LWDW 277: Intel Xee Wee

OpSec claims their Ubuntu DMCA notice was spoofed, Firefox 89 gets special Proton powers, Haveibeenpwned goes open-source, and a flame spitting Raspberry Pi powered Roomba.

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00:00 Intro
03:16 Ubuntu takedown notice update
05:56 Intel Xe-HPG PCB
11:26 Firefox 89
15:46 Pwned passwords open-sourced
19:36 Source code spell checker
21:46 WordTsar: Wordstar clone
24:51 Glimpse project on hiatus
32:36 Flamethrower Pi
35:36 Emails

Ubuntu spoof 


  • Wow, but I am glad that Canonical is launching its own investigation into this issue.
  • If it’s so easy to disprove this as a spoof, then why haven’t you done it?
  • Yes… something, something, legal proceedings.


Xee Wee 


  • Intel is confident they can crush other media encoders with Xe DG2. 
  • And by crush do they mean it’s better than nvenc at chomping x.264?
  • Lots of memory, GOOD hardware encoding for streaming, comparative OpenCL support. 
  • Double so after seeing the upcoming prices
  • That’s MSRP. 
  • The target TDP is expected to be less than 235W, wow!
  • Clocks of up to 2.2 GHz, not sure if average or boost clocks.
  • They are expected by the end of the year or Q1 2022, which means you might be able to buy one of these before you can get your hands on the RTX 30 series or AMDs RX 6800 XT!
  • And at a sweet price point for mid-range cards, 200-300 $.
  • If those pricing leaks hold up, which wouldn’t surprise me, they would be very much on brand for Intel.
  • And let’s be honest, you’re not getting a 3080 for less than $2000 at this point in time.
  • And one thing you can say about Intel, their graphic drivers are truly open-source. 


Foxfire 89


  • Firefox 89 web browser has been released with a brand new look.
  • UI redesign to reduce visual complexity:  new colors, new tabs, new icons, new menus, new dialogs, new application menu.
  • The ‘floating tabs’ are still there from the Firefox proton preview released February, so tabs can be moved around and detached easily.
  • Also, for better security, media auto-play is disabled by default.
  • I hope the fact that the tabs take up over 100pixels in height are a byproduct of GNOME and it’s stupidly excessive titlebar size and not the default.
  • Works fine on Bullseye. 
  • “browser.proton.enabled” set to “false” now fixes things. 
  • It was exciting to see FF change the world 15 years ago. 
  • It’s been hard to watch the recent trajectory.


Open pwned 


  • The .NET foundation is as much not a part of Microsoft as the latter will allow them to be.
  • Considering it was announced at a Microsoft conference and founded by Microsoft, let’s not delude ourselves.
  • And yes, this means Microsoft technically has access to all those passwords of yours which got leaked at some point.
  • How does that make you feel?
  • The password collaboration with the FBI is an incredible result of open sourcing HIBP, and is one of the many reasons why we need more open source adoption in government.
  • From the post, the FBI’s involvement seems to be about feeding passwords into HIBP rather than the other way around.


Grammar terminal 


  • I’m bad enough at programming to know I don’t want something else pointing out how bad I am at spelling
  • We could all use a little help now and again with an extra comma or misplaced colon, and yes, spell checking our code.


21st Century WordStar


  • This is WordTsar, a ‘document mode’ WordStar word processor clone for the 21st Century, with a pretty Qt GUI interface to boot.
  • If you were like me back in the day, I lived the WordStar life in the 80’s, and was upset by the upstart word processor WordPerfect.
  • Something something George Martin, Ann Rice. 
  • Seems to be missing N (non-document edit). ^KH (hide block) is ^K> Not sure why (WS 4?). ^JH0 is missing (get rid of help).


Glimpse takes a break


  • Unfortunately, this is what can happen when an open source project encounters a pandemic and work related logistics.
  • I went digging around in the github commits. 
  • Did they do anything aside from rebranding? 
  • No hate, serious question. 
  • The project came to a screeching halt when Bobby’s employer said tap the brakes. 
  • Ten months later when he was in a position to start things back up he decided, na. 
  • It was an interesting proposition, forking a well established open sauce project for the sake of a friendlier name and with the promise of other friendly functions coming in the future.
  • Didn’t really shake out like that, as things usually do.

Slice of Pi

Flaming Pi 


  • I like Michael Reeves’ swearing roomba better.
  • Less likely to burn down stuff I’d rather it didn’t too.
  • It’s good to see the kids taking up the time honoured tradition of murderroombas. 
  • RIP Dalek Stab. 
  • This is a Raspberry Pi Zero W powered Roomba Flamethrower controlled by an Xbox One Controller running RapPi Os Lite. 
  • It’s a solar powered butane wheezer, not exactly murder incarnate. 
  • What I’m sayin is it’s totes safe for ages 5 and up.


Remote the serves 



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