LinuxGameCast Weekly 295: #Jesus

Hand of Fate 2 gets endless! Steam pretends to be concerned about your privacy, Feral Interactive wants to optimize your gaming experience and NVIDIA has a new Vulkan SPIR-V compiler. Then Foreveracers faces the CHAIRQASITION!

All this, plus your hate mail.

Special tanks:
Jakob H (new patreon)
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RTheren (new MIC stand from the wishzone)

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Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam News:


  • Thanks Facebook.
  • Fuck you Al, I’m proud of my hours in ricochet
  • Now you can turn off all the snoopy features that allow other people to see what you’re up to.


  • I mean, I get why they’re mad, but exposing your game library should be opt in by default anyways.
  • I love the divide the Steam “privacy” thing created in people’s minds.
  • “Privacy is good, but it killed Steam Spy!”
  • Steam Spy is/was a glorified RNG.
  • Developers are celebrating!


  • Popular games is popular
  • Why is Tanzania not colored in?
  • Is 1 person not enough to count towards the most owned games?
  • No winning by default?

Endless Manos

  • That was possibly the one missing feature from the first one.
  • Neat, but until they sort the combat system IMA stay tapped out.

Bugs with Golf

  • Still no editor.
  • Late Easter items #LAG
  • Canada achievements have been fixed.


  • Extra strong rumbly bits.
  • MIght be popular with a certain segment of the community
  • Apparently there was an issue with HTML tags in names messing stuff up?
    • Yup, you could use HTML formatting and then Reddit found out.


  • That’s a lot of likes.
  • Guess the Stardew Valley player base is still very much alive
    • People use this game as some type of therapy #TIL.
  • Roommate is one of the people who play this non stop.
  • It’s a pretty good sit down and chill game. Plus if you give people Mayo they love you in turn
  • Now you can give your friends mayo


  • Now with 100% less price.
  • Has a legit graphical glitch (white flash) I shite you not.
  • That, and the permapointer.
  • A lot of “visual programming” focused games, lately.

Later this month

  • After the MAC version.
  • Ima guess it’s because two things.
    • Vulkan.
    • Feral is still trying to figure out how to AMD.
  • Radar love
  • Fine, keep the Mac fanboys happy.
    • Mac fanboys are still their core business. Gotta make those dukats
  • They only have until 2020 to enjoy anything that’s not an iOS game.


  • That looks like ass and I don’t mean Atomic.
  • Yeah, sort of a crappier looking borderlands. But hey, you can build your own gun
  • As far as I can tell, “physics guns” just means that the bullets are subject to gravity.

Odium To the Core

  • It’s a pretty looking tappy chicken



  • Seeing a 3-5% boost in SSF and Talos.
  • Still getting around 70 @ 1080p on Ultra in F1 2017.
  • Set __GL_NextGenCompiler=0 if you’re experiencing issues
  • No joy /w DOTA 2.
  • Not being on the PPA after a few days means you probably wanna skip this one?.
  • They did add an AllowExternalGpus option, which allows you to define a device as a hotplug one that may or may not be present. Handy if you’re using a GPU dock a la Wimpy

All the monies

  • …damn.
  • 2.5K for a 27” monitor?
  • Cold day, hell.
  • Yeah no.
  • Man, Nvidia is really stuck on gouging people for gsync
    • It might be a bit nicer than freesync, but AMD isn’t charging buckets o’ cash for it, so that’ shit’s everywhere
  • I want a G-Sync monitor, I really do.
  • But fuck yo prices!

Feral’s Game Mode

  • Ikey gave Feral a hand with this one.
  • Now, they say Tomb Raider is gonna integrate this.
  • So, is just going to do the governor flip if you have the daemon running or will it mess with people like myself who run with the performance governor the whole time?
  • Explain to me how this is anything more than a glorified performance governor.
    • Feral’s noted a few times in their launcher that if the governor is set to powersave that there might be performance issues.
    • All this really does is make that pop up go away

13 Dolls

  • I never got to play the original.
  • Can we not have a resurgence of FMV games?
    • I mean, It’d be interesting if someone took a crack at them using moden gameplay design and tools.
    • Ok, let’s be real. I just want to see Christopher Walken be in games again
  • Their website is down as of 11am on a saturday


  • Use UT weapons in your brutal doom. Somewhere in time, a 90’s gamer is having a prophetic wet dream
  • It’s compatible with all the various doom implementations.
  • I was hoping for a Brutal DOOM style thing but with Unreal.
  • I haven’t played OG Unreal in over a decade!
    • Fuck, I’m old.

Jaaaaaaaaaag 0.16.1

  • Apparently russia was causing the game to crash. This has been remedied
  • Hi Putin!

RPCS3 continues the forward… March

  • Linux can finally Run Crysis
  • More games made into playable or at least to “ingame” status.
  • Down to 18 games which just don’t do anything.
  • You can almost get ingame with The Last of Us.
  • Changing a single ‘2’ to a ‘3’ ended up improving issues in multiple titles
    • This is the sort of development bullshit I love reading about

CHAIR– Nooope

CHAIRCHAIR– Not sure if want


CHAIRCHAIRCHAIRCHAIR– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Foreveracers
Webzone: Foreveracers
Devel: SuperSmashingGreat Games
Engine: Unity
Price: £4.79 / US$5.99 / CA$6.69
Wazzat: The bouncy wobbly arcade online multiplayer driving game. Jump in to the action with no fuss. Race, roam, roll, crash, and challenge as you drive around the game world day and night. Cut corners, find shortcuts and avoid other players while trying to set the best lap times or win the challenges.

Mandatory Disclosure: Developer sent us keys

Makes with the working


  • No issues @ 2160 or 1080.
  • Windowed and fullscreen without issue.
  • Did not say disparaging remarks about my mother.


  • No scream of nope?
  • No bloop of noop?
  • Actually starts up when you click play?
  • Doesn’t require fucking with an ini file to make the mouse work?



Shiny / Sounds


  • This is some Supa Man 64 looking shite right here.
  • Never put on the


  • I think it’s supposed to look stupid
  • The crap aesthetic really does help with the frustration from the controls though.


  • There’s some extra cell shading on top the general lack of textures which makes everything look like it’s made of plasticine.
  • I get that aesthetics weren’t a priority here.
  • There’s just enough visuals and noises to give you something but not enough to blow your mind.




  • It’s FKY and each vehicle has its own version of FKY.
  • Steer + petrol + brake.


  • Again, I think it’s supposed to control stupid
  • Yes, the cars are very wobbly and will spin out super quickly. They still control like a butt
  • The only car game I play with any regularity is Rocket league. I keep expecting square to boost


  • You’re letting me see the controls but I can’t change them
  • We can remap our controller with the Steam remapping options but that doesn’t get you any points.
  • This simple fact dings you two chairs when I keep accidentally hitting the bumpers when holding down the triggers.
  • Why can’t I use a face button on the controller to accelerate and break?
  • The core gameplay mechanic here is the top heaviness of the cars.
  • Turn carefully to avoid toppling over.
  • Why are you not allowing me to enjoy your mechanics by limiting my controls?
  • I ended up playing it with the keyboard, since then I can use both WASD and the arrows.




  • Forever alone mode is wicked boring.
  • Could use some bots.
  • This game is only viable with a gang of people and obscene amounts of cocaine.


  • This just isn’t my jam
  • It’s a little fun to doop around and find all the different tracks, but then I feel like it’s time to take a break
  • And 10 minutes have passed
  • Really it doesn’t seem like there’s all that much to do in this game. Maybe it’s good for driving game fans to chill out and play


  • This, as the Steam store description states, is a multiplayer racing game.
  • If you’re playing on your own, it’s not fun.
  • It’s a self fulfilling prophecy of nope.
  • There’s no fun to be had playing on your own, so people don’t play the game.
  • If people aren’t playing the game, there’s no one else to play online with.
  • I hope the dev takes the skills he learned and makes another, more complete game.
  • This is a good experiment of mechanics.
  • Playing and learning the physics of the different cars is great, but it needs people.



Hate Mail:

Nuc nuc

Works for me


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