LinuxGameCast Weekly 429: Horse Squatting

Automatic updates for ProtonGE! Gabe sends a gnome to space, Never Split the Party goes full werewolf, DragonBox Pyra begins shipping, and the Playstation 5 DualSense can Linux out of the box. Then Savage Halloween faces, the ChairQAsition. All this, plus your hate mail.



00:00 Intro
07:16 Steam client (beta) controller updates
09:41 Proton updater scripts
13:16 GabeN Gnomes to space
16:11 vkd3d Proton 2.0 DX12
19:31 Left 4 Dead 2 Linux fixes
21:26 Extended Hellpoint Halloween
22:46 Hero Siege
24:41 Never split the Werewolves
26:26 Crystal Caves HD for Linux
29:16 Shilling & shameless self-promotion
33:31 AMD 5950X crushes Intel
39:56 Switch emulator Yuzu nixes online multiplayer
42:46 Super Tux Party 0.8
45:41 Dual Sense PS5 controller uses X input
49:21 Xbox One S Linux controller hack
51:11 Dragonbox Pyra begins shipping
53:31 Sulphur Nimbus goes open-source
57:11 ChairQAsition: Savage Halloween
01:09:02 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam client beta

  • RIP Allocating disk space.
  • I had noticed some games just stopped taking controller input, but I chalked it up to issues with the DS4, the kernel, and KDE.
  • I didn’t actually think Steam had anything to do with it.
  • Yep, controller support wax nixed in Proton for a minute there.
  • Nice of them to make it easier to use proton on non steam apps. They didn’t have to do that
  • Everything’s going under lowercase steamapps now. I’m very happy about not having to deal with that crapshoot anymore

Custom egg rolls

  • I guess I never really thought about how POSIX compliance would affect something like this.
  • Also, what kind of crap job do those shells do if they don’t account for the defaults?
  • You could probably throw this in a weekly cronjob just to make sure you have the latest and greatest GE if you’re burning heretic purchases and wanna play the latest windows hotness

Space Gnome

  • I still don’t know what the HL-2 gnomes were about.
  • I had to do the achievement for that in left4brad, and I can say for sure I’m glad that fucker is gonna burn up in our atmosphere. Get bent

Vkd3d-proton 2.0

  • Because Microsoft.
  • This is the project you want to build if you have that one dx12 game you really, really want to play

Steam: Game Updates

L2D2 updates

  • That’s a list of things people who play a lot of L4D2 would notice.
  • Some of the visual fuckery for the special infected got fixed under linux

Helloween extension

  • Heckpoint’s Halloween event is being extended a bit longer as it overlaps the studio birthdate
  • You can toggle off the pumpkin heads in the options if you don’t like them
  • Makes the game so spoopy

Hero Siege

  • Lots of game fixes, nothing specific for linux
  • This one might be worth a look for thursdays. 4 Person dungeon crawling could be fun

Intrigue of Werewolves

  • Now with One Night Werewolf mode.
  • They’re not terribly shy about saying it’s because Among Us got as popular as it did.
  • Not gonna complain ‘bout new game modes
  • This one’s neat cuz it integrates in the base game in an interesting manner. You already kinda rely on your squad, so having traitors amongst them seems like a cool twist

Crystal Meth Caves

  • Now available for Linux OS magical thinking rock, brought to you by apoogee
  • I mean, it’s nice that you can run a dos game on linux without dosbox
  • That price, though…


AMD zoom zoom

  • For the second time AMD has taken the performance crown.
  • Intel is mumbling about something it might do in a few months.
  • Budget CPU land is gonna be real interesting. I look forward to a return to the days when the CPU wasn’t the most expensive thing you had to cram in your system

Yuzu offline (DAC)

  • Don’t tug on Super Mario’s cape.
  • Yeah, they did a smart by backing off on that.
  • Maybe take another crack at it once the switch online services have shut down, whenever that is.
  • I didn’t see a problem with it right up until they wanted $$$ to use it.
  • That’s a console’s big selling point, the ability to play online.
  • That was never going to fly.

Super Tux Party v0.8

  • Hexagon technology!
  • The minigame randomizer now tries to avoid repeating games in the current session
  • The open game art mascot is now the announcer
  • I really like that they’re keeping it going!
  • I look forward to having it in a state we can play it in the aftershowzen.

DualSense on Linux

  • Hey kids, ever wished your PS4 controller has a bigger touch screen?
  • They’re using xinput now, so I guess that protocol won out
  • I guess as a basic bitch controller it works, but you don’t get any of the cool stuff yet
  • I’m still dubious of those XInput claims, though it’d be really nice to have a dualshock type controller without having the usual lack of DInput support issues.
  • Never had an issue with the SP4 controller, but.

Xone pro Tip

  • Replace Y with 1.
  • After that the critter will, ya know, work.
  • Just a handy tip in case you pick on up and wonder what random BS has to be done to make with the working.

Pyra this month

  • Man it’s been what, 4 years?
  • WHAR SmasZ?
  • Now that the Pinebook Pro and I understand each other, I don’t much care for this one.
  • Though, I would like a GPD Win/Pocket to play with.
  • I’m sure the backers are real excited. I just hope most of these don’t end up in closets somewhere

Sulphur Nimbu:

  • Kickstarter going open-source.
  • Download server located in Mordor.
  • Requires java.
  • Hopefully the controls improved significantly from the kickstarter demo
  • It’s otherwise very ponytastic
  • That last paragraph certainly tickles my morbid curiosity.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Savage Halloween
Devel: 2nd Boss
Engine: Unity
Price: £3.99 / $4.99 / $5.49

Wazzat: In Savage Halloween the world is taken over by monsters from the afterlife who were trapped in the Earth after a Halloween party, and now they have decided to make their new home here.



  • This spooky boi gets a clean bill of health minus the screen resolutions.
  • Seriously, what the hell is up with that?
  • The only standard res is 2160p.
  • Xone and PS4 worked OOTB but no shapes, only X.


  • Bumping little chiptune soundtrack, isn’t it?
  • That was the first thing to catch me off guard when I launched it.
  • The second was last night during the stream.
  • I said something along the line of “for those of you tuning in I’m just trying to take out gatling gun Santa with my timed chicken explosives”
  • What we have here is full-metal 8-bit bingo.
  • Mega Man, Zelda, Contra, Castlevania, TMNT, Battle Toads etc are borrowed from, shamelessly.
  • You have a gun that shoots bats, ghosts, chickens, frogs and when you run out, bullets.
  • It’s well done, makes fk all sense, and is criminally underpriced for the level of work that went into it.
  • Are the controls Hollow tight? Na, but they get the job done.
  • Are the enemies a wee repetitive? Yeah, a bit.
  • Did I mention the bumpin chiptune soundtrack?
  • Anyway there is something about vampires throwing a rave at the start but like most things in Savage Halloween you just roll with it.
  • It’s not fk you hard, hell, it even has level checkpoints.
  • It needs some FSM damned online multiplayer but who needs that in 2020?
  • Just get a group of friends over for some local co-op.
  • It’s hard to fuck up a $5 game since you walk in the low expectations but every now and then you get a little snack.
  • This is one of them, no GOTY or related nonsense but a solid little platformer with a good sense of humour about it.



  • Launches out of the box
  • IF you’re using a switch pro controller, go ahead and do yourself a favour and turn off “switch mode”. The game is only playable in xbox mode
  • DS4, yeah, no shapes
  • Pixel art is good and clear, no character blindness when the screen is full of bullshit, although aside from minigun santa, they leave a lot be desired design wise
  • I’m not as in love with the soundtrack as Venn is, but it’s definitely okay


  • All and all, it’s a pretty solid tribute to games of it’s ilk. Venn brought up the list
  • Nothing wrong with homage though. And 2nd Boss made a pretty fitting one to home console ports of quarter pumpers and other hard nintendo games
  • It doesn’t have the same difficulty though, but that’s okay. This isn’t the only game you’re going to be playing for the next few months
  • It does the bayou billy/batletoads thing where there’s a bunch of different game modes to punctuate the run and gun contra segments
  • I never really got into these types of games as a kid though, so my nostalgia for them is definitely lacking here
  • Still, for a budget title, it’s certainly not awful. Some love was definitely put into it
  • Making people do remote play for multiplayer is bad though, and you should feel bad



  • Launched out of the box
  • Holds 144 at 2560×1440
  • Dualshock 4 worked OOTB with the correct prompts
  • It’s about as hipster pixel as you can get
  • And it’s loud


  • It’s been a bit since we last had generic hipster pixel action platformer.
  • I still don’t particularly like them
  • Most of my childhood was playing stuff like this and I’m very glad we moved on.
  • I can hear the voices calling me a hypocrite for liking ScourgeBringer but not liking this one
  • If you can’t tell the difference between these two games, you have bigger problems.
  • The loudness also got a little obnoxious at points.
  • I suppose it’s a good thing that it isn’t a terribly difficult game, otherwise I would have positively hated it.
  • As it stands, and at £4 I really can’t muster any kind of hatred for it.
  • I didn’t like it, but it certainly didn’t kick my dog and kidnap my cat.



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