LWDW 265: Mr. Jitseeks

Rust powered core utils for Debian! Kubuntu Focus M2 launches with 30x series GPUs, Ubuntu flutters, and why are Linux desktops so boring? All this, plus your emails.



00:00 Intro
06:11 Boring Linux desktops
15:21 Ubuntu Flutter
19:11 Kubuntu Focus M2
22:19 Debian core utils in Rust
25:29 Kernel 5.12-rc1 whoopsie
30:14 GL Image Reader
36:54 Raspberry Pi mosquitoes laser killer
39:59 Emails

Boring Linux Desktops

  • This is another great article by Jack Wallen, who writes that the Linux desktop is boring again, and that is actually a good thing!
  • Yes, once upon a time the Linux desktop had to be flashy to draw people’s attention, ala Afterstep and the desktop spinning 3D cube on GNOME!
  • Now the Linux desktop is boring, ala GNOME and the like, but that is a good thing because they work and have matured.
  • One of the reasons I like to back up my configs and customizations from the Window Maker and Fluxbox X window managers is that I can make them look pretty again quickly.
  • So they aren’t boring and I can relive the classic days of beautiful Linux desktops!
  • If you spend more time working vs poking around on your desktop you will find that productivity increases. 
  • Someone should tell this guy about XFCE.  
  • You want boring? Oh babby, it can bring it. 
  • If you want some hipster modifications install Enlightenment and have at. 
  • It takes a specific kind of person to willingly use GNOME and within that niche there’s a sub-niche of people who not only tolerate but appreciate how much control it doesn’t give you.
  • We need people like Jack Wallen, variety is the spice of life after all.
  • XFCE would give you too many customization options, that’s not what GNOME users look for.


Ubuntu Flutter

  • Let’s hope that Google won’t deprecate this product and let it “flutter” away ;-)
  • Flutter seems to be pretty much the only reason why Dart continues to exist.
  • It has what installers crave. 
  • Anything over Electron. 
  • “We [Canonical] not only enabled Flutter for Linux we also worked with the Flutter team to publish the Flutter SDK as a Snap on the Snap Store, the app store for Linux,”
    • Stahp!
  • Stop trying to make snaps on the desktop a thing.
  • If you keep pushing this down people’s throats, people are going to start pushing back harder.
  • You’re making flutter your go to framework, awesome!
  • Stop forcing snaps.


Focus M2 Out of Stock Edition

  • The Kubuntu Focus M2 laptop is the first Linux powered laptop to offer the Nvidia RTX 30 series GPUs:  2060, 2070 and 2080.
  • The base model with a Core i7-10875H CPU, the GeForce RTX 3060 GPU, 16GB of memory, and a 250GB SSD is nicely priced at $1,795.
  • Oh, a 144 Hz display. 
  • And you can have 4 of them, allegedly. 
  • YOLO spec clocks in at $4535. 
  • The Intel CPU and that price isn’t really appealing to me.
  • For $1400 you only get 8GB or RAM and a 250GB SSD.
  • That’s… that’s not a good proposition.
  • That configuration should be $999, at most.
  • But we do live in the era of scalpers.


Debian Rusty core

  • Good opportunity to not just reimplement the GNU coreutils but to actually rethink them. 
  • Significantly bigger than the C version.
    • Rust: 73MB
    • C: 17M
  • No size optimization has been done but there are plenty of ways to do it. 
  • The developer Sylvestre was looking for a project to learn Rust during the various COVID lockdowns.  And he found a great one.
  • Improving on the GNU core is very good!
  • Don’t really care what it’s built on, just glad to be able to remove the GNU prefix requirement.


Avoid 5.12-1

  • Swapy no worky ;-)
  • I default to setting up a swap partition for every distro I install.
  • Dumping the RAM contents which would normally go into swap directly onto sectors of your HDD or SSD is full filesystem corruption level-bad.
  • This is especially relevant for Ubuntu users, since swap files are the default, but applies to anyone who has a swap file and is feeling particularly adventurous.
  • Basically, there’s a reason RCs are not recommended for production.
  • But that was a particularly bad oopsie.



  • We also talked about ScreenTranslator last October, but gImagereader is easier to use.
  • I remember the days when OCR software used to be expensive and clunky, and now we have so many great open source options that work well!
  • It’s a front-end for Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine. 
  • Originally developed at HP and open-sourced in 2006.
  • Don’t forget to install the language packs. 

Slice of Pi

Pew pew Pie 

  • OpenCV library and an object search by color contrast on one of the most low-cost hardware devices in the single-board computer market — RaspberryPI3 (not even RaspberryPI4).
  • Working on a pocket version. 
  • Lasers can blind you. 
  • Yay! Fire hazard!
  • I want that so much, but I know for a fact that I’d blind myself or start a fire by lasering a mosquito that landed on one of Nory’s drawings.
  • This is another great Raspberry Pi project that can save lives by killing mosquitoes that spread deadly diseases.
  • And it is priced right for use in third world countries.



  • Nory has made it especially clear she doesn’t like the clickies on keyboards.
  • So can’t have Blue switches or crap switches with red plungers but blue-style actuators.




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