LWDW 252: Pulsing Pies

CentOS is moving to Stream, System76 teases their new AMD powered laptops, GMusicBrowser returns from the dead, and open-source predictions for 2021.



00:00 Intro
07:16 CentOS Stream
13:51 System76 AMD laptops
17:01 ZaReason shuts down
20:46 Radeon RX Davinci benchmarks
23:36 antidot dotfile cleanup
26:32 GMusicBroser back form the dead
29:43 virtual dead-man switch
32:08 Depp learning art
34:43 Open source predictions for 2021
41:08 Shameless self-promotion
42:18 NanoPi RS4
44:53 New Raspberry Pi OS
49:08 Emails

CentOS Stream

  • I remember the initial blowback when RedHat stopped and Fedora took over. 
  • This is going to put some companies in a really tight spot. 
  • Greg Kurtzer, a CentOS project founder, is planning to do a fork. 
  • CentOS stream seats between Fedora and RHEL. In other words, CentOS Stream is a rolling-release distro for RHEL.
  • I wouldn’t allow a rolling release in my studio for obvious reasons.
  • Businesses won’t either, they’re counting on it.
  • People in the comments be pissed: https://centos.rip/ 
  • From a user perspective, I can absolutely get behind something in between Fedora and RHEL in terms of up-to-date packages.
  • But for businesses, this is a hard sell.
  • I read in the comments and around the internet that this would lead to businesses migrating to Ubuntu.
  • I also read that some would migrate to openSUSE as well.



  • This is going to be a beautiful laptop!
  • I just wish it had an UHD, or at least a 1440p display option, for the artist and gamer in me.
  • Maybe a reasonably priced option, since not everyone can afford to spend £900 on a laptop right now?
    • System76 is not known for their low-end offerings. 
  • Bull reminds me of Bulldozer, not a great memory. 
  • Sporting the AMD 4700U or the 4500U and up to 64GB of RAM in a 3.64 lbs (1.65kg) package. 
  • Starting at $849 and probably 1K for one you would want to use. 


RIP Linux hardware seller (RTheren)

  • These lot have been around since 2008. 
  • Sad to see them go but these things happen. 
  • The big downside is people losing their warranty. 
  • So the budget option for US peeps is going away.
  • That sucks.
  • I remember fawning over the ZaReason product pages wishing I was able to buy one of their laptops.
  • The family owned ZaReason used to not only have a booth at SCaLE every year, but helped start the convention.
  • They and their children were friends and members of the LinuxChix LA, and they used to donate hardware and Tux plushies  to us as gifts and for our raffles.
  • I was so depressed when I heard this because they were one of the first vendors to sell computers with Linux preinstalled.


AMD with Davinci

  • That makes me a little sad. 
  • Looking forward to seeing the comparisons with using DaVinci in Linux instead of windows for these GPUs.
    • With davinci leveraging compute they tend to be the same. 
  • Oof! The Vega 64 beats the 6800 XT on a couple of tests.
  • That’s bad.


Anti .

  • So happy when running the ./antidot clean command that it prompts you with “Apply rule? y/N” before it runs.
  • I’m okay with dotfolders.
  • It’s stupid all lowercase folders like snap that annoy me.
  • Pesky . files got you down?
  • Close your eyes, bam, problem solved. 
  • This will move files to more appropriate locations (based on XDG base directory specifications).
  • Fish shell and Zsh support is coming soon.


Gmusicbrowser is back!

  • After 5 years I am happy the Gmusicbrowser music player is back from the dead!
  • And it has 2 ports: An updated GTK2 client or a beta GTK3 client.
  • I always loved the detailed artist info, lyrics and album covers it presented.
  • And how customisable the interface is, with layouts, such as iTunes mode etc.
  • It now supports .opus file format.



  • ShutSentry is a virtual dead-man switch that protects your computer from unauthorized physical access, such as with a USB drive.
  • There is an on-screen prompt at regular time intervals, and if the correct password is not entered the system is locked or shut down after a specific delay you enter.
  • Shut Sentry is a convenient and easy to run shell script, with an easy to use CLI.
  • “At regular time intervals” aka don’t use this on your gaming box.
    • Correct, don’t use it on your gaming box. 
    • Install it on a soon to be former friends. 


Art line 

  • Stick to PyTorch 1.6.0, as per the readme.
  • You can try it out on Google Colab
  • Though that didn’t work on my end
  • I had issues with their Google Colab demo as well.


Open Source predictions 2021

  • Jack Wallen’s predictions I think are right on as usual.
  • Yes, we will see the continued adoption of open source in the business sector, as well as an increase of Linux on the desktop.
  • SUSE being at the head of the charge of big data is no surprise to me, because deployment and simplicity with their SUSE Manager tool makes it easy to manage large AI environments.
  • Not to mention, being the first distro to deploy kernel updating easily on a huge scale in real time.
  • That last bit is just saying 2021 will be the year of the Linux desktop.
  • It’s the last “year of the Linux desktop” article for 2020. 
  • Linux is now an option for Lenovo, HP, DELL, and the like. 
  • Doesn’t mean your company will let you get one, just ask Jordan. 
  • But hey, since we’re dragging out the year of the Linux desktop meme might as well drag out the desktop is dead one as well. 

Slice of Pi

\m/ Pi (dacresni)

  • RK3399, yet again!
  • The new metal case is slightly better at the cooling bits.


Pulse Pi 

  • Welcome to the brave new world of Pulseaudio. 
  • They believe it has reached the point where it solves far more problems than it creates.
  • New Chromium with hardware acceleration. 
  • That should help out with webRTC. 
  • CUPS and system-config-printer are now installed as part of Raspberry Pi OS for both of you with a printer hooked up. 
  • Great updates for the visually challenged:
    • Just hold down ctrl, alt and spacebar to automatically install Orca.
    • A dialog and voice prompt will tell you when the Orca install has started and finished.


Humble Bumble

  • Admittedly, I forgot that was even an option.

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