You intrepid heroes dodge, collect potions, and rage-quit. Penarium faces, the CHAIRQASITION!

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– Not sure if want

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Game: Penarium
Devel: Self Made Miracle
Engine: Custom
Price: $9.99

Wazzat: Penarium is a frantic 2D arena arcade game where you take on the role of Willy, trapped in a sinister circus show.


Does It Launch

  • Yip.

Performance @ 1080

  • 60 all the things.
  • No resolution settings.


  • Hipster pixel goodness.


  • Steamy goodness.


Does It Launch

  • Here’s an old trick I had to pull out
  • ln -sf /usr/lib64/ lib/ is required in order for the game to run on fedora
  • The launch script tries to install ubuntu dependencies and asks for a sudo password

Performance @ 1080

  • Yerp


  • They’re pixelly
  • They’re colourful
  • You can tell one thing apart from another


  • You got three options
  • Move, jump or bail


Does It Launch

  • Launches quickly.

Performance @ 1080

  • 60 @ 1920×1080 & 1920×1200.


  • Windowed can be scaled easily and fullscreen works great!


  • Generic SNES controller and keyboard is very responsive.

QA Score:





  • Do you like Super Meat Boy?
  • This is Super Meat Boy with a bunch of extra steps thrown in.
  • You run, you jump, you explode into pixelated gibs.
  • Oh, you also rage-quit.
  • That’s what I found myself doing more often than not.
  • Granted this was after trying one level 15 times in a row.
  • That said, I did come back and after a bit more grinding managed to progress.
  • Like Super Meat Boy it’s a fun little game… for a minute.
  • Not something I would ever put much time into but definitely something to be broken out at parties after you have hidden anything that rhymes with heavy or sharp.


  • Tough but fair seems to get tossed around a bunch to describe games that have very difficult mechanics and demands mastery over them
  • This game has one mechanic to display mastery over, and it is tough but fair
  • You dodge
  • The game wants you to be patient too.   Levels don’t have time limits, and escalation is based on your progress
  • A bunch of times I was just about to get mad about a death, but then I realized the mistake I made
  • Also the looping screen is crucial for some of the challenges, somethingI didn’t realize until far too late
  • There’s a lot of stuff to keep track of for sure, but you never lose your dude
  • That lotion mission can EABOD though.  Whoof
  • The one after that is just an exercise in patience


  • Penarium:  A sadistic circus for sure!
  • Super Mario on hard mode!  It gets very hard, very quick.
  • Very addictive and brings you back wanting more.
  • Prepare to die a lot.
  • The opening animation that leads into the gameplay is very thematic and fluid and fits the vintage circus theme.
  • The art style and soundtrack are very charming!
  • Has an endless arcade mode that I enjoyed playing.

Fun Score:



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