Linux Game Cast Weekly 445: GaryMX Switches

Hollow Knight gets super Vulkan powers! Doom 3 source port dhewm3 learns how to fullscreen, Primal Light 2.0 brings several quality of life improvements, and Nvidia releases drivers for a card you can’t buy.



00:00 Intro
06:37 Steam remote play without login
10:27 Top games of January
12:47 Apple wins case against Steam
16:47 Hollow Knight Vulkan beta
20:07 Primal Light 2.0
21:37 5 years of Devil Daggers
24:12 What Lives Below
30:27 Radeon RX 6000
33:02 Nvidia 3060 Linux drivers
36:07 Aya Neo
40:17 dhewm3 1.5.1
44:32 Parti Cubes
46:37 Transport Fever 2 Vulkan
49:07 REDRIVER2 alpha 6.0a
51:57 Review: Persephone
01:03:47 Hate mail

Colour key: Venn Jordan Pedro

Steam: News

Remote play without login

  • No longer need the game or Steam account.
  • Let me play in the browser.
  • That is a very interesting feature.
  • Remember when Stadia promised you could do that?
  • Yeeeeeaaah…
  • Also, not getting stuck in a symlink loop is nice!
  • Looks like you still need to install the base Remote desktop client, but they offer that as a standalone executable. Not for linux tho. Just go install steam

Top of the Jan

  • Skul and SCP: Escape Together are the Linux entries
  • I’m a little sad there aren’t any porn games.
  • What happened to Jack-off-January?

Steam turns over digits

  • Apple’s legal counsel gets to see this data, not Apple itself, and the data is under a protection order by the judge.
  • Apple is totes going to see that data.
  • Valve has tried to cover their buns by saying the data would be difficult to produce in a useful format for the courts, so they’re likely gonna try to take their sweet time
  • “Being a private company doesn’t exempt you from discovery” is a nice burn tho
  • I want to see VALVe just casually drop Steam from MacOS.
  • Probably not going to happen, but it’d be nice to see.

Steam: Game Updates

Vulkan knight

  • Figured out the Vulkan Unity issue on this end.
  • Needed to have a compositor enabled.
  • 2d Vulkan is best 2D

Primal Light 2.0

  • Why wasn’t #6 a thing right from the start?
  • Hopefully their new save system is backwards compatibility

5 year daggers

  • Lots of improvement around replays, and since its a time attack game that makes sense
  • Up to 5x better performance
  • I still can barely tell what I’m looking at with the screenshots
  • I don’t think I’ve been able to survive past a minute in that game, yet.
  • Bullet hell just gets frustrating for me when you die so quickly.
  • Though the high FOV will probably help with that.
  • I don’t remember messing with that at all, last I played.

Steam: New Games

What Lives Below (FXBOY4EVA)

  • Moby Dick around
  • I get a nautical shadow of the Colossus vibe from it, being a boss rush type game
  • It’s on steam to if that’s your platform of choice
  • Uses Vulkan too
  • I watched the gameplay trailer and it looks like it’s a bit of a faff.
  • Spending several minutes grinding the same monster with no real variety.
  • And before anyone brings up my fondness for a certain game genre, there’s a lot of variety in a single boss fight in those games that it’s almost impossible for me to have the same fight twice.
  • Floating simulator with optional boss rushes?
  • Throw in some asymmetrical multiplayer, I want to be the ocean.


Radeon RX 6000

  • The rumor mill is already spinning back up about the supposed 6700.
  • Don’t worry, it too will be out of stock shortly after release.
  • Or even before, if retailers keep breaking embargo.
  • Speaking of shit you can’t buy.

3060 Drivers

  • Drivers for the most recently out of stock video card.
  • It’s a 2060 Sup with 12GB.
  • Say what you will about Nvidia but their (desktop) drivers support is the business.
  • I’m pretty sure only quake2rtx is giving them any sort of RTX feedback on Linux but at least they’re keen fixing the ray tracing bugs they find

A real Smach

  • They went with the 4500U rather than the embed APU
    • As an owner of a mobile ryzen system, I can see why they’re going for the mid tier APU.
    • They run kinda hot
  • I looked at their website and immediately jacked into the matrix
  • For playing PC games on low, on the go.
  • Having cracked living room PC gaming the industry once again turns to mobile.
  • Nobody really wants a “everything on low” gaming experience that comes at a premium with the added benefit of limited battery life.
  • This market segment simply does not exist.

dhewm3 1.5.1

  • No support for BFG edition :(
  • Better support for the co-op mod, which could be a fun stream
    • Uuuugh, I don’t wanna buy D3 again, again… again.
    • I mean, I did but, grr.
  • Shit runs, yo.
  • Like most things iDTech; drop in the base folder and go.

Parti Cubes

  • So it’s a closed source project that will support Linux
  • It has a GitHub for some open source components they use
  • The game itself could be okay.
  • It’s basically roblox and that appeals to a bunch of people.
    • We have Roblox at home.
  • They describe it as a virtual space, and that reminds me more of Qube and Second Life.
  • I don’t see the appeal but Second Life is very popular in certain crowds.

Vulkan Fever 2

  • I wonder if the Vulkan support led to the mac support with moltenvk
  • Looks like it’s the new 3D hotness for Windows too
  • Improved fallback to OpenGL for GPUs which do not support Vulkan.
  • That’s going to be an issue when moving games to Vulkan.
  • People with 73 year old GPUs will start popping out of the woodwork.

REDRIVER2 alpha 6.0a

  • Man, I remember driver 2 from back when everyone was comparing GTA 3 to it
  • I didn’t have access to a playstation when this game was easily available so I never ended up playing it
  • It’s Jason Statham, the PS1 game

– Nooope

– Not sure if want

– Check it out

– Shutupandtakemymonies

Game: Persephone
Devel: Momo-π
Engine: Unity
Price: £5.99 / $7.99 / $8.99

Wazzat: What if death isn’t the end, but the key to solve puzzles? Where, when and how will you choose to die in order to progress? Transport yourself to this magical world enriched with beautiful graphics and captivating music.

Mandatory Disclosure: Devs sent us keys over Curator Connect



  • Holds 60 a 2160p.
  • Picked up the Xbox1Xs OOTB.
  • Without the controller the options menu is unavailable.
  • Speaking of options, you can control the volume levels.
  • Looks pretty and the background music gets the job done.


  • Right out of the gate I didn’t want to like Persephone because of what it is.
  • It’s a lazy arse mobile port.
  • But hey, if you are going to use a ginger sporting a Fedorf shirt as your main character I have to give it a try.
  • You know what, I’m glad I did.
  • I judge a puzzle game on how many times it manages to get a “oh it’s like that” out of me.
  • 3 of those so far.
  • Move blocks, dodge balls, avoid death beams, and fall in holes.
  • Then you start going full Groundhog Day.
  • Having to use your corpses to complete levels is a bit of alright.
  • I’m not going to say inspired since it’s been done before but never to such a mawkish extent.
  • While it may be a lazy mobile port it’s not a lazy mobile game and thanks to Unity you will be able to play it fullscreen, at max resolution, with a controller.
  • They even tacked on a backstory that involves Hades but it’s a wee on the confusing side.
    • You will incarnate Persephone, a young woman who tries to reach the bottom of hell to meet his beloved Hades. But she will never suspect her mother Demeter to try to stop the lovers to stay together any longer.”
  • But for $7.99 you could do a lot worse.



  • Launches out of the box
  • Their commitment to having no language in the game extends to the settings stream
  • You can’t put it in windowed mode, and it’ll ignore you if you change the prefs file
  • No issues with switch pro or ds4
  • It’s definitely got that academical classical composer sound they were talking about in the advertising copy


  • Force me to use my own discarded corpse to solve problems? Well, you’ve sold me
  • It’s a fun sliding block puzzle game, that’s kinda all there is to say about it
  • The corpse mechanic is a fun twist, and they give you a limit of 3 bodies at a time to stop your body stuffing shenanigans
  • There’s also a large emphasis on the turn based nature. Everything is on a clock and your movements matter
  • One gripe I do have Is that I’d prefer an undo button to just a flat reset the level
  • Some of the puzzles get a little involved and if you make a mistake you gotta start all the way from the beginning
  • There isn’t much beyond the puzzles themselves, so it’s good as a pick up and play



  • Worked out of the box.
  • MangoHUD didn’t want anything to do with this game.
  • Steam Overlay worked so you can see the 400-1200 FerPS.
  • Does your GPU have coil whine? This game will tell you!
  • A V-Sync option wouldn’t have gone amiss.
  • Hell! Any options would have been great.
  • The DualSense still needs Steam Input for the buttons to be mapped properly.
  • DualShock and iFYOO Pro One work out of the box.


  • I love the contrast between the cutesy visuals and the absolutely grim gameplay.
  • You’ve heard of games using death as a mechanic, rather than a failure state.
  • Dark Souls would be the obvious example, but most Roguelikes and Roguelites do this as well.
  • Well, Persephone kicks that up a notch by forcing you to step on your dead body to get over spike pits, turn into a statue when you die to block lasers, or just push your corpses around with each other to lay on a button.
  • But do you know what I like the most about this game?
  • Outside of the intro screens, button prompts, and achievements, there’s no text on screen.
  • Not only that but you can figure out the game pretty quickly even with no help.
  • They managed to do this by using the puzzles themselves as a teaching aid for the new mechanics which get introduced.
  • In my opinion, Persephone demonstrates a better understanding of game design than just about every other game we’ve thrown chairs at.
  • Except for maybe Baba Is You.
  • It doesn’t quite reach that level of purely mechanical game design but it does a damn good job of it.
  • If coil whine is the worst I can point at, there’s an easy fix for that.



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