LWDW 224: Ripping Torvalds

Linus gets a Threadripper! GNOME settles their patent issue, Ardour hits 6.0, and Microsoft’s failed war on open-source.

Special tanks to:
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04:06 GNOME patent settled
07:06 Linux rips Threads
10:51 Transmission 3.0
15:56 Ardour 6.0
19:46 aj-snapshot
20:51 M-Audio Profire on Linux
23:35 MPV on Windows
28:15 Microsoft’s war on open-source
37:36 Lilygo
41:01 Pi 4 USB boot

Colour key: Venn Pedro Jill

GNOME patent settled 

  • No money was paid by GNOME and they got exemptions for not just the patent Shotwell allegedly infringed, but also for several others.
  • It’s unfortunate that it didn’t go into court proper, so GNOME could set a precedent.
  • But I’m sure the patent troll was desperate for that not to happen after they realised what was coming their way.
  • Since this became an issue, like we talked about last October, I have been wondering how long this would take to get resolved and concerned about the outcome.
  • I am so happy it got resolved so quickly, and this is truly a win for the future of open source software!
  • Thank you to the Linux community for supporting Gnome monetarily and getting the word out in the fight against patent trolls.



  • Dude kinda missed the ARM joke. 
  • Level1Techs also sent Greg Kroah-Hartman a Threadbooper.
  • So happy Linus got a 32 core beast for compiling the Linux kernel!
  • Now, the question is did he get an AMD GPU like Kroah-Hartman did from Level1Techs? ;-)


Transmission 3.0

  • After more than two years the Transmission 3.0 open source BitTorrent client has been released with major improvements and visual polish.
  • Added Peer ID for torrent and download clients, including support for Baidu Netdisk, Free Download Manager, Folx, PicoTorrent, and Xfplay.
  • Improved support for IPv6 addresses in the RPC server as well as throughout the app in general.
  • The GTK+ client received keyboard shortcuts for queue up and down, a modern .desktop file, AppData file, a symbolic icon variant for GNOME desktop’s top bar and the High Contrast theme.
  • And the Qt client now supports Qt 5.2 and looks much better on HiDPI/4K displays.
  • When using Ubuntu, Transmission is my goto client for downloading Linux ISOs, as it is included in Ubuntu by default.
  • It’s available in moon speak!
  • No more having to deal with the frankly poor Brazilian Portuguese translation.


Ardour 6.0

  • Full latency compensation.
  • Way better MIDI handling. 
  • Better plugin management. 
  • Support for Behringer X-Touch and X-Touch Compact!
  • And bugs bugs bugs. 
  • Seriously, the bug from three months ago, the one making it unusable for me?
    • Still alive and well. 
  • If you’re the adventurous type give it a try. 
  • I’ll have a guide on building it from source soon. 
  • Ardour 6.0 now supports FLAC for recording.
  • There are now official ARM binaries 32/64bit builds for Linux for the Raspberry Pi and many other ARM devices.
  • Also has support for NetBSD, FreeBSD and Open Solaris.



  • This little tool can save you all kinds of time when you need to automate. 
  • Instead of saving a scene in Ladish / Claudia or even worse, qjackctl you can simply snapshot. 
  • That seems more useful than the other Snaps.


Interfacing Linux ProFire 2626

  • The new “vintage” hotness used to record all our shows. 
  • It replaced the FCA1616 but don’t worry, it still uses the firewire. 
  • None of that fancy newfangle USB, no sir. 
  • 8 channels of awesome for around $200 or $20 if you get lucky. 
  • As with all things in this series I try to find out what works so you can take advantage of hardware that no longer functions on Windows or MAC. 


MPV on Windows

  • Nice little stab at developing on Windows. 
  • This is a brilliant rant, yet true!
  • Why bother supporting win32 when WSL 2 will let you run Linux binaries for you.
    • “and, owing to Microsoft’s competence, it will be *faster* than native.”
  • Yeh, It’s almost like WSL 2 will be the equivalent to Linux’s Wine, but for Windows ;-)


Carcinogenic Penguins

  • Bill Gates felt personally attacked that an open sauce model could develop and distribute software.
  • For him, it was flying in the face of what he had in mind for Microsoft and it pretty much contravened the views he expressed in the letter mentioned in the article.
  • Hobbyists sharing BASIC punch cards were thieves, pure and simple.
  • So Open Source, to Microsoft, became an enemy to put down.
  • And since Ballmer was Gates’ sock puppet, it carried on into the early noughties.

Slice of Pic

Lilygo Smartwatch

  • Lilygo has released its latest smartwatch, the TTGO T-Watch-2020.
  • It is highly customisable, has a 1.54-inch touch display, Wi-Fi and supports Arduino.
  • At the low cost of $23.40, plus $4.40 shipping, just about anyone can have this smartwatch!
  • Just added myself to the waitlist.


Unintentional Features

  • Considering how much faster USB3 flash drives/external SSD’s can be than an SD card, I think this particular firmware version needs to be enshrined!
  • Unless they make it official and cut the BS.

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