LWDW 154: Parental Linux

APT suffers a man-in-the-middle attack, Inkscape 0.92.4 brings notable performance improvements, floppy Raspberry Pi’s, and giving your parents the gift of Linux.


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Linux Weekly Daily Wednesday
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Colour key – Venn Jill Pedro


  • The ASUS Chromebit is often rated in the top ten of best stick PCs you can buy, and is a great and cheaper alternative to a Chromebook or Chromebox.
  • The black ASUS Chromebit is only $85.36, and the pink one, which is the one I want, is $124.13 on Amazon.
  • Google and ASUS had collaborated on the Chromebit and released it in November 2015.
  • Its cheaper than the $150 Intel Compute Stick CS125 and it doesn’t run Windows 10.
  • Do you find the chromebook to be too feature packed?
  • A little too underpowered for Android apps certainly explains the price drop.
  • Though, some people have managed to sideload the Play store and runtime onto it
  • I am not of a fan of needing a 18W power adapter.



  • I was very excited to hear about Akira’s development, because a proper open source UX/User Interface design tool is needed on Linux for creating both web and mobile interfaces.
  • Akira will be equivalent to proprietary apps like Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD.
  • Having a tool designed from the ground up to run on Linux and allow UI/UX development that isn’t inherently tied down to GTK or QT is a nice idea.
  • Certainly opens Linux to hosting development of even more mobile/web apps.


New Ink

  • Multiple objects can now be aligned as a group relative to a another single object.  This makes moving many objects at one time to the location of another object much easier, as they are aligned better and “snap” to the individual objects coordinates, depending on the alignment tools used, such as center vertically, horizontally etc.
  • Now you can hold Shift/Ctrl-click on control handles of shapes without Inkscape crashing!  This has been an annoying issue for a long time.
  • Improved the speed of processing and saving large files, and large Adobe Illustrator files.  I have imported AI files in Inkscape many times, and know how slow they are to process.
  • So if an idiot like myself who doesn’t know how to Inkscape decides to try this version, it’s still not going to make my life any easier, is it?
  • *laughs in windows XP*


Why He Linux

  • Really nice written article!
  • Larry Sanger, who is a Co-founder of Wikipedia, points out how easy it is to find resources online and don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • So nice to see more articles being written about how easy it really is to transition to Linux for new users, by Jason Evangelho from Forbes and the like.
  • Most modern Linux installers, like Ubuntu’s, have an install Linux alongside Windows option so new users don’t even have to learn how to make partitions.
  • There’s an even easier way to get right into Linux without having to worry about partitions and installations.
  • You go to Entroware or Tuxedo’s website and you get yourself a Linux.
  • It’s more expensive, yes. But it will give you the same fully integrated experience you get from buying a Windows prebuilt/laptop.
  • With the added bonus of not having to deal with Cortana during setup.
  • Be like the founder of Wikipedia, use Linux.
  • Starting with Linux in a VM, training wheels.
  • Keep in mind doing so will double the amount of time it takes you to become familiar with Linux.


Parental Linux

  • These detailed techniques that Simon Frey used are very similar to the ones I use myself when switching someone over to Linux.
  • I really like the fact that he mentioned not to go over an hour at a time when introducing a new user or your family to linux, because they can become overwhelmed.
  • Also, yes, remember to change the boot order in the BIOS back to hard drive after installing Linux from the USB drive.
  • My biggest advice, as a teacher, and someone who shows new users how to use Linux on a regular basis, is to have PATIENCE!
  • My mom still has her old Asus Eee PC netbook and this Christmas I wiped it and installed Xubuntu 18.04 32bit.
  • After some WINE and MS Office 2007, it’s a kickass productivity machine for a teacher.
  • Turns out, 32bit Chromium still holds its own rather well running on older hardware.
  • Gimp for image editing? Really?
  • Yes, use Buntu and not whatever distro is the latest L33t hotness.
  • Bring a SSD, protip.
  • Setup the printer, old people like to kill trees, it brings them joy.
  • Autologin, trust me on this one.
  • Big honking desktop buttons for the 4 to 7 apps they actually use.
  • Ya might need to slap an IE icon on FF or Chrome.



  • I have used arandr before to configure multiple monitors with AMD Radeon cards because the Mesa drivers don’t come with that ability.
  • Arandr has come a long way since 2013, and is now one of the best XRandR front-end GUI utilities.
  • I have spent many a tedious day editing monitor resolutions, configurations and positions with XRandR and plugging those modes into xorg.conf before there were GUI utilities.
  • This is a tool everyone should know about since multi monitor setup can be a nightmare.
  • Persistence is important and that needs to be a thing for all display config tools.
  • I would also like a GUI which lets me do everything XRandr does, this one is not there yet but it’s coming close.
  • After dealing with the monitor setup on the DELL’s I was quite thankful of the NVIDIA config-o-tron.


Sudo https

  • There’s no reason to not use HTTPS anymore.
  • None.
  • NADA.
  • Us Linux users have become so complacent in regards to security of our apt repositories, because very few security issues have popped up.
  • Now that Linux is becoming more popular, more security over repositories needs to be first and foremost so we can keep Linux the most secure operating system in the world.
  • I’m very much in that same camp of there being no excuse, in 2019, not to have SSL.
  • CPU cache is big enough these days that even the most complex certificates are processed in no time.
  • Seriously, just because you don’t think not having https is fine, nothing to exploit.
  • Don’t mean other people share the same opinion.


No place to hang out

  • It was rather obvious that this was coming
  • They made Hangouts so useful when they merged it with the Android sms system.
  • Only to promptly sack that integration and basically bring it back to Skype level of functionality.
  • Are going to lose hangouts.google.com?
  • At this point I’m genuinely confused because you have like 6 chat apps.


RTX 2060 review

  • It’s not a bad card even for the price.
  • If you skipped the 10 series and want solid 1080 1440 performance on the sorta-cheap check it out.
  • For those of you holding out for the 1160Ti (or whatever it’s called) good on you, just keep in mind that it will most certainly not be a 2060 with RTX off.

Slice of Pi


  • This is definitely a project for me, as I have literally imaged hundreds of floppy disks over the years to backup my animation files and assets, programs and games I have made and to preserve old programs and files.  First on SyQuest drives, and then on CD-Rs and later DVD-Rs.
  • I still have all the old and vintage computers that the floppy disks were made on, but most people don’t have access to these old machines so using a modern day RasPi is the perfect option.
  • bbc-fdc is a very useful tool in the sense that it doesn’t need to be able to parse the data but rather can create an image directly from the magnetic fields around the disk itself to get a complete copy of everything.
  • Thus enabling better forensics if some of that data is corrupted.



  • Everything on the internet is fact – Abraham Lincoln

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