stuck, and merking from a distance. .
  • Not fun, this is supposed to be about strafing, running backwards, and slaughtering.
  • Enemies do NOT handle stairs well.
  • More often than not they jump into space and land on your head-organ.
    • However you do get to see plenty of monster taint.
  • Could really do with an autosave feature.
    • Save scumming quickly becomes a way of life.
  • However,
  • You know what, FK however.
  • Your quicksave does. Not. Work!
  • I’m out, not going through that slog of bullsh*t again.
  • And that’s a FSM damned shame since I was starting to kinda-sorta like the game.
  • YAY I get to repeat something I’ve said before.
    • If this was an Early Access title I would be hopeful, nay, borderline impressed.


  • The entire time I spent playing this game I was thinking how so much better ziggurat was in basically every aspect
  • After you get used to the AI’s stupidity and the game’s tendency to hide a ton of monster around every blind corner, you very quickly start devolving into what we in the biz call “dungeon pace”
  • Peek around every corner to draw aggro and run away
  • Then the game just becomes a slog, and you take venn’s advice to just save scum
  • The level design isn’t actually half bad. In true quake/hexen fashion you got to get through a series of secondary objectives before you can just unlock the main door
  • The game also likes to put the main door right in front of you and make you explore
  • I would like to see a few more branching paths, loops and interconnects tho

Pedro- CHAIR

  • Apocryph could have been the STRAFE of Hexxen.
  • Instead is a gallery of simplistic, ameteur hour, design and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some of these enemies before.
  • I remember having my mind blown by Hexxen 2 in 1997.
  • In my head, this game had a pretty good shot of getting me to slap on my nostalgia goggles and just enjoy it.
  • Instead I got stuck on top of yet another set of stairs and then it crashed.
  • Damn you, Apocryph.



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