LWDW 222: Pixelated Chungus

Pre-orders open for the Librem Mini, controlling your Wraith Master on Linux, video in the terminal, and 20.04 Pies.



Linux market share
Desktop face-off
Librem Mini
Debian 10.4
Wraith Master
Terminal media viewer
Sky Hub
Shameless self promotion
Ubuntu 20.04 Pi

Colour key: Venn Pedro Jill

Linux market share 

  • There’s always an upsurge around late spring early summer times in Linux share.
  • Chromebooks are certainly a major part of it, if they’re being counted as Linux.
  • Since people are home in quarantine, they have more time on their hands to play with the desktop version of the operating system that they use at work.
  • And the people who were curious about Linux, now have the time to play with it.
  • It’s a 0.95 increase over last May. 

Desktops benched 

  • We should start off by pointing out this is as subjective as our CHAIRQASITION. 
  • It’s a single user’s opinion that uses eye candy as a metric.  
  • That’s an odd assortment of DEs.
  • KDE, GNOME, and Cinnamon, sure.
  • Awesome is a window manager.
  • And isn’t Regolith just Ubuntu with i3, a window manager?
  • Where’s XFCE? Where’s MATE?
  • And apparently Cinnamon wins… 
  • Apt-get install xfce4/wmaker/fluxbox/enlightenment!
  • One of the most popular desktops in the Linux community is XFCE.
  • And, yes, as Pedro was saying, Awesome is an X window manager, not a DE.
  • You can skip a DM like XFCE if you are doing the mainline ones but…
  • You included Awesome & Regolith while skipping Mate and XFCE. 
  • Speed and stability, that’s all I look for in a DM because I show up to get, shite, done. 
  • I’m not here to watch nonsense sparkle. 


Librem mini

  • That’s one ethernet port away from a want. 
  • Well, an ethernet port and some lower epc options. 
  • For $700 you can get a lot of NUC. 


Debian 10.4

  • Security updates!
  • If everything goes right (it should) you will never know anything changed. 
  • And that’s hows I like it. 
  • New upstream stable drivers for Nvidia graphics, both new and legacy.
  • Debian may be deprecating driver support for lots of older GPUs, like the ATI Rage video cards we talked about 2 weeks ago, but will still maintain support for older Nvidia cards via the proprietary Nvidia drivers.



  • Aww man, just my luck. 
  • Mine is in a box on the shelf so I don’t get to try it. 
  • Dude used Win10 in a VM, wireshark, and a little bit of CM passthrough to get the needed databits. 
  • Then it was only a matter of decrypting the bootleg decimal format.
  • Linux has become an RGB bling bling big boy now in the modding space.
  • We can change the RGB colors on keyboards and mice, and now fans!
  • This is awesome, and actually will help adoption of gamers to Linux.


Video in terminal 

  • Hey, it’s another one of these. 
  • I ran the binary in Cool-Retro-Term to get True Color output.
  • I remember in the 90’s getting videos to play in console when booting Debian in CLI.
  • Using mplayer to play videos with the aalib and cacalib.
  • And then the quest to get full color output by installing a framebuffer :-)
  • It’s nice having another option for leet retro video playback!


They want to believe

  • Is Sky, the ISP, aware you’ve named your service after their client routers?
  • The homebrew search for UFOs just went open source.
  • This could help out SETI a lot.
  • YAY! Another inefficient use of electricity. 

Slice of Pi

Ubuntu 20.04 Pi

  • A lot of people in the Linux community will be happy about this.  Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is now certified for the Raspberry Pi!
  • This means that it will “just work” on the RasPi, be easily flashed, have frequent updates, and have Canonical’s 10 year support.
  • This includes the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and up, as well as the Compute Module 3.
  • Ubuntu server 20.04 runs beautifully on RasPis.
  • Many people prefer it over the stock Raspbian for web server, cloud and Docker projects.




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