LWDW 206: Murder Switches

PinePhone ‘Brave Heart’ editions begin shipping! Wine gets a big 5.0 release, Ubuntu nopes the Amazon button, and Kubuntu powered laptops. All this (and more) plus your emails.

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03:53 Kubuntu Focus shipping
07:28 PinePhone shipping
11:58 Wine 5.0
14:33 State of CentOS
16:43 Ubuntu removes Amazon web app
20:18 Mozilla downsizes
24:43 OBS recording tricks
28:33 Shameless self promotion
31:33 Fake Pi cases
34:18 Underwater Pi
37:53 Emails

Colour key – Venn Jordan Pedro

Kubuntu Focus shipping 

  • The starting price for the Kubuntu Focus Laptop is $2395.
  • And because work flow is such a huge “focus” of the Kubuntu Focus, the terminal command ‘rm’ is remapped to trash, to help avoid accidental data loss.
  • It uses similar hardware, Clevo-960x, to the current generation System 76 Galago Pro and Tuxedo XP1610.
  • Two percent of each sale of the Focus laptop is donated to the Kubuntu Foundation.
  • I thought that looked familiar.
  • That’s the higher end, current year version of the Entroware Kratos.


Pinephones shipping

  • March for sale, and April for general shipping.
  • I shall wait.
  • At $149.99 I’ll probably end up getting one to tinker with. 
  • That said, I’m violently against carrying a mobile device at all times. 
  • It supports all major Linux phone projects such as Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish OS and Plasma Mobile.
  • 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and a camera along with a USBC port. 
  • That and it has dip switches that let you murder GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, microphone and cameras.
  • I am also happy to hear that my favorite phone OS webOS LuneOS that I have on my OnePlus One is also being ported to the PinePhone, as well as the Android based Replicant OS.


WINE 5.0 (RTheren)

  • Another stable version of WINE is now available.
  • It includes all the 4.X updates rolled up, if for some reason you were still holding on to 4.0 stable.
  • It supports Vulkan 1.1, just in time for 1.2 to be released.
  • Lots of care was put into getting WINE files and folders to mimic those of an actual windows install, which will hopefully stop the copy protection woes.
  • Better multi-monitor support.


State of CentOS

  • Transparency of workflow and giving the community a breakdown of their progress, is the CentOS teams commitment going forward.
  • CentOS Stream is a rolling release distro between Cent and Fedora, in terms of package up-to-date-ness.
    • I think I like that idea!


Ubuntu removes Amazon

  • The Amazon web app, which was first introduced in Ubuntu 12.10 and has been a part of the Ubuntu desktop for the past 8 years, has been removed, thanks to Canonical’s Alan Pope and the Ubuntu Desktop Director Martin Wimpress.
  • When Canonical’s upcoming Ubuntu 20.04 LTS release lands this April, the Amazon icon will be no more.
  • The icon was being used as an Amazon Affiliate link for Canonical.
  • I literally haven’t used the Amazon Web Launcher since the Unity days with Ubuntu 14.04, and then maybe twice.
  • For those of you who will miss this, just save a shortcut of the webpage to your desktop with any web browser.
  • And you can donate to Canonical via PayPal with this link:
  • Oh, can I drop the web-launchers from the very first apt remove run I do on a fresh system?
  • apport* and snap* are still there, though.
  • The only problem I ever had with the Amazon bits were them not being opt-in and bit of a PITA to remove. 
  • One of the reasons I moved everything in the studio to Debian was having to de-Ubuntu a box after install.
  • Granted, most of the things I noped from orbit (arguably) make sense on a desktop, just not a workstation. 


Mozilla downsizes 

  • Mozilla chairwoman and interim CEO Mitchell Baker announced the company would lay off approximately 70 employees.
  • Mozilla had made money from Google and other companies by embedding their services into the Firefox browser.
  • In 2011 Mozilla made just under $300 million a year by making Google Firefox’s  default search engine.
  • These sources of money have dried up.
  • I was so sad to hear this and am hoping that their new security subscription services via their VPN, Firefox Private Network, will help them gain revenue.
  • I donate to Mozilla every year via Paypal, and now is the time for the Linux community to do so and keep our favorite open source web browser alive.


Multi-track OBS

  • A little something for my creator brothers and sisters on Linux. 
  • Record two audio tracks independently for editing in post. 
  • Using your existing hardware, nothing fancy needed. 
  • I couldn’t find a serviceable guide for doing this, so I made one.  
  • Up next is …

Slice of Pi

Fake Pi (RTheren)

  • Someone making cheap knockoffs of your product is almost a right of passage. 
  • They just told the counterfeiters how to make better knockoffs!
  • People have found fake Raspberry Pi cases online that are badly molded knockoffs to the originals and violate the RasPi Foundation’s trademarks.
  • Yeh, not good, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is a not-for-profit that supports their work in education and this is costing them lots of money that would be used to fund their charitable work.


Fishy Pi

  • That’s an amazing project!
  • I’d like a better quality camera, or one with a wide angle to be able to cover the whole aquarium.
  • Up next, tar-tar bot. 


Win 7


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