LWDW 281: Expired Skype

Linux Kernel 5.13 is packed with cool features! Audacity Jacks up their latest release, Canonical launches Blender LTS support, and Microsoft forgets about Skype, again.



00:00 Intro
03:07 Linux kernel 5.13
10:12 Audacity 3.0.3 preview
15:27 RIP Yaru theme
20:22 Canonical offers Blender support
26:57 Microsoft forgets about Skype on Linux
38:17 Windows 11 Pie

Colour key: Venn Pedro Jill

Linux Kernel 5.13 (RTheren)



  • Linus Torvalds released the much anticipated Linux Kernel 5.13 that includes huge improvements and hardware support.
  • Includes initial support for the Apple M1 chip, with only a UART serial console currently supported.
  • AMD GPU FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync over HDMI support.
  • AMD Aldebaran, AMDs next-gen CDNA GPU, accelerator support.
  • A new generic USB display driver which can be used to reuse old tablets and cell phones as USB displays.
  • Landlock is a new module for unprivileged access control.
    • Something most users will disable. 
  • There’s software interrupt support which allows for interrupts to be handled by your preempt queue.
  • Luna controller support over USB.
  • A handful of noteworthy EXT4 filesystem tweaks.
  • New tcc cooling driver for Intel chips. 
  • This patch introduces a cooling devices driver that utilizes the TCC Offset feature.
  • Support for the Amazon Luna game controller and hardware monitoring for NZXT Kraken coolers. 
  • Support for Apple’s M1 silicon.


Upcoming Audacity


  • Linux gets an official Appimage. 
  • It’s unable to find libavformat.so.57 so no ffmpeg import. 
  • Hey, Jack support is back… but will you be bothered to do it correctly?
  • Update checking. 
  • I can’t find the official AppImage binary either :-(
  • The View > Track Name overlay feature is a nice addition to keep track of all your audio tracks.
  • Especially when you have a lot of tracks, and the names of them are truncated, because they are too long to fit in the Track Control Panel.
  • I guess version 3.0.3 is not out for Linux yet in compiled form.
  • This to say I too couldn’t find the AppImage anywhere.
  • Then again, the new people in charge of Audacity seem to have a slightly more tenuous grasp on reality… and facts.


Too much work


  • According to the peeps responsible for maintaining the Yaru theme, maintaining the mixed dark window decoration with light interior on GNOME is too much work.
  • The article author says it’s not GNOME’s fault.
  • Which I honestly don’t know what to say because, yes it is!
  • Every single time an extension or a theme gives up is because GNOME keeps making it very clear that the functionality those plugins add is not welcome.
  • I’d be surprised by how many people like such a user unfriendly environment but then I need only look at MacOS and Windows to see the exact same behavior.
  • Can’t really fault the GNOME people for trying to emulate success.
  • They are transitioning to GTK4, and as the article states “GTK4 doesn’t appear to support a mix of dark header bars and light widgets; they’re either all light, or all dark.”
  • Looks like you will have to rely on GNOME theming extensions for an inverted theme in the future.
  • All themes should be dark, period. 


Ubuntu tech support 


  • This is exciting, my favorite open source 3D modeling and animation suite Blender has partnered with Canonical to offer enterprise-grade support for the Blender LTS application suite!
  • Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Canonical states:
    • “It’s a privilege to support Blender and the fantastic work of this remarkable community, its founders and leaders. Today’s announcement strengthens Blender with full-service Canonical support and long term security maintenance, and delivers the level of assurance that professional Blender content creators need, in partnership with the Blender Foundation”
  • As Blender is becoming more industry standard, and the entertainment industry is using Ubuntu for content creation and rendering more and more, this partnership will help both grow.
  • It’s $500 per year for standard support, which includes 5 business days a week.
  • And $1000 per year for advanced support which is 24/7 and faster response time. 
  • Canonical will offer this support to Blender LTS users on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Having someone to call is one thing, having someone to blame is another. 
  • I want to know who is working in the call centers. 
  • How do you staff a position like that? 
  • Do they plan on using manual jockeys?  


Expired Skype


  • Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
  • And this is Microsoft, they’ve demonstrated time and time again that even their malicious intent is often riddled with stupid.
  • Though, I do think it’d be good for them to start phasing Skype out.
  • Ding, dong the wicked witch is almost dead . . .
  • Skype for Business Online will be retired on July 31, 2021.

Slice of Pi

Windows 11 Pi



  • Do you have a PasPi 4 laying around the house that you’re angry at?
  • Give it the gift of Windows 11. 
  • According to one user it runs better than Windows 10. 
  • When you’re done with that break out a Lumia 950 XL for a little side suffer. 
  • You can call this one Bloat Pi ;-)

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