LWDW 133: Intel Gonna Intel

Intel backtracks on Linux benchmarks, AKiTiO joins the LVFS, Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 is ready for public consumption and Windows 95 in Electron is now a thing.

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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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Colour key – Venn Pedro Jill

No Chrome for old books

  • That’s gotta bite a little bit.
  • Looking at the release dates for some of those, I guess I got lucky with the Acer R11.
  • Nothing wrong with this since most Chromebooks can barely run Chrome OS.
  • I will just stick to Crouton on my unsupported Chromebooks.  Running containerized apps on them would just be to slow anyways.  Why do that when I can just run Debian apps natively.
  • Although, I am thinking of getting a newer one to test out Crostini.


Touch OTA 4

  • I hope the community will make this a viable phone OS.
  • I’m not going to use it unless I suddenly find myself in possession of more phones than I know what to do with, but it’s nice to see.
  • Yeah!  Can’t wait to upgrade it on my OnePlus One.  I always loved the look and feel of Ubuntu Touch and running pure Linux on my phone.


We tried

  • Last time Intel went after benchmarks was when AMD’s T-Bred processor was kicking their posterior.
  • Since they got caught manipulating the benchmarks last time, did they figure prohibiting them outright would be better?
  • Good on you Debian, who is just really worried about worsening performance and Intel lying about it.


Bubble Wrap

  • A new security feature was left out because there weren’t enough resources to get it ready.
  • To be fair, I too would have felt inclined to leave out something the GNOME project did.
  • But alas, the rest of the desktop still made it.
  • “all packages promoted to [Ubuntu main] have to go through a thorough review process which takes time”
    • Where was that thorough review process when Unity became the default?
    • Or GNOME with its memory leaks?
  • We won’t know if it is really a security feature unless somebody audits the code.


AKiTiO to the LVFS (RTheren)

  • Richard Hughes Linux Vendor Firmware Service update:
    • AKiTiO makes a large number of nice ThunderBolt peripherals and added support for the Node and Node Lite devices.
    • Lenovo also added support for the ThinkPad T460 on the LVFS.
  • That’s good!
  • I was looking at getting Nory the Node for her laptop so she can play games, that means I can poke it with a Linuxy stick too!


Open Source Hollywood Blender! (mfoxdogg)

  • Two weeks ago on LWDW, we talked about how amazing it was that the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences teamed up with The Linux Foundation to form the Academy Software Foundation to advocate for the use of open source software in the film, television and gaming industry.
  • Ton Roosendaal, Chairman of the Blender Foundation, attended SIGGRAPH, the annual computer animation/VFX convention where the Academy Software Foundation was announced at the keynote.
  • Ton met with Oculus, AMD, Intel, Nvidia, Wacom, Epic Games, Adobe, and Jos Stam formerly from Autodesk and Alias/Maya.
  • Also with Khronos, to talk about implementing the Vulkan API in Blender.
  • Ton noticed a few years ago that Blender was finally being taken seriously in the animation industry, but now people and companies actually want to do business with them.
  • And now Blender is setting the open source standard of which everyone is going to follow in the animation industry and all the companies want to collaborate with Ton!!!
  • In industry, most 3D animation is done with Maya and Cinema 4D.
    • Character animation = Maya
    • Rigid body animation = Cinema 4D


Monolithic Linux

  • I think everyone is waiting for the Linus comment on this one.
  • Do we really want to go back to MINIX again?


Yo dawg

  • It’s already up to version 1.3
  • Now, let me run it in a browser.
  • Lets electron all the things, including Linux Distros now, which will be cool.
  • But do we really want them to run slower?
  • Actually, I see this as a more modern Wayback Machine.

Slice of Pi


  • I like the cluster hat
  • A PoE Pi 3B+ powering a cluster of 4 Pi Zeroes.
  • This makes remote deployment of the RasPi in embedded equipment, routers, switches etc. even cheaper because no extra power lines need to be laid, and no extra power or even an SD card for the RasPi is needed!



  • That goes beyond neat!
  • That was someone with a purpose.

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