LWDW 233: iNtel

Slimbook and Tuxedo have new Ryzen laptops, Pi-powered computer vision, open-source mocap with arduino, and Electron powered browsers.



04:48 3rd gen KDE Slimbook
06:40 Tuxedo Ryzen
09:35 Ubuntu Web
12:50 Min web browser
17:35 PeerTube updates
20:55 Thimbleweed Linux
25:05 Battery safe
30:00 Shameless self promotion
32:10 Ubuntu retro remix
35:15 KeeCap Open Mocap
37:10 megaAI
40:20 Emails

Ryzen powered KDE Slim

  • I see the power button is no longer doing its best Delete impression.
  • Also the price seems to have come down a bit from the base model of the one I had a look at.
  • Which is very good!
  • Especially since you’re getting a 4800H Ryzen APU. 
  • Speaking of which…


Tuxedo Ryzen

  • A powerful ultrabook laptop at only 16.8 mm thick and just over 3 pounds.
  • Another 4800H powered laptop, 8 cores and 16 threads of madness.
  • Hold up!
  • That’s the same shell as Slimbook 3… only black instead of silver.
  • Welp I suppose I’mma have to configure one of each to have a look:
  • Tuxedo wins again for two reasons: lets me pick specifically 2x8GB of RAM, and lets me also specify the Portuguese keyboard layout.


ChromeOS Alt

  • Before you get too excited keep in mind this young man has started many projects. 
  • Stuck with nary a few. 
  • Still, it would be nice to have a Chromium-like ChromeOS. 
  • Really all you need to do is setup Firefox kiosk mode on any Ubuntu distro of your choice.
  • Although it would be nice to have a prepackaged distro ChromeOS alternative.
  • And don’t call it Web OS.  webOS was invented by Palm.
  • Ubuntu based Firefox OS?
  • Yeah… I’mma wait and see!



  • It’s fast and minimal, despite being an electron app.
  • And is working great for showing our show note articles because it blocks ads.
  • And it has a nice workflow with tabs, and organizing them in tasks.


PeerTube 2.3

  • Two things that will be used in conjunction. 
  • Global video search and a checklist option for intellectual prop violation. 
  • So happy to see fast paced and continued support of PeerTube.
  • And am looking forward to the ‘live’ option launching on it or LBRY soon.


Thimbleweed Linux

  • When it clicks that Apple cares not for the Desktop. 
  • And Windows was never an option. 
  • When the Grumpy Gamer finds all the Linux alternatives to the productivity apps he is used to, he won’t be Grumpy anymore ;-)
  • I hope he finds success and “those people” keep their AAARCH! to themselves.



  • I’m going to be honest, that sounds like a MAC issue?
  • A half-designed charge controller should take care of that. 
  • With your charger in it shouldn’t use the battery nor charge it.
  • Yoinking the power when it’s full will burn a charge cycle. 
  • This could be especially helpful with older laptops and with older batteries.
  • I thought with Lithium Ion batteries you should leave them plugged in if you’re actively using it.
  • Or store it at 60-80% charge if you’re not.
  • Laptops don’t have cadmium batteries anymore, I don’t think.

Slice of Pi

Wimpy’s Retro Remix

  • Wimpy is always trying new things, and learns a lot along the way.
  • This brings progress to Ubuntu and makes him the perfect Ubuntu desktop lead!
  • If you want to get your retro gaming on, Wimpy is creating an Ubuntu spin specifically for you!
  • Though, if gaming on the Pi is your focus, RetroPi or Lakka are probably the best options.



  • This is an arduino based open motion capture suit.
  • For the script to work in Blender you MUST install PySerial into blender.
  • They need to fill in some gaps on the project page but it’s something to keep an eye on. 


Luxonis tiny megaAI

  • Last year in August, LWDW#182, we talked about a new computer vision carrier board for the Raspberry Pi.
  • Called the Luxonis DepthAI.
  • Now they have a mini one called megaAI.
  • A 4K, 60 FPS camera solution for computer vision powered by Intel’s Myriad X chip.
  • It combines depth perception, object detection and object tracking using hardware and software.
  • https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/opencv/opencv-ai-kit


MAC Attack 

  • Uh… no.
  • I want that but for x86_64.
  • I want to have my phone with 4 small 64bit cores for the battery operation and 8 big cores for use when plugged into the dock.
  • Then said dock would also provide external GPU access, which would itself be connected to my two big honking monitors.
  • RAM could be a concern, but if they’ve managed to put 12GB of LPDDR3/4 in some phones, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a concern for long.
  • The biggest bottleneck now would really be the storage.
  • It would need to have NVMe or SATA in the external dock, because running a full desktop OS on eMMC is god awful.


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