LWDW 217: QT vs KDE

Ubuntu 20.04 Beta is ready for public consumption! Firefox comes to Flathub, open-source speed tests, and Qt throws the KDE community a curveball.



09:36 Ubuntu 20.04 Beta
13:31 QT vs KDE
18:41 LibreSpeed
22:06 Firefox Flatpack
26:06 PinePhone UBports edition
29:31 Nova King interview
40:58 X86 Pi
47:03 Emails

Open-source speed test

  • Wonderful, it is so nice to have an open source internet speed test that is accurate and without all the fluff!
  • It will be nice if more server locations are set up, and a bit closer to where some of us live.
  • The Las Vegas location did my speed accurate, 300Mbps symmetric, but my ping was much higher than my usual 2 or 3.
  • The code is there if you want to use it. 
  • Don’t think of the site as a real speed test. 
  • The reports vary widely by server.
  • On the Paris one it defaults to for me, I got 30Mbps down and 9 up.
  • On the Germany server I got 198Mbps down and 23 up.


Q stands for Proprietary (RTheren)

  • The QT company – you know, the ones who restricted LTS releases to paid subscribers only – have threatened to delay the open sauceness of future QT code by 12 months unless KDE and the Free Qt communities make other concessions.
  • KDE person Olaf points out that that change to the LTS license came despite ongoing negotiations.
  • Clearly the Qt company wants max short term revenue, and doesn’t seem to realise what will happen if they pull this.
  • What will happen is all the businesses who license it will go on like nothing happened. 
  • If everyone and I mean everyone didn’t immediately start on “Plan-B” in January, KDE leadership has problems.
  • That’s easy for me to say after the fact, so I said the same thing back in January when the Qt project made the announcement. 
  • Might need to revisit the “We can’t fork Qt” argument. 
  • Somewhere a Miguel de Icaza is saying “told ya”. 


Ubuntu 20.04 Beta

  • I am having a lot of fun testing the beta release.
  • Gnome 3.36 is faster and more polished, and there is a new dark mode setting!
  • I also like the do not disturb mode to silence annoying push notifications.
  • This is a feature that Wimpy had included with Ubuntu Mate and brought over to Ubuntu main.
  • I am also looking forward to upgrading my broadcasting rig to Ubuntu Mate 20.04, which also includes better HiDPI support.
  • Martin Wimpress and Alan Pope would love everyone to beta test and file bug reports.
  • I’ve been using Ubuntu MATE 20.04 on the laptop since the Alpha.
  • It works pretty well!


Phinephone preorders 

  • This is exciting!
  • Sandman just ordered one, and I am looking forward to hearing his thoughts on it, especially since he has helped with the development of UBports.
  • “The PinePhone UBports Community Edition ships with a customized case (etched with the project’s mascot – Yumi),  a revised PCB (v1.2) featuring improvements based on feedback from Braveheart developers and testers, as well as CE and FCC certification.“
  • I too will wait to hear from Sandy.
  • Much like the Pinebook Pro, it looks neat but not £money neat.


Firefox stable releases now available on Flathub

  • Now that’s how you sandbox. 
  • Good!
  • Now I just wish there were officially supported Firefox AppImages as well.


Nova Kin init

  • SCaLE 18x interview with Nova King with an update on his project.

Slice of Pi

X86 Pi 

  • I am legit curious what I can make one of these do. 
  • Something like a turn-key DAW is not out of the question. 
  • Neither is making one into a back Hoptiplex. 
  • It has been really nice to see more x86 chip SBCs being built.
  • But as a result, a large heatsink with a fan is included, to cool down that Celeron and memory.
  • Having dual gigabit ethernet ports is awesome for a wide variety of applications, including as a router, server, edge device etc.






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