Linux Game Cast Weekly 443: Realisticality

OBS learns how to Wayland! Terraria nopes their Stadia port, ray-tracing performance testing on Linux, and how to deal with a Steam Controller addiction. Then Jumpala faces the ChairQAsition.

Special thanks to:
Rtheren (pew pew lasers) and Solasta



00:00 Intro
06:42 Steam China launch
10:24 Steam controller addiction
18:07 Space Station 14 updates
19:42 OpenTTD on Steam
22:12 The GoD Unit
24:17 Medievalien
25:57 Enemy Remains
32:38 Terraria cancels Stadia port
38:38 Wayland support for OBS
40:23 Zink on Nvidia
42:48 Ray tracing Linux benchmark
45:13 DraugerOS is still alive
49:48 YUZU update
52:13 Simons Destiny Linux install
54:03 Review: Jumpala
01:02:48 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Steam China launch

  • Only 41 games on launch, and if you want your game to be available it needs to be approved by the Chinese government
  • Apparently china numbers have been factored into steam stats since 2018, but based on some of the spikes we see in the hardware survey, I’m pretty sure they haven’t been included in the published ones
  • I’m actually surprised to see RPG Maker and CS:GO on the list.
  • CS:GO is a bit strange, considering how games like pubg have been censored in the past.
  • RPG Maker isn’t inherently against the typical restrictions, it’ll be about the person using it and whether or not they want the PAP knocking down their door.

Steam addiction

  • For all it’s faults, the steam controller was attempt at something different. Understanding why things fail is important in order to not repeat the failure
  • And yeah, gyro aiming is pretty nice. The switch implements it as well
    • But the article is right, making it clear that the feature is there and intended to be used is kinda crucial
  • Also very timely mention of the paddles, considering valve just got their ass sued cuz of them
  • I don’t think I ever used gyro aiming so yeah, lack of communication.
  • I knew it was a thing but Valve never gave me a reason to turn that shite on, yo.
  • It was an interesting device and could have changed things up but Valve lost interest in it.
  • At the end of the day it was always a better than average couch controller and a so so game controller.
  • Both the Xbox and PS5 controllers do the gyro dance now.
  • If this dude was a laser focused on Steam controllers as he claims to be he would have known about the clearance sale last year and stocked up.
  • Hell, I have one NIB because $5.
  • He’s either full of it or, na, I think he’s full of it.
  • Not a single pic of his “collection”.

Steam: Game Updates

Space Station 14

  • They’ve added an among us mode, as well as a crematorium for handy corpse disposal
  • You can now request access to the playtest on steam
  • That request button isn’t getting as much attention as I thought it would.
    • Took’em a couple days for me to get approved
    • I was insta-approved a while back.

Steam: New Games

Open TTD

  • More open source games on steam is a good thing
  • Colocate mods, fund development, good community tools, it really does give stuff that a lot of OSS games lack
  • STuxKart is still lagging behind in the Steam license shenanigans.
    • It’s only been 4 years, give them some time.

The GoD Unit

  • Um, giggty?
  • Pre-Apocalyptic Future? So, the future?


  • 3D Diablo Roguelike? Bitch, sign me up!
    • Diablo roguelike is a bit of an oxymoron
  • I’m really digging the art style and I’m always down for magic vs technology. And when they combine into magitechamalology. I hope this game does it

Enemy Remains

  • Another top-down twin-stick with zombies.
  • Gee, thanks.
  • AKA everyone’s first Unity game.


Stadia Terraria

  • Welp, I guess that’s that
  • Not a good look after you nuke your in-house team and say you are focusing on 3rd party developers.
  • This is how you kill development for your platform.
  • Terraria isn’t some obscure indie game.
  • From the 8th when Ars published that article until the 12th when I wrote this bit in the notes, there’s been no answer from Google.
  • What in the actual hell?

OBS Wayland

  • Welp, the scaffolding is in place.
  • I wouldn’t expect much ATM but it should work, kinda.
  • Nvidia GPUs need not apply.

Zink + Nvidia

  • It works!
    • Not particularly well, but hey
  • Get this working DXVK-style and all those older single-thread OpenGL games may actually see a nice performance bump.
  • Again, Linux is becoming the swiss army chainsaw for gaming.

Ray tracing benches

  • The guy originally implemented this to teach himself Ray tracing over a weekend
  • It was originally using the Nvidia extensions but he’s updating them to use the KHR extensions too.
  • It compiles and benches the rays.
  • 29.60 @ 1080, get wrecked scrubs!
  • Kudos on simple but correct instructions, that actually built out of the box.
  • That’s a lot of boost deps.
  • Magnificent 11FerPS looking at some static glassy balls with the GTX 1080.

DraugerOS Console?

  • It’s the best/worst of times for a gaming console.
  • I want to play around with GCDE.
  • This is more of a Drauger OS is still alive post.
  • Work is being done on system-installer to make it, well, work.
  • Vetala (I’m calling it Velveta) is a pipe-dream at the moment and if they are smart it will stay that way.
  • $600 is Microsoft Xbox Series X territory.
  • Drauger OS on ARM postponed indefinitely.
  • Big buffer cache rewrite helps a lot with getting rid of rendering artifacts, making xenoblade chronicles less seizuretastic
  • It’s gonna need the latest and greatest drivers for vulkan though
  • You can actually fight the champion in Pokemon instead of the game shitting it’s pants when a cinematic starts
  • Getting updates on linux is a lot easier now the appimage can self-update

Simple Simon

  • For Fedora it’s a bit more complex as a dependency for gzdoom isn’t available by default. I recommend which has the missing package too.
  • On Debian based systems it’s pretty much install package, receive wall chicken.
  • Like I said last week, more of these kinds of completely mental recreations please.

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Jumpala
Devel: Yokereba Games
Engine: Custom (Chromium Embedded Framework/Node-based)
Price: £7.49 / $9.99 / $11.99
Wazzat: Jumpala is a fast-paced action puzzler with heavy fighting game vibes. While the core mechanics are simple, each game is a test of skill and strategy as you try to outscore and outplay your opponents. Features both local and online play.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys



  • Out of the box everything launches and kinda works.
  • No issues getting it in windowed mode.
  • No problem holding 60 @ 1080.
  • And it picked up the Xbox1SXx controller, kinda.
  • You get double presses in the main menu and A&B seem flipped in the settings menu.
  • Then it randomly disconnects for fk and all reason.
  • Do you like playing the “what the hell is the controller doing now” minigame?
  • Another issue is the online multiplayer.
  • Again, it works… kinda.
  • They opted for room codes and to keep things interesting they Us3 L33t $peeK for room names.
  • Do you like having all text input locked on all other monitors if the game is in full screen?
  • Because if you don’t, use windowed mode and that’s what I had to do for sending the room code.
  • Yes, Proton fixes all the above issues.


  • You have special moves, super special moves, and the ability to wager.
  • These are all interesting until you realize it boils down to who can hover on the bottom blocks longer.
  • Making those last minute jumps and getting sweet sweet points.
  • It’s kinda entertaining but gets repetitive with a quickness.
  • Going up against the AI is a mixed bag.
  • On medium a single AI will latch onto you like the herp if you get to close.
  • If you keep your distance it will basically mirror, easy wins.
  • Throw 4 AI opponents in the ring and you’re going to get wrecked.
  • Not really an enjoyable single player experience.
  • It might be a fun online party game if they unfucked the room code nonsense.
  • Outside of that it’s jump around and cheese the AI until you get bored.
  • This is what happens when you try to make a tournament game that should be a party game.



  • Launches on both the i7/5700Xt and the R9/1080TI
  • The menus do not play nice with my controller. You’re unable to select certain things if you don’t use the keyboard
  • Also apparently if you enter the room code for a multiplayer game, you’re stuck using keyboard.
  • Graphical options are tiny, medium, big and biggest


  • Yeah, Pedro’s right. The AI cheats and is way better than you are
  • Might be a necessary wall to get people good at this sort of game, but it’s also a wall people may bounce off of
  • I dunno, I could be fun with human opponents. I played a bit with venn and it was okay. But then again, I kinda wanted my controller.
  • I wonder what the game looks like when you have a full 4-person room
  • I guess between experienced opponents you can have a fun game of chicken, but with inexperienced players going head to head, there’s a lot of flailing that goes on
  • The default vs mode is first player to 200 points, so there’s some margin for error, and I can see games going on for quite a while as canny players are walking away with only a couple per round
  • There’s definitely a nuanced vs game beneath it all, bui it’s not for me



  • It launches out of the box.
  • Holds 144 at 2560×1440
  • How did I see that with it being a browser game and the overlay just noping out of the gate?
  • Mangohud!
  • Browser game certainly explains why the DualShock/DualSense seem to only work properly when plugged in.
  • And it’s awfully hipster pixely.


  • The CPU is a damn filthy cheater!
  • It knows the timing perfectly so you get boned with it riding the bottom of the screen like a little shit!
  • Outside of that, it’s not a bad game.
  • You will have to learn a character’s skills to be able to use them effectively.
  • You will need to invest the time and lately I haven’t had a lot of that to spare.
  • It very much does live up to the competitive puzzle platforming moniker.
  • And if the controller worked properly I’d give it 3.



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